Eshet Lillah

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Eshet Lillah
Player: @queekoneeye
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50/11
Personal Data
Real Name: Eshet Lillah
Known Aliases: Eshet, Essy, Eshie, Esh
Species: Succubus
Age: At least 3000 years old
Height: Has no clue...
Weight: Again, no clue
Eye Color: Emerald Green (They actually will leak green energy when in full-out demonic form)
Hair Color: Redish-brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Hell by birth, Ancient Hebrew by exposure
Occupation: Teacher, Tattoo artist
Place of Birth: Hell
Base of Operations: Ettoliete Isles
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Married to Deidre Mietlinen.She also has a small adopted family, which presently includes Ces (her big brother), Sonja Markov (her big sister), Mary (her half-sister), Katerzina (her mother), Natalie McGreggor (her younger sister), Ani Reaves (her big sister), Therese (her daughter), Sillean (big sister), Anna Crane (another duaghter)...and a few others
Known Powers
Extreme luck, demonic shapeshifting, limited energy manipulation
Known Abilities
Art, baking, and other fun things
None (right now at least)
Eshet is rather an odd character, originally spawned from a joke...she is not meant to be taken too seriously

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Brief Bio

Eshet is a demon...a succubus in fact. So it could go on for a long while listing her various conquests...except she only has four, because you see, Eshet, unlike most succubi is quite prudish and timid. Not much is known about her history except for the fact the last time she was on Earth was during the Jewish Second Temple period and that she has been banished from Hell for being herself.


Eshet has two primary powers:

Energy Manipulation

This nebulous ability gives Eshet the ability to move energy from one person or thing into another or adjust the flow within a person or thing. There are three kinds of energy within a living being Eshet can 'play' with and those are life, soul, and mental energy. She must be in physical contact with the subject to be able to manipulate the energy within the subject. The various effects she can create using this ability range from knocking a person out and sending them through a wall with a single blow to kicking up a persons healing factor several fold and limited mind reading. Note that the fact she could read a persons mind or steal their soul are things she keeps secret and tries to avoid doing, even under dire circumstances

Sheer Dumb Luck

Eshet is the embodiment of luck at times, with things usually ending in her favor when there is a result she perceives as positive. A clever opponent would be wise to instill doubt in Eshet as to what out come she wants or forcing her to protect someone as in those cases, her luck will sometimes redirect bullets to her or other sorts of misfortune.


Eshet is a sweet friendly sort, but quite jumpy and easily intimidated. The only exception is when people threaten anyone who is of importance to her, which causes her to be uncharacteristically brave. She has some self-esteem issues as she has had to combat the idea of being broken because she is different from most succubi in her prudish and shy nature, and more recently, her cybernetic arms (an issue that has since been resolved by a kind friend). Her problems have been exacerbated by an incident she will only tell her closest friends about... so if you have heard of it, you are considered important by Eshet (coincidentally, all but one person who have received a gift of red crystal know the story). She is also intensely curious about this new world around her, due to her over 3000 year isolation from the Earth. She is slowly changing, becoming a little more self-confident and less jumpy thanks to her friends and family. Eshet is also not by personality a fighter, but she can and will make expceptions...especially recently after the loss of Methea, a girl who Eshet loved very dearly.


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