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The Cloudgazer
Player: @Graffiti Samurai
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Skye Rose
Known Aliases: Cloudgazer, Cloud
Species: Mutant?
Age: 21
Height: 6'1
Weight: 160
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Brittish, American
Occupation: Bringer of Peace
Place of Birth: San Fransico, California.
Base of Operations: None.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Grandfather: Edgar Rose, deceased, Mother: Jane Rose, Living, Brother: Jude Rose, Missing, Father:Alan Rose, missing.
Known Powers
Can create clouds and wind currents, also mind powers.
Known Abilities
Knows some martial arts, clearly has trained heavily in a magic art that allows him to create clouds with his chi force, also mind powers that are not of magic origin.
No additional information available.


Character History

He began his life in the suburbs of San Fransico where he lived a quiet life with his younger brother, mother and father. This would all end when his father would vanish with his brother at the age of 10. His mother greif striken sent him off to live with his grandfather in england as she went on a quest to search for his father. His Grandfather quickly took a shining to the young boy and began to train him in the ancient arts that he himself had used as a hero in England years before. The boy would train hard to learn the techniques and at age 18 would leave on a quest to find his missing father and brother. This would lead him to Paragon at age 21.

Skye started his carrier in Paragon as the pilot aboard TheGraffiti Samurai's ship the Neverender. He quietly worked their until the group began to die down. He then left to join the Dauntless Reverie. He often will mention a missing brother in passing but doesn't go into much detail.


At most times he seems to be a bit out of it, clearly having trouble keeping focus, and will often get lost in thought. Has a bit of a bad memory and often forgets people's names, more often then not he's found calling people the wrong name.

He's kind hearted and truelly is out to make the world a better place. A determined spirit although a bit goofy, he will go way out of his way to do the right thing, or to just be plain nice.


Cloudey's Day-By Graff

Manipulates an ancient magic passed down in his family. He uses his chi force to create clouds and wind turrents to create weather conditions. Conditions include, snow storms, freezing rain, electric storms, tornadoes, and even hurricane winds. Of course these powers are all condensed to be much smaller then the real weather conditions.

He also has mind powers that are limited. He uses them to shoot psionic darts and the like, but more keyly uses them to tell what he calls "Cloudgazes". Cloudgazes are his way of telling fortunes by shaping his clouds into images and using his mind powers to pull up the images. Usually the fortunes aren't very clear and he has trouble decyphering them.

Weaknesses and Limitations

File:Chibi Cloud.jpg
High Five?-By Graff

Skye is very naive, he will trust anyone and truelly believes in the good of people even the most evil of people. In this respect he is very easily manipulated though he is smart enough to not intentionally do the wrong thing.

He is also very charitable, to the point where he has very little money of his own and even then will happily give away a good portion of the money he makes to people who he believes need it more then him.

Finally his powers take a lot of his energy, extended use of them will leave him quite drained and unable to fight. Can even knock him out for days if he pushes it to hard.


As a student at PCU, Skye does some assitant work for his Biology professor, Professor Pine. Prof. Pine has sent Skye out to deliver Mick Hawkeye a tool he calls the Metadex, which is used to study metahuman's and their abilities, he has also given one to his roommate Eddie Galaxia ( Guitar Hero ).


Hearing about a public Arachnos execution, Cloudgazer made a trip to the isles. He ended up meeting up with Hero Kenaloud, Sovereign Fist, Acrobot, and his team mate Rhythm Sway. Working toghether they battled their way thru Arachnos and rescued the girl. Breakette however came to stop them from stopping the execution, dealing several damaging blows to the heroes who had come to rescue the damsel in distress. Cloud now swears that he will do whatever it takes to bring this woman to justice, and anyone else who was their to watch the execution.


Love and Peace!-By Graff
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