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I will not be updating this. Girl's got to have some secrets, you know?

IC Commentary

• This is a small section where anyone can put IC comments about Kira. Warning: The majority of this is outdated.

"Just tell her to stop touching me. Why does she insist on constantly hugging me and trying to touch my face? Is she expecting me to return the affection? Has someone hired her to do this? Was it the clown? Is she trying to learn my secrets? She must be a spy. There can be no other explanation... what do you mean you're recording this?! My opinion on Kira is my own business!" -Rook the Vaulted

"After fightin' her, an' beatin' her, twice in two nights, Ah can say one thing 'bout that spunky lil' gal... She ain't nowhere in mah league." -Dead Eye Jake

"Kira?! She's only the coolest chick this side of Jupiter! That's still a planet, right?" - Jinks

"Everyone says she's some kind of monster... and she is a little rough around the edges, but she must've had some really bad experiences, so can you really blame her? I can't. It's not her fault everyone treats her like trash... especially the people she thought she could trust. Just from what I've seen done to her... well, I would've just broken down and given up on life. But Kira's a lot stronger than I am. They see an insane, murdering freak. I see a good person who's just had too much shit piled on."- Sarah Nightingale

"Kira, I love you so very much, but sometimes I don't know what to do with you! Kira, are you listening? Kira, please do not light that man on fire!" - R-45 Generator

"She's my niece. I know I haven't been the best uncle, and I know she's had to pull my fat out of the fire a few times, but we look out for each other because that's what family is for. She says we won't miss her if she's gone... She's wrong. People say she's a monster... I've seen monsters. Kira, please... don't shut us out." -Markel Smythe

"Heh... hah! BAHAHAHA! Yeah, funny thing about her. Wants her employees to be nice then treats them like slaves. It's not so bad. Got a place to stay, new people to talk to. Yeah, I got my reasons for being here. Heh... just a bit closer to what I need, then... retirement. Heh..." -Av Zaldun

"Kira, well... She's Crazy. Good folks go crazy when enough bad stuff happens to 'em. Break or adapt. I dunno how she stays alive with all that metal under her skin, but... she does. And she still has enough gumption to spit in yer eye afterwards. " -Robert Deacon

"Kira is the only person I trust, completely and wholeheartedly. She is a dependable ally, and.. a great friend. It is an honor to work for her, and my life is hers to do with as she sees fit." -Vigil

"I don't expect other people to understand. Kira has done more for me than any of you assholes ever will." -Darkweaver

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