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Mic Check's inspiration comes from the cliched famous but dumb rock/acting star who relies on only their talent or skill to get by. Another inspiration is drawn from Metalocalypse and their general attitude towards getting something they want which Mic Check retains in thinking everything is reasonable, even if it's outrageous.

Mic Check
Player: @T-Pill
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Michael Tucker
Known Aliases: Mic
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 168 lbls
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown, Dyed blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Singer, Model, Hero
Place of Birth: Galaxy City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Galaxy City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ryan Tucker (Father), Patricia Tucker (Mother), Josh Tucker (Brother)
Known Powers
Sonic Voice/Sound Manipulation/Flight
Known Abilities
Vibration Sensitivity, Extreme Vocal Memorization



Mic Check has a very narcissistic and absent-minded personality. Overall he seems friendly enough, though he tends to think way too much on things and say whatever comes to his mind rather than think on it for a second and save himself from rambling.

Rock Star Motive

"Yeah! Make me a superstar! Yeah! No matter who you are...!" ~Superstar, Saliva

Mic wants to be a rock star very badly. He wants to be one so much that he puts aside everything and will spend any amount of money to make it happen. He's been known to pay people to be fans for him after he does a heroic act. And he doesn't hesitate once at giving someone an autograph of himself, even if they don't want it. He often says that they can sell it on Ebay if they want, and claims that they make about twenty-five bucks each. Mic Check's total motivation is to become famous rock star. And being a hero to elevate that is no problem for Mic either.


"I'm too sexy for my love. Too sexy for my love. Love's going to leave me..." ~ I'm Too Sexy, Right Said Fred

Mic Check deems himself as very pretty and has no problem admitting it when the opportunity arises. He takes care of his looks very carefully and sees it as a very important aspect of being a rock star. His hair is always styled and his outfits flashy and flawless too.

A few people have insulted his looks before, and this is unforgivable to Mic. His entire demeanor changes and he gets very angry, often even going to violence at the slightest insult. After he gets his frustrations out though, he gets calm rather fast.

Often Mic will get bored and sometimes start thinking about how pretty he is, getting in a 'daze' of sorts. Usually when he does, he'll vocalize what he's thinking absently and snap out of it later.

Writer's Block

"I'm running down a dream, that never would have come to me..." ~Running Down a Dream, Tom Petty

Mic has a problem with attaining his goal of being a rock star, and that is being unable to write a song. He knows he is an awesome singer, but his inability to make any song is a big road block in his way. Because of this, Mic gets a motivation to make a song about something, often telling people he will, but then he takes it back saying he wouldn't because internally he knows he can't. Each time he's tried, he's gotten poor reception, as the lyrics end up being poorly written and thought out.

He's recently asked Guitar Hero, Eddie Galaxia, for help to learn how to sing. He isn't sure how well it's working, but he figures he'll work with him and keep having their rock talks in hopes that he'll end up being a better song writer. With how it's been going, chances are he won't.

H archetypeicon defender.png

SonicBlast Cone.png
Sonic Voice

"Shout! Shout! Let it all out. These are the things I can do without, so come on. I'm talking to you, so come on..." ~Shout, Tears For Fears

Mic Check has the ability to amplify his voice to dangerous levels, often able to stun and knock out people with a blast from his voice just from it being loud, or the blast actually being strong enough to cause physical harm. He can also use his voice to piercing levels to incapacitate people for a short while.
Mic Check jamming in his favorite outfit.

SonicDebuff BuffDamageRes.png
Sonic Resonance

"Come on feel the noise. Girls rock your boys..." ~ Cum On Feel The Noize, Quiet Riot

On top of amplifying his own voice, Mic Check has a power to control the sound waves around. While he first originally used it to literally play the air guitar or give himself a wailing guitar effect to the introduction of his name, he has found more practical uses for it. He can keep a steady barrier made completely from the sound waves to protect his allies or keep a dome of sonic waves to blunt any oncoming attacks. He's also been able to siphon all of the sonic energy he can in order to reverberate a steady flow into an enemy's body to shake them up enough to take them down easier.

SonicBlast Aim.png
Vibration Sensitivity

"I'm picking up good vibrations. She's giving me excitations..." ~Good Vibrations, Beach Boys

Because Mic can so easily manipulate the sound waves, he can also very easily feel things such as footsteps or anything else if he focuses. This also works for if he wants to listen in on a conversation or whispering. He doesn't tend to use this power often though- mostly because it's pointless to him, and when people are whispering around him he usually assumes that they are just talking about him and praising him and nothing more.

Flight TravelFlight.png

"I just wanna fly. Put your arms around me baby. Put your arms around me baby..." ~Fly, Sugar Ray

Mic Check has been asked before how he can fly. He has been quoted saying the following: "I just use the power of rock to lift me from the ground." Simple enough, and partially true. He keeps a steady flow of energy from the sound waves to force himself in the air. He often flies in combat and such so he gets hurt less- because he's too pretty to be hurt.

SonicDebuff Dispel.png
Vocal Memorization

"Don't you... forget about me. Don't don't don't don't. Don't you... forget about me." ~ Don't You (Forget About Me), Simple Minds

Mic Check for some reason has the ability to memorize full conversations or monologues if he so chooses. It could most properly be compared to photographic memory, only with sound. Mic doesn't use this power for any constructive purposes though. While he could easily remember important conversations or details, he simply never thinks to. Instead he just uses it to memorize music, saying that he knows just about every rock song. He's easily been able to back up this by singing any song at the mere mention of it.


"I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down..." ~ Tubthumping, Chumbawumba

Mic Check's very first weakness are his looks. He will do absolutely anything to make sure he doesn't get a blemish or have his clothes ruined. It explains why his hero outfit is his least favorite, because he has a whole wardrobe of the same one. This doesn't stop him from avoiding ruining it at all costs, but he doesn't get more distraught if it's ruined.

Mic also takes hits hard, praising himself that he has a dome of perpetual Sonic Energy protecting him at all times. But even then, it's still hard to protect himself from all forms of attack- especially physical ones.

On top of that, Mic Check is very gullible. He'll mostly believe anything if told unless he is completely against something. Then there is no talking to him or convincing him otherwise.

Character History

"Life goes by so fast. You only want to do what you think is right. Close your eyes and it's passed. Story of my life..." ~Story of My Life, Social Distortion

Young Years

"Born to be wiiiild!" ~ Born To Be Wild, Steppenwolf

Michael Tucker was born into a decently sized house with two parents and a brother three years older than him named Josh. Mike ended up being around his brother a lot and getting really close to him. As the two grew up, they were almost inseparable. Then Mike ended up hitting his young teen years and began watching MTV, becoming fascinated with the music on it. He then started to play the radio at all times and was barely ever around without it on.

His brother Josh didn't seem to care about music all too much, but it didn't really hurt his friendship with Mike for a while. The boys' parents were easily peeved by Mike's love of music and wanted him to always keep down the music and switch the channel off of MTV, but Mike would always obey for only a little while before turning it back up. Needless to say, Mike started to get grounded and get in trouble each time he began to do this. His parents even started taking his radio from him.

Junior High Band

"So, if you ask me why I like the way I play it... There's only one thing I can say to you! I wanna rock! (Rock!)" ~ I Wanna Rock, Twisted Sister

After Junior high began to roll around, Mike was still obsessed with his music. He became fascinated with every aspect of it and when it was time to join the band, Mike tried out for it. He was easily put off by it because it wasn't the same kind of band he was thinking of with rock n' roll, but he decided he'd try to get involved still.

Mike first tried to play the drums as he could recognize it from the rock he loved. He could easily get the beats down and memorized in his head, but when it came to playing them, he couldn't. He couldn't explain it, but he heard it perfectly in his mind, but couldn't coordinate it enough to play. After he failed at that, he opted to go play the saxophone grudgingly, but had the same problem. Often he just ended up with horrible squeaks and screeches and messed up notes, no matter how hard he tried.

After that, he gave up on that and looked into the school chorus. He would once again easily memorize everything, but he didn't seem to be gifted with a singing voice. Each time he tried to sing, he would be able to get the tune and melody correct, but the notes he sang were all just wrong and sounded hollow. He would often get his fellow chorus members upset at him for being unable to sing the right notes. Eventually, he just quit out of frustration and didn't try anything else to get musically involved, but continued to watch his MTV and listen to the radio.

Getting the Image

"I watched a change in you. It's like you never had wings. Now you feel so alive... I watched you change..." ~Change (In the House of Flies), Deftones

Mike ended up in his own clique of friends by the end of junior high school, mostly overlooked by the rest of the class. He was never content with that and always used to talk about how he needed to make an impact and how he was going to make a name for himself in this school. His friends used to shrug it off and laugh at it, but Mike was dead serious about it. Each day he'd get to thinking about how he'd do it as he watched his MTV and listened to his radio. Then it dawned on him, he'd be a rock star.

Unfortunately, Mike knew he wouldn't be able to become a true rock star, but he needed to make due with what he had. Since he never bought anything but CDs growing up, he had a bunch of money saved up. So he would sit back and watch the TV with various rock stars on it and pick out different outfits he might want. Most of them were flashy and gaudy, but nice looking.

He went over to a tailor and asked him to make him all of these outfits, tearing out magazine pictures and making sketches to show him. After that, he bought ten different pairs of sunglasses in order to always wear at all times. Then he went to a barber and had his hair dyed blond and styled to his liking. And finally, he began to work out as much as he could in order to look "hot."

When it was time to move on to Senior High, Mike became ready to debut his new look and a personality to match. Aloof, cool, and laid back. He generally acted like he didn't care about anything at all. Most guys in the class though he looked ridiculous and acted more ridiculous. But the girls all tended to have new thoughts on Mike, thinking he was cool and actually hot too. Mike however decided to put a spin on that and correcting them when they mentioned that, saying he was just pretty.

Being Pretty and Popular

"Hey now. You're an all star. Get your game on. Go play! Hey now. You're a rock star! Get the show on! Get paid!" ~ All Star, Smash Mouth

When Mike debuted this persona of his at his house, his mother and father were ashamed of it. They often told him to take off all of that ridiculous stuff and act normal, something he refused to do. His brother Josh thought it was stupid also, often teasing him about it. Mike shrugged it off and told him that he wouldn't be saying that when he's a rock star. This only made Josh laugh, saying he doesn't care about that.

At school, Mike was one of the most popular guys around. He forgot about his former clique of friends and decided to focus on his new group, becoming a "Joe Cool" of sorts. Mike's popularity started getting him dates constantly and invitations to parties all the time. He'd dance at them, being rhythmically talented in doing so, but he'd refuse to sing. This was only strange to people since he said he was in a rock band and he'd be a rock star someday. They'd ask to go to any concerts, but he'd make up strange places or say they were sold out each time. The girls never thought much about it, but the guys were thinking it was all a lie. Mike's popularity ended up lasting all the way to his senior year without any problems.

But when it was his senior year and the guys could talk to Mike alone, they'd often ask him what his deal was with this rock star thing. Mike would end up making up more excuses and avoid it as much as he could. This was at least until he got threats. The threats made it all very real to Mike, causing him to be a little less confident around them. He'd start lying less, opting to tell them later instead. This all went on until halfway through his senior year.

Popularity Crashing Down

Mike's parents became less and less supportive of Mike, even to the point of being ashamed since they thought he looked ridiculous. But Mike still had his dreams of being a rock star which his parents hated even more. It never mattered much to Mike because he wasn't ever at home. He'd always be out partying or at school.

But one night at a party a few nights before graduation, Mike ended up making out with one of the more popular guys' girlfriends during a party. When the guy heard, he rounded up a bunch of his friends together and grabbed Mike and started to beat him up. Mike was relatively defenseless, especially against so many guys. The party stopped dead in it's track and when Mike wasn't able to really do anything to defend himself. After this, the guys then exposed Mike for not being in a rock band or anything else that he made up. Needless to say, this killed his popularity completely and Mike left the party in shame.

For the last few days of school, Mike ended up dressing like normal and keeping quiet and to himself as he didn't have much to say. He was looked down on by all the girls who had loved him, and he didn't want to face them again. Finally, when he graduated, he was stuck with nothing to do now. He had no friends to hang out with now, no job, and no real motivation to go to college or anything.

Stolen Dreams

Summer approached and Mike was stuck working at a burger joint, not having anything else to do. His brother was a manager at a family restaurant and his parents would praise him for it. Mike would come home everyday and do what he usually did, often depressed all the time over it. But one day Mike came home and saw his brother Josh in the garage seeming to start up a band. Mike was lost and confused, and he pulled his brother aside to talk to him.

Mike asked him what he was doing and Josh said he was starting up a band. Mike was confused and told him that he used to hate all that rock stuff he did, but Josh simply shrugged and told him that he changed his mind. Mike would sit in and watch Josh's band as much as he could, jealous and longing to be a part of it. Once he asked Josh if he could do something for them and Josh mostly laughed at the prospect of it, brushing aside the question.

The band started to become a local hit, they called themselves Mic Check and began to go to various locations to throw their concerts. Mike would save up his money to go to each one, enamored by it, but growing more and more angry and bitter as time went on. He could feel like his brother took his dream from him and Mike almost became obsessed with watching what could have been him.

Moving Out

Eventually Josh began to argue with his and Mike's parents about this rock band thing. They wanted him to keep on with his education but Josh was sure his band would hit it big, already scoring a record deal. Finally his parents said that if he was going to keep it going, that he would be kicked out of the house and they wouldn't do him any favors. Josh said that was fine with him and decided he'd leave.

Mike talked with Josh soon after that and asked if he could stay with him. Josh was iffy at first, but Mike practically begged him- mostly because he wanted to follow the band- so Josh let him live with him. Mike was overjoyed, but got the same threat of no favors from his parents because of this. He didn't care though and packed up to go.

The brothers lived together and Mike continued to go to his job at fast food, then went home to watch and listen to Mic Check practice. One day though, Josh was sifting through Mike's wardrobe and asked if he could borrow some of Mike's crazy rock star clothes. Mike at first was hesitant since he liked his clothes, but then he let him anyway. Soon after, Josh got his hair styled just like Mike's, confusing Mike a lot.

Then the next time his brother went on stage, he saw it. Josh looked just like he did; a perfect image of every fantasy Mike had of himself. This was just too much for Mike to handle and he up and left it, ending up going home and crying over it. He began to hate his brother now, but refused to vocalize it and act like everything was fine.


"Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?" ~ Why Can't We be Friends?, War


"And now that is here, I see it oh so clearly. I've come face to face with the enemy! Ooooh the enemy...!" ~The Enemy, Godsmack

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