Purge Initiation

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Purge Initiation/The Unique Breeze
Player: @Fragment of Nothing
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Mastermind/Controller
Threat Level: 29
Personal Data
Real Name: Ashley Nicole Dose
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Human
Age: 8
Height: 3"1
Weight: 45 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: Mother (Void Dreamer), Father (Paragon-335), Aunt (Lumena), Uncle (Nephilim-01), Grandmother (Ein Dose)
Known Powers
Conjuration, Minor Healing, Air Manipulation, Super Strength, Super Reflexes
Known Abilities
Intelligent, inventive, sneaky
Tinker Toy/Woven Rope Ladder, Modified NERF Dart Gun, Walkie-Talkie Cell Phone, various others



Ashley is kind of a loner by nature, but she does, of course, have family...not to mention those she works with.

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Loved Ones




Thoughts and Opinions

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Physical Attributes

Ashley's got SOME things to her, you know.


A tiny, incredibly adorable girl is typically what people first witness upon viewing Ashley. Her brown hair is not natural, but dyed (the real normal color of it is red). She has pretty much no excelling muscular structure, as one would expect from a small underage being such as herself.


Ashley's a very glum and depressed girl anymore, faking a sincere smile whenever she's in public. Hyper intelligent, this is usually what Ashley relies upon. Cold hard logic is something she can trust.


Ashley's developed a sort of thing in her head that she can't fully understand...perhaps she never really will. What she does know is they're fueled by some sort of quantum energy that's channeled into a type of "tumor", as she refers to it, somewhere around or in her brain. They manifest as wind-manipulating abilities, able to create powerful gusts, chill temperatures, and more. She's still attempting to learn how to use them, but it's going well so far...at least, she believes it is. Her mother's summoning abilities appear to have manifested in her as well, though to a lesser degree. While Akina can reliably summon objects away from people, even from out of their hands, it seems as though Ashley can only call unattended objects to her.

A few secondary powers appear to be manifesting in addition to the primary wind control. Ashley is speedier than your typical well-trained adult human, strong enough to lift one ton over her head, and resilient enough to weather a good amount of bullets. The super strength seems to be a tad odd even as super strength goes, enabling her to lift things at what should be impossible degrees, where it should tip. She can, for instance, heft a bed by just grabbing the corner of it.


Ashley seems to have some sort of leadership ability, commanding a gang of mercenaries. Whether they do her bidding for money or because she's given them inspiration is a mystery, but there's no doubt they're working for her. She's capable of coming up with highly motivational speeches in virtually no time whatsoever, making her a great speaker. Thanks to her mother's persistence in attempting to teach her how to use ranged weapons, she's also grown skilled with a bow and arrow...not to mention inventing and improvising things wherever necessary.


Ashley still has her limitations, of course. Her super strength doesn't seem to be nearly that of people that focus on it, for one thing. For another, her small size tends to not work in her favor a good amount of the time.

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