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Welcome! You have entered The Argo, home to the Elite Supergroup, The Justiciars.
We are currently a triad of Classic Hero and villain themed Roleplaying Supergroups based on the Virtue Server of the Massively Multiplayer Online Game, City of Heroes.
We welcome fun, active, and creative people to join our ranks. For more information please visit our About Us tab or browse our forums in detail.

For any admissions inquiries and/or other available info, check out our webpage at Guild Portal:

The Justiciars



The Justiciars is a dedicated role-playing SG open to players of all RP experience levels. Everyone has to start somewhere. New role-players are just as welcome into our ranks as experienced role-players, as long as they have a desire to role-play, a respect for others, and a dedication to the development of the SG.

We prefer lower level characters that can grow with the team, but are open to all levels 1-50, all archetypes, and all origins. All we require is characters have a background, have an RP-Appropriate name, and be original. Players of all ages, RP experience, and locale are welcome. One thing to note, however, is that the majority of our SG resides in the US timezones and events will be timed accordingly.

We are also a laid-back SG, and real-life always comes first. City of Heroes is escapism, and no member of the SG should feel they are required to login for any required amount of time or to restrict their gameplay strictly to CoH. That said, we do request that if you will be out for an extended period, please let an Officer member know.

Those interested in becoming members of the Justiciars can request membership either in the public forums here, or in the game by contacting any of the currently active members. While all players of any rank should feel free to introduce new players, final membership status will be determined by the Officers.



The top level of membership is Prime. Primes have the final say on all members, SG policy, website design, base design, and any other SG affairs that may come up. Most of the time, the Prime will act as equals with the rest of the Council, just as King Arthur did with the Round Table. However, they do reserve the right to act as "final say" when the need arises. All members of Justiciar level and above should always feel welcome to voice their opinions to the Prime, as they do want to hear what all members have to say.



Those who show a willingness to participate in the SG, an ability to work well with the existing Officers members, show good leadership traits, and are interested in its growth and future can become High Justiciars. Highs will be selected by the active Officers, and it is the Prime's decision to promote a Justiciar from Chief to High. Highs have a say in SG policy and affairs. Any High may be temporarily promoted to leadership status in the case of the Prime being absent. In the case of total leadership disappearance, the game will automatically determine a new leader and it is up to the Officers to coordinate leadership from there.



Chief Justiciar (Senior Member)

Chiefs are Justiciars who have gone above and beyond the "call of duty" for the SG. For example, they may be quick to help their fellow teammates, have contributed in great amounts to the guild, participate in SG events, give a helping hand on the website, have shown loyalty to the players and the SG, etc. Chiefs have all the privileges of Sentinels, and a partial say in SG affairs. They also have the ability to invite. Any SG member can recommend a Justiciar for promotion to Chief by contacting the Officers.



Full members or Justiciars are those players who have met the requirements listed below. Justiciars have access to all guild resources. Membership is granted on a player basis, and once attained, the player is allowed an alt in the SG.



All new members enter the SG under an Honorary (reservist) period. Upon showing maturity, a desire to role-play, a friendliness and respect towards other players, and registration at the guild website, all new members who wish to remain with the SG will be promoted to full-member status. The Honorary period is also a two-way process, and allows each new member to also judge the SG to determine if The Justiciars is the right SG for them.

Honoraries can be dismissed from the SG at any time due to disciplinary action (without a disciplinary probation period), or simply because we are the wrong SG for them. Furthermore, Honoraries are free to leave the SG with no notice and no hard feelings if the Justiciars turn out to not be the right SG for you.

The Honorary period is typically 30 calendar days, at which time an Honorary will be promoted to Justiciar if they have met the requirements: maturity, respect, a desire to role-play, and registration at the website, and 100k (100,000) earned Prestige. Furthermore, hounding the Officers to ask if you've done enough to be a full member will result in a longer Honorary period and potentially dismissal. (Though a friendly reminder after 30 calendar days is not frowned upon. Especially as both the character and officer must be online to promote)



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