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Am plate2.jpg

(Picture done by the very talented, and very loved Jade Defender (D.Stonewayne) Color by User:Gelle
Player: @Gelle
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Gelle
Species: Human
Age: 2455
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Spartan
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Sparta, Greece
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Married to Arbiter Shade
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Energy Melee/Ice armor
Known Abilities
Very mysterious about her true personality, she doesn't get close to people easily.



The reason I play my character so oddly, is because she is a woman of many faces and personalities. This is due to her mind becoming so warped from the 2455 years she has been alive. Don't get me wrong, she is stable and can formulate thought. However, she will respond differently each time she meets with someone depending on how she feels. Does she want to toy with them? Does she want to give them the wrong impression? Does she want to be serious? Do they benefit her in any way? Or is she simply being herself? Who knows... she's just Gelle. Give me a try as a role player... I'm not too bad :P

If you see any grammar, spelling, or continuity errors, please tell me on my talk page or feel free to edit the entry. Please notify me in some way so that I know you did make an edit or I'll get all upset that some random stranger did something completely random to my page. Seriously though, please feel free to edit if I've made a goof ball move. :3

Played by: User:Gelle

PS: Don't Stalk meh :O
PPS: No Mudkipz.
PPPS: Her name is pronounced Ghel ay.


Born in 446 BC as the daughter of the popular spartan warrior Obelix, and the ancient ice element who called herself Ianthe. The Ice Element named her daughter as Amaranth because her eyes were that of the color of a purple Amaranth flower before granting the infant the very essence of ice she was made of. Understanding the works of the elements, Obelix cherished and loved the daughter that the universe and Gods had gifted him. He took her to the elders for her inspection of worthiness, and it was they who judged that she would have terrible power worthy to destroy Sparta and its people. In fear, King Aetos of the army ordered her to be killed before she had the chance to destroy Sparta. Her father rebuked the king with passion and love for his infant child and demanded he spare his daughter from death. After much debate by the council of Sparta, it was deemed that if they were accepting of Amaranth, and gave her all the wealth and power of Sparta she would not wish to destroy them.

To benefit from her powers, she was treated as a male and was expected to defend Sparta more than any other citizen. So, at the age of seven she was thrown into training and formed into a warrior. Amaranth loved her country, her brothers in arms, and the glory that Sparta gave her - and she willingly fought for her native land without question. In 432 BC her father was killed in battle against the Athenians, crushing the heart of his beautiful daughter. Because of his death, Ianthe - her mother - had spoken to the ancient elemtenf of fire,Pyrogenic Gore (Aneas) and asked him to care for her daughter. He agreed and began to train and console the Spartan woman. Aeneas was her best friend and confidant, which is no surprise that at the age of 20, Amaranth confessed her love to Aeneas and pleaded him to take her as his wife. Declining her offer, Aeneas felt it was time to leave Sparta and continue his life of immortality away from the woman he loved who he believed would one day die of old age like the last.

Fate, the funny thing that it is would have them meet again.

Through The Ages

((As you can see - this still needs to be completed - and I'm NEVER happy with what I write - so it may be blank for a while.... ))

Amaranth has lived in several times and places. These are the most significant.

1147 - 1192

"Yeah, I don't know what to say about this one... not getting into it. Religion has become very... troubling in current times."

The Crusades were a long, tough, uphill battle that Amaranth tried very hard to stay away from. When she heard about all this senseless, evil killing she went there herself attempting to protect those who needed it most - the innocent citizens. With one super human against thousands of men ready to die for a belief, she couldn't keep it up long. The odds stacked against her, Amaranth did all she could to stop armies from raping, killing, and harming innocent children, men, and women in the cities.

1758 - 1850

"This is where I got my love of piracy and fighting against idiot decisions that idiot governments make... Seriously the whole 'lets give poor guys good jobs and then snatch them away!' really pissed me off... so I helped the underdog. I'm not one for crime but... seriously... fuck the British Crown in the 17 and 18 hundreds....Bastards.

Piracy was easy for Amaranth, she held a small crew who went looking for large game from Government boats - any of them who had privateers under their control. The rules were simple - she never robbed a citizen, she never stole from other pirates, and she never killed an innocent person. These noble (and dangerous) acts won her respect from the other Pirate Captains and they never messed with her small crew, small ship - and very small operation. When the golden age of piracy died down she started walking again to find a new home, a new life, and a new start. Amaranth never really made a name for herself or became famous, she just existed, did okay for herself and moved on.

1910 - 1945

"The 'Modern' world sucked for two reasons: 1. No one fought like actual men anymore now that they had guns and 2. What the hell was with the way they treated people? We owned slaves in Sparta - but they were war prisoners... people just 'shop' for humans now... Also... bastards, all of them - Germans, Russians, French - double bastards, Spain... all of them. I don't like them one bit. I'd rather have the ancient empires of the world come back - at least

Sleeping for most of World War I, when Amaranth woke up she was in shock with the changed world. Companies were rising up, industry was booming, and a war fought across the continents was waging. Her normal demeanor of fierceness was ebbed by the new social standards of life, and she struggled hard to find herself in this new and terrible place. Her unnatural hair color and eyes set her up for torment and targeting from large companies all over the world attempting to harness some kind of large power to take out their other forces. It was in this 55 35 year period that Amaranth was captured by Nazis, tortured, and brainwashed into fighting for Germany and honestly believing she was a member of the Galehardt family. After escaping Germany, Amaranth was very emotionally scarred, brain damaged, and nearing a breakdown.

1955 - 1968

"And just when I thought everything was looking better.. I saw that America was getting worse. I'd rather be here than anywhere else on earth - except Britain, which I was kicked out of because of what the Nazis did to me... but still, America seems to have freedom at least right....for now, anyway... As a 2000+ year old person, I can tell you from experience that history repeats itself, and sadly, they too will fall after a good, long run.

With all of the problems with Cuba, Vietnam, the Space Race, Equal Rights Movement, and other delicious turmoil of American politics, Amaranth found herself weary. As usual her unnatural blue hair was a spark for controversy and she did her best to conceal it without much luck. She was lucky enough to find kindness in the Black Community who were kind, understanding, and took her in. She fought for their cause and helped cease police brutality with her skills as a warrior, and her ice. It was here that Amaranth focused on her ability to love her fellow man and vowed to take down anyone who threatened the lives of good people. Still under the spell of German brain 'hijacking', she felt both conflicted and relieved to find care and security within her community.

1969 - 2011

"This is the reason I hate government and don't trust them. It is also the reason I hate needles - and ANYTHING related to the Crey. I really see these past fourty-ish years as a giant lump thanks to brain damage, chemical experimentation, viral injections, TITAN formula, countless tests, countless injuries... and probably a lot of stuff I can't really remember all that well...."

Residing in a small apartment in Steel Canyon, Gelle spent her time practicing her skills as a hero. Thanks to the Cold War, Gelle still found it hard to find a place of peace anywhere but the protective circle of Paragon where heroes were accepted. Thanks to her age, Amaranth was questioned often and interrogated constantly. Her history of German Brain-Washing being a known issue was no help in the matter. Feeling unfairly treated and a bit scared for her life, Gelle attempted to flee from the United States and back to Sparta where she could live off of the land if she needed to. Unfortunately, The Crey waltzed into the pictures and found interest in her biological structure and 'brain damage' by the Nazis. With Government permission, The Crey began their study.

Losing contract and interest when Amaranth proved useless for any kind of military or governmental use, as well as the end of the Cold War in the earlier century - The Crey freed Amaranth from their facilities and left her to fend for her own. After being gone for so long and assumed dead by the city, Amaranth had lost everything except her locket. She started a new - including her duties as a hero. After an odd love triangle that entangled TeArkai, herself and Kaosu Joufo she soon met DeadShadow who she fell in love with and married.

Seven years into their happy marriage, DeadShadow was killed in battle against his arch nemesis - leaving Amaranth and their two sons, Jason and Matthew alone. Devastated, lonely, and desperate for any relief from the pain, Amaranth turned to alcohol for comfort. These actions obviously inappropriate, Amaranth's super group, The Justiciars set up an intervention and helped the fallen hero back into good graces. Feeling more alive than ever, she focused all of her time to her sons, Jason and Matthew.

A year of peace went by and Amaranth found herself in the love and care of her very good friends, Hellion Hiryu, Star Blast, Shadow Operator, Jade Defender, and Pyrogenic Gore. Her friend helped keep her life in balance as she struggled with many coming issues. Things fell apart, and instead of hiding in the warmth of her friends, she ran with her children to the safety of isolation. Isolation wasn't good for Amaranth though, and she felt herself slipping from reality - and instead she began to find solace in the wrong characters. Working for Arbiter Death in Villains of Paragon City she fell in love with fellow member Vincent Jaeger and became impregnated with her son, Xander. Jaeger's disappearance into her third month of pregnancy, sent Gelle into a spiraling depression that was not working well for anyone involved with her.

Like in any fairytale or story - Arbiter Shade swooped in and saved the day, picking up where Jaime (DeadShadow) had left off 12 years prior. When Xander made his arrival into the world, Shade made it his duty to father him and his older brothers Jason and Matthew. While Amaranth, Matthew, and Xander loved the company of Shade - Jason did not. His hatred for the man who had replaced his father pushed him away from his own family.

Arbiter Shade(Sol Shade) and Amaranth eventually married and had two other children together: Obelix and Jax Shade. Personal family problems involving a man known as "The Stygian" forced the large family into many situations - including helping the arrival of Black Amaranth.

"Most family's problems are not to be noted here - for the are numerous and lengthy....but I'll tell you this: I've been stabbed in the head twice - once by Black Amaranth and "The Stygian". I'm not doing so hot lately... my mind is slipping from me. Xander says it's because of some nerves not properly healing or... something like that... but he swears he can fix it. I feel a lot like the special kid now adays. I can't do anywhere without someone holding my hand. Oh, how the not mighty in the first place have fallen from a pretty lengthy height anyway."


Gelle's Locket

This locket was forged by Hephaestus himself. It was a gift to Amaranth's mother, and was passed down to her. This locket has an infinite capacity in it's center that only Amaranth can get into since she is the locket's owner. Inside it contains many things, including an arsenal of weaponry, a house, and even cake!

Feelings and Attitudes towards Gelle

(This is an IC place to put quotes from other character's thoughts on Gelle. Everyone is welcome to add their comments and quotes here as long as they have met my character. No, you do not need my permission, however if I see that I do not know you, I will delete your comment)

"Gelle saved my ass once. We've palled around. She's alright. Can't really form an opinion. But I guess I owe her. Huh, that doesn't happen often." - Bad Dream

"I could end her existence - and think about it often. How someone so stupid is an alternate version of me is ridiculous. I think I may just slit her throat one of these days...for fun.." - Black Amaranth

"I don't know her too well -- but when I first met her, something told me that I didn't need to. I trust her. She's like.. no, not like. She IS the mother that I never had." - Midnight Mustang


Known Friends and Loved ones

Arbiter Shade - Husband and best friend, Sol Shade.

Icy Shadows - Eldest Son and inventor, Jason Wade Shadow (Panther). (March 15 - Deceased)

Resplendent Frost - Eldest living son and warrior, Matthew Aeneas Shade (Lion). (July 9th - 47)

Viral Pathogen - Second oldest and scientist, Xander Hiryu Shade (Tiger). (May 20th - 42)

Shade of the Sun - Third oldest and artist, Obelix Sol Shade (Leopard). (April 22nd - 35)

Moonlit Spectre - Fourth oldest, wild-child, and first daughter, Jax Persephone Shade (Lynx). (October 10th - 21)

Primal Energy - First born of a set of triplets, incredibly strong - and very hyper, Ajax 'Nate-John' Shade (July 20th - 13)

Pensive Observer - Second born of a set of triplets, mostly quiet, incredibly observant and intelligent, Atlas Tom Shade (July 20th - 13)

Silent Inquisitor - Last in the set of triplets, speechless, and silent even in movement - Aria Natalie Shade (July 20th - 13)

Known Enemies


Known Affiliations

The Hidden Sanctum and The Hideout (<--- if you have this SG PLEASE return it to me)

Random OOC Facts

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