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File:Rafael D.jpg
"No one can stop me, all of you dumbasses realize this."
Rafael de la Larken
Player: @Ronaconda
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Rafael de la Larken
Known Aliases: Rafe, Raffy D.
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215
Eye Color: Auburn
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Former Student
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nikolai de la Larken - Brother / Vivian de la Larken - Sister / Maria Jacobs de la Larken - Mother / Gabriel de la Larken - Father (Deceased)
Known Powers
Ninjitsu, Influence, Dark energies manipulation
Known Abilities
See 'Abilities'
Carries a Silver Magnum revolver named 'Broken Butterfly'
No additional information available.



Club Twilight Obscura

Organizations and Businesses

Onyx Dagger Yakuza Clan Tamashi

Time Line


Rafe can be described as a aggrogant, cocky, jack ass. He does his job as a human by mutatlly hating/depising/destroying everything he doesn't like, which is mainly compromised of individuals. He has no real goals for his life, he usaully makes them along his way. He has been the starter of most fights, and can back up most of it. He will outright tell someone that they should stop bitching and to shove it up thier ass. He's just not a pleasant person to be around. His past has been distraught and fuzzy, as no one knows of his childhood. Only a handful of people have ever had sociable contact with him and changed his life. This is his personality After Reikyu bonded with him.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

There is no evidence of his past life before the age of 18. Template:End spoiler

In Game Biography

Equipment/Physical Description

Broken Butterfly




Dark Magic

Just like his older brother, Rafael has mastery over the dark forces of the Nether World. Able to call upon dark magic through his free will, he is by no means a master of the art, but he is quite skilled. He cannot channel it into into physical assaults, oddly, most of his dark magic including binding, slowing down, or disabling his opponent. The prime of his work would be his "Friend" a creature made up of black mist and two beady blue eyes, usually just there to help Rafael further keep an opponent down.

As an extent of his abilities, his Witch Doctor, Reikyu, is capable of granting Rafe a wider range of powers. When Reikyu has taken over, he is capable of growing black tendrils from any place of his body, most notable would be from his face. The tentacles are very resilent, capable of witstanding the thrashing of a super strength. Sometimes, the tentacles can leave a trail of black liquid on any surface. Reikyu has told people it's pretty harmless. Of course, he could be lying. The make up of the tentacles is unknown but they are one of many oddities of the Witch Doctor.

Although this ability of Reikyu has not been seen by many, he is able to perform feats of simple magic tricks. He has several card tricks and can pull bunnies from out of a hat.


This is one of Rafe's actual ninjitsu techniques. Dai Ren Matsu no Jutsu, the art of displacement allows Rafe to bend time and space momentarily to bring his opponent to him.

Black Flesh

Rafael also has a unknown layer of protection ontop of his skin. Simply, "Black Flesh", Rafael has named it this due to it's nature of getting torn and ripped. He acquired this ability from Ghost Widow. Whenever Rafe is hurt, physically, the Black Flesh cushions the blow for him, which explains Rafael being able to take the punishement from stronger individuals, namely Meta Humans. The Black Flesh cannot be taken off, but if Rafe is hurt enough, he himself will start bruising or bleeding.


Unlike his brother, Rafael is physically fit and healthy. He openly engages in fights if he has to, because he himself is trained to fight in close quarters. He is also an average gun and sword user, being able to use them correctly. He has no specific fighting style but he will tackle and kick a bitch.


Despite being an overall jackass and lack of politeness, Rafe infact has a tactical mind. If he did not, he would have laid waste to the Japanese military and police force. Although, lacking any formations or technique, he keeps his men going through inspirational shouts. "Matsuda you idiot! You call that ninjitsu?!" - Rafael

File:Oni Image.JPG
Shizuku Daishen

"Rafael....you will regret releasing me from my shrine." - Shizuku

Daishen - (Oni) An Oni, sealed away by the old samurai warriors of the past. Terrorized Japanese villages, for pure enjoyment of death and rain fire upon the villagers. Two wandering ronins defeated Daishen and sent his soul and physical form into a shrine, sealing him for several thousand years. He was released by Rafael, during his travels in Japan. Now, unwillingly working for the man. In return, Rafael promised much bloodshed.

"We are the last of our clan." - Sano Tamashi

Sano and Matsuda (Jounin) Assassins, who also happen to be brothers. Matsuda being the black sheep of the Tamashi Clan, stumbled upon Rafael while trying to pickpocket some merchant. Rafael noted his lack of fitnesse and skill, and followed Matsuda back to his shamble of a home with his brother, Sano. Rafael asked them what they were doing, they answered him with a shuriken. Pinning them to the floor with his magic, they both explained to him that they are the survivors of the Tamashi clan. That was eliminated several years back to a rival clan, with the help of a certain individual. Rafael then decided to bring the men back to thier former greatness, also giving them a home and food, and molded them into his two most trusted assassins. They follow his every order with hesitation.

"Hai! Tiger Lotus Formation! " - The Trio "No." " - Rafael

The Genin (Genin) Three in-training ninja genin, Renji, Kama, and Genji. Rascals that had dropped out of the ninja training academy. Rafael had done them the same favor and promised them they would become better ninja then what the academy would have taught them. They are his frontline men.

"What is..."Yaoi?"." - A Friend

A Friend (Dark Servant) An entity that Rafael ran across while furthering his studies and abilities to control his family's inherited abilities. Very classy for a creature of darkness, he can be seen trying out the assests of human life, only have them to turn into ash. That poor pool table.

Citizens of the Isles and Paragon

  • Kaze Killer: Why the fuck is he still -around-?
  • Terra-Fire: A elemental user with the similar ambitions as Rafael. Very adebt of the ways of fire and stone, and together. They'll dominate the Isles.
  • Wintry: Sister of Dan, [[Terra] -Fire]]. Nice and quiet, not annoying in any sense. Calm. I don't depise her as much as other women.
  • Lucy Xiao: Lucy Xiao. She has a massive hard-on for Blue, Masume Yasuda. Love and this other bullcrap will not be tolerated. I tried to murder her before members of the Giordano Family but Nikolai would have my ass. Since then we've been alright. We still attempt to beat the tarpiss out of each other, but we're alright.
  • Adam Walters: This unstable, insane, man is capable of leading motherfuckers almost as well as I do. Coupled with his thugs and poisons, my ever growing army of fighters are even more powerful.
  • Smoking Mirrors: One of the Teen Templar kids. He told me Richard had up and left, so I attempted to take him under my wing. He defied me on various occasions, I responded by tossing him into any nearby surrounding. The kid just wouldn't let me make him a ninja. Fool. During this course of time, his aunt, Lady Siege, decided to go batshit over protective and try to hurt me. What mistake that was, now all she does is give me the Glare of a Woman's Fury. So Max and I talked and asked me if we we're cool...>:3
  • Child of Stone: Lucy's adopted kid. Thank god it was adoption. A quiet little one that doesn't do much aside from probably hating me like half of the population of Paragon. Reikyu keeps telling me he's "interesting". But he says about almost every human.
  • Ein Yoshida: Lippy korean.
  • Lady Siege: Max's aunt. She acts like she can stop me or something. Nothing but a large woman that hits hard, I hope she realizes her coming destruction. And the rest of Paragon at that.
  • Operative Sicarius: An arachnos crab spider. He has the ego the size of his arms, too bad they also suck. I've defeated him various times, and keeps calling me by queer buddy names. He's going to have an amputation of swords and shuriken into his spinal cord.
  • Kira: Sicarius's little girl person. She threatened to scorch me, Hah, right. She too, will realize no one can ante up to me.
  • Red Komodo: Some scienctist hero, he is just an annoyance like the rest of those so-called "heroes". Also apparently faster then Volo. And I've seen that fucker go, Volo is could smoke his candy ass.

Heroic Gallery



APB - Rafael de la Larken

Last known area of contact/sighting - Rogue Isles

Warning - Consider extremely dangerous, will annihilate most meta human counter measures, approach with extreme caution. Noted: Over whelming volley fire scatters target. Category Omega - Arcanous threat.

Rafael de la Larken is wanted for the man slaughter of several dozen residents of a small villages(including small parts of cities) outside the Sea of Japan, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Eye witness reports him using some form of "magic" in his attacks, and assisted by seemingly "ninjas" or assassins at his side, accompanied by what the locals say is a "Oni", a fire demon. He has been noted to move quickly without any form of vehicular travel, moving several miles at a time.

On September 2 2005, days after his attacks, it has been noted he has dissapeared off our radars and tracking hardware, and is rumored to be in the area of the Rogue Isles, with his brother Nikolai de la Larken.

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local Longbow office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Stories & Plot lines

The Only Girl

"No.....Reikyu, I will keep my memory of one person only, it's a deal or you die..."

Origin: Reikyu, the Witch Doctor

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

October 31st, 2004 10:34PM Unamed Hospital "There will be much bloodshed, and ninjas. Alot of ninjas. - Reikyu"

Rafael lay in the hospital bed, breathing slowly through his life support systems, eyes closed; he was shirtless with the IV wires on his chest, checking his vital signs. Dr. Reikyu was pacing the room, scratching something on a clipboard, taking occasional drags of his cigarette, “*Sigh* this is not looking any better. His brother didn’t get his Maambarrang until late in his life. Rafael’s body can’t handle it quite well.” Reikyu looked down at Rafael, his face with a blank expression. Reikyu then looked out to the waiting room window, a girl was sitting on a chair with her hands on her lap, and her face was covered by her bangs while her head was down. Light tears were forming from her green eyes, with light sniffles in between pauses. Reikyu closed his eyes and looked back down at Rafael, taking a drag of his cigarette.

Rafael suddenly jerked forward, his pulse started to slow down. “Damn.” Reikyu ran to his side, tossing the cigarette to the side and slipping the clipboard under his arm. Rafael opened his eyes, his breathing went rapid and he started to jerk around in the bed, the IV wires started to come off from his motions, “AAAUGH!” Rafe’s scream of pain was even heard through the window, the girl looked up her eyes red from crying with a surprised look on her face. “What the hell?!” Reikyu looked at the machines looking for an answer, “His vitals are fine! Why is his pulse stopping? He shouldn’t be moving that much!” Rafael’s breathing increased even faster, he was now sitting up in the bed, straining himself and struggling. Then, it showed itself.

Rafe fell back into the bed, sweaty and his pulse redlining. Slowly, a black aura emanating from his heart engulfed Rafe’s body in pitch black, creeping throughout his body. Dr. Reikyu fell down in shock, “What the…what is it doing??” A disembodied scream answered Reikyu’s question with suprising potency, “I have found ONNNNNNENAH!” the origin of the voice seemed to reside in of Rafe. “…What?” Reikyu stood up cautiously, looking at Rafael’s dark body. A black surge appears in front of Reikyu almost instantly, Reikyu blinks at the object before taking a step back, grabbing his clipboard. Reikyu flies out of the room, smashing the door down and slamming into the wall, the girl looks down at him then looking back into the room with quivering eyes, “N-No…please…” Rafael moves out of the room, half of his face now exposed, his eyes bent on violence while a symbiote-like being hanging over his shoulder, propping himself against the door hinge. “Ooooooo. I like your name Doc, I think I’ll take it!” The black symbiote screeched and formed a sickle of black flesh and lashed it at Reikyu, impaling his shoulder onto the wall. Reikyu screamed in pain and grabbed the sickle, “Ah…ah…” The sickle retracted itself back and lashed across Reikyu's head. He dropped to the floor, blood started to trickle out of the corner of his mouth as he laid lifeless on the floor. The girl stood up, her legs shaking and took a couple steps back, gasping in horror. Rafael was humped over, holding his shoulder,"R...Run..." Reikyu swirled out of his scythe shaped and peered over Rafe's shoulder at the girl. "Who's this here? Another person that knows you?" He grew a face full of teeth and two, tiny limp clawed arms as white clothed form around his 'head' to form a hood. The girl put a hand down, clutching her silver chain with a kaijin of 'death' on it, quivering in fear, "R....Rafael? Wh...what happened to you?" Reikyu responded by turning one of his arms into a tentacle and wrapping itself around her neck and lifting her up, "You see, he's my host now. I am now his mammbarang, underworld witch doctor at your service, only not really." He tightened his coil on her neck, her life slowly slipping. "REISHA! No! Leave her alone!" Rafe grabbed Reikyu by his hood and pulled him back, but Reikyu barely budged. "Hold on Raffy boy. Give me a reason to not kill her, no one can know of your past life beyond this point. Amirite?" Rafael looked up to Reisha then back down to Reikyu, "No. We're making a deal. I know you need a host to survive, you leave her alone or we both die here. And everything goes to shit. Including what you were planning." "Point." Reikyu lowers her down, so that she's standing, but still coiled around her neck, "What do you suggest, O great one?"

First Move: The Other City

The 10

Rafael de la Larken - Active

Nikolai de la Larken - Eliminated

Terra-Fire - Unactive

Seer Malak - Eliminated

Masume Yasuda - Unactive

Zaraki Yasuda - Eliminated

Don Giordano - Active

Giga Gal - Active



...To be continued

A Case File

Random Facts

- Despite some certain individuals telling him he needs his ninjas, Rafe is a master. He can hold his own in a fist fight, depending on the level of normal.

- Rafe likes to drink, but doesn't do it often.

- Physically throws people if he sees fit. ((i.e.[[Smoking Mirrors))

- Trains his men rigorously. Examples including pushing them in front of a moving bus.

- Has been called a hentai monster. This makes him sad.

- Reikyu is not a demon. Pricks.

- Has one student, Starswarm.

- Matsuda is his best ninja ever.

- Not really.

- Rafe has never been seen in a picture that's actually him and not some other anime character.

- Rafe needs to go make a section for people to comment on him.


Requiem by Back Horn

Matsuda's themesongs

Get it on the Flo by DMX

Shawty Get Loose by Lil Mama feat. T-Pain

Hi Hater by Maino feat. Various
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