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"I do what I want."
Raine Heartfall
Player: @Perfidus
Origin: Magic / Natural
Archetype: Mastermind / Brute
Threat Level: 50 (on 10/3/08) / 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Raine Heartfall
Known Aliases: Crimson Raine, Twilight Raine (self given titles) Freckles, Raindrop, Droplet(old nicknames)
Species: Human
Age: 17 [1]
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Unknown [2]
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Villain!
Place of Birth: Greenwich, Connecticut[3]
Base of Operations: The Moonlight Path, Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Taken [4]
Known Relatives: Laine Heartfall (older sister - deceased), Claudia Heartfall (mother - deceased), Gabriel Heartfall (father)
Known Powers
Manipulation of dark magicks learned through extensive study and practice.
Known Abilities
A decent shot with pistols and rifles alike. Higher than average reflexes. Also known to command a gang of thugs in combat, however when observing them it's clear she neither likes them nor do they like her.
Akimbo middle fingers; a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver kept visibly at her hip at (nearly) all times. Additionally, she will keep supplies and bullets for her 'gang' if she is working with them.
(This page, much like the character it's based upon, includes mature content for harsh language. I didn't want to use the banner because it's ugly.)

"There's nothing so rare as a woman with flair;
She's brash and bold yet infallible.
With remarks oft remarkable she'll dare you to dare;
She's incensed and uncensored yet sensible.

Dressed to kill, though she could kill you herself;
She's classy and crass yet unclassified.
From her heavenly mouth, she spouts Hell itself;
She's rough and accentual yet sensual.

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet;
She's flagrant, not fragrant, and nameless.
So a rose she may seem, though a rose she can't be...
But fuck me, if she weren't great company."

-Zarakh's poem, written about Raine.


Speaking to Raine for the first time is a lot like playing russian roulette with five out of six chambers loaded.[5] While occasionally friendly if not apathetic to newcomers, Raine is more often than not confrontational and catty to anyone who bothers her. For most, to meet Raine is to meet an immediate enemy, and there are never any valid reasons or motivations required for her to verbally attack a new acquaintance. Though not always, Raine generally attacks people based on appearance; A muscled man will be called a roid monkey or jock, a woman no matter the disposition or attire will invariably be called a slut or dyke. Those who can make it past this initial 'hazing' are generally spared the bulk of insults, though no one is ever fully exempt from Raine's acidic tongue.[6] When the tides are turned and Raine is faced with insults in her own direction, Raine will often amplify her posturing the way a child might when told not to speak. Though Raine will occasionally stammer at certain accusations, she generally remains on point in her goal of deflecting others. On some occasions however, she has been known to simply shrug and disregard the chiding of others, fitting in with her well established stance of not caring what others think of her or the way she chooses to do things.

No Fear!

Raine fancies herself as fearless, generally attempting to show no worry or trepidation to those who approach her until it becomes apparent she is outmatched and in danger of being harmed. When she is in the presence of those she knows care for her, she will take it even farther as she seems to expect others to come to her aid when it is required. Raine has been known to deliberately place herself in situations so that people will speak to her, only for her to respond with insults or threats of physical harm, and these situations normally generate one of two outcomes; she will either flee when it has become apparent she is clearly out of her league, or she will remain steadfast in her ways... and generally reap the consequences. Her stubborn nature usually makes it the latter, although these days Raine seems to pick her fights much more carefully.

"Heh. What, y'gotta prollem with th'way I talk?"

One of the more distinguishing aspects of Raine is her speech. Raine speaks in an accent contrary to how one would assume a girl of her appearance to speak. Comparable to uneducated thugs and gangsters, Raine often slurs her words in an effort to seem more 'street'. Curses are not used sparingly but instead flung with disregard, as it's not uncommon for literally every other word in a sentence to be a curse word. Often sardonic and nearly always insulting, any jokes that Raine makes are clearly spoken for her own amusement. Making others laugh usually only solicits a glare, though sometimes she doesn't seem to mind.


Raine never smiles publicly, and rarely laughs openly.[7] Instead, she will smirk or half-smirk when she finds something amusing or funny, sometimes accompanied by a decidedly derisive snicker. Her expressions are kept mostly under a certain amount of control, and when she slips her annoyance is visible. Even on the rare occasion that Raine openly laughs, it is quickly suppressed. Few have ever seen Raine show any joy in the traditional sense, and while it's possible she's only hiding it, perhaps the truth is that she just isn't happy.

A Not-So-Clever Ruse

All of that being said, Raine also comes across as always being "on guard" at all times and that perhaps through this behavior she is only representing a facade, one designed to hide something weaker beneath it. She is prone to nervous ticks such as chewing her lips or the inside of her cheek, and will even fail to prevent these in the middle of a confrontation, hinting that maybe she isn't quite as simple minded and violent as she lets on, and is instead completely aware of what she's doing and making the active decision to do it, no matter how stupid and bull headed it is to everyone else around her. Some have noted that Raine's personality seems desperate and forced, as though she is trying to convince herself more than anyone else, though few if any would know this to be true. Raine in more recent times has seemed to confirm through her actions that it truly is all just part of a fabricated personality, though the reasons behind it all still haven't been defined, nor has it even been openly admitted vocally.

Reiko Fukuyu

Raine and the gang

A new personality has made several appearances in Pocket D. Masquerading as a japanese magical girl, Reiko Fukuyu is clearly Raine, though she never admits it. Sporting darkened skin, cat ears and other features unlike Raine, Reiko often speaks of her ultimate journey for love and justice, and looks to build her 'party' to work toward this goal. Though apparently fluent in Japanese, her speech is more often a grammatically incorrect and squeaky toned version of English, an attempt at sounding as though she were an immigrant with only a passing knowledge of the language. In stark contrast to Raine, Reiko does not seek fights, is kind, outgoing, and perhaps even uplifting to others, and has even been known to hug people excitedly when challenged or it is suggested she do so. If nothing else, Reiko represents for Raine a dedication to her 'craft', and under no circumstances is the character broken. Still, the motivations behind the Reiko character remain a mystery.


A natural redhead, Raine stands at a decidedly average height for her age and gender. A glance at the girl shows a healthy frame; her slender, athletic body hinting at strenuous physical activity. In stark contrast, her flesh is pale, soft and milky, suggesting that she sees neither hard work nor much time in the sun. Sprinkled over her nubile skin are little freckles to match her long auburn hair, and though plentiful on her face and form, they are not overwhelming and she chooses not to conceal them with makeup or other means. Her hands are as soft as a newborn's, showing not a hint of grit or roughness. The nails crowning each finger are kept short, usually go unpainted, and occasionally show chewed ends.

Makeup is used sparingly but is present; dark eyeliner usually frames her hazel eyes, surrounded by a light pink eyeshadow. On occasion her lips will be made up to match, though generally are shown in their delicate natural hue, glossy due to the constant application of various flavors of lip gloss. Though Raine's facial appearance is fresh and young, she wears a constant scowl to mask it, carefully sculpted eyebrows often curved downward angrily as she meets a newcomer. When seen alone though, Raine's eyes could almost be described as vacant, like she's off in her mind someplace. Despite her attempts at a tough hide, Raine is very often seen chewing her lips, a habit which could easily be seen as a nervous tic.

Raine's choices in clothing display her hypocrisy quite openly, and hint at a desire for the very attention that she immediately shuns upon receiving. Ranging from the moderately risque to the downright sleazy, her wardrobe seems to favor flaunting her body above hiding it behind any substantial amount of clothing. Indeed, it isn't entirely unheard of for her face to be the most concealed part of her body, sometimes choosing to wear a long, draping cowl while the rest of her figure goes barely covered. Other constant choices include tight fabrics to accentuate her body, various skirts and bottoms that reveal her long legs, fingerless gloves, and a tactical belt. In combat or in leisure, Raine favors stiletto heeled boots over any other type of footwear, though can be seen in wearing otherwise; most notably, a pair of brightly colored cowboy boots, which Raine will wear even when dressed somewhat formally. Overall, Raine seems to possess her own unique style that she prides highly, and usually seems unconcerned with compliments and derogatory statements alike, generally responding to either with derision or insult.


1992, Spring: Raine Heartfall is born to a wealthy suburban family consisting of a mother, father, and sister eight years her senior. The pregnancy was planned, and both mother and child were healthy after her birth.
1994: By the age of two, Raine can speak and walk, and even begins to read and write.
1996, Fall: Raine begins first grade at age four, skipping preschool after displaying moderate intelligence for her young age in preliminary academic tests.
1996-2001: Raine excels in school, and is a friendly child if not a spoiled rotten one. Sheltered, she spends much of her free time alone but is happy, content to stick to her closely knit family with no real need for outside friends.
2001: Still enjoys stories being read to her every night, and has long developed a rich, overactive imagination.
2001, December 24th: Claudia Heartfall dies of cancer. Raine didn't even know her mother was sick.
2002: Heartbroken, Raine's father dives deeper into his work, and shows no emotion to his children for the loss of his wife. Laine, well into her teenage years, copes in other, more self destructive ways. Raine recieves an emotional door in the face from all sides, and is alone in her grief.
2003: Raine's grades begin to slip. She becomes more withdrawn, but there's barely anyone to notice. Her actions seem normal to passing glances.
2004, Summer: As Raine's condition worsens, Raine's father finally takes notice. Seeing his daughter with no interest in others or even family anymore, he offers Raine a pet of her choice. Raine chooses a wolf, and names it Star.
2005: Raine's grades bottom out but her mind thrives in its own way. Instead of concentrating on her studies, she spends her time locked in her room with Star, researching and learning about new interests, namely the magical arts. Her father doesn't know what to do, so instead just keeps giving her money when asked.
2005-2006: As puberty arrives in full force, Raine's sorrow turns to anger. She begins to become abusive and mean to strangers and family alike. Laine laments that her sister is dying inside and there's nothing she can do to help. Raine hasn't openly smiled or shown joy in years.
2006, April: After a particularly bad war of words on Raine's fourteenth birthday, Raine attempts a spell in which her sister's head would explode. The spell is a failure, and Laine only loses most of her sight. Laine refuses to get her sister in trouble, and instead makes up a lie to explain her affliction. Raine shows no remorse.
2007, January: Raine begins therapy. Raine doesn't say a word to help herself or offer insight, remaining silent. The quiet sessions last only three weeks before Raine finally speaks, only to yell, berate, and threaten injury to her therapist. The doctor refuses to see her again. Raine considers it a victory.
2007, September: Raine is held back a grade in highschool for poor academic performance. Raine spits in the face of the principle, and is suspended but not expelled.
2007, November: Raine begins to dress scandalously to school, which attracts attention. Attention which she then cruelly repels. Her classmates, many of which don't even know her name, learn to stay away again. But they never stop staring.
2008, February: Raine stops going to school. Raine tells her father her birthday demands. He refuses.
2008, April: Raine turns sixteen. Her father, downtrodden and hopeless, finally agrees. Believing Raine won't last a week, he thinks it's the only way to get through to his lost daughter. Three days later, Raine arrives in the Rogue Isles, and never returns home.

The Moonlight Path

After several months of living in Etoile as a near vagrant[8] and with no place to truly call her own, Raine found herself seeking a true place of sanctuary, a place where she could go to rest and recover and where no one could bother her. In early July of 2008, with her wolf in tow, Raine set out to find just that. The search was largely fruitless for several days, and Raine quickly became increasingly desperate. One particular morning, she found herself wandering the piers of Cap Au Diable. There, an elderly fisherman was found, roping his small boat to the dock. Raine suddenly had an idea, and though she intended to merely rob the old man, a misunderstanding led to Starla murdering him instead. The two quickly disposed of the body, and though stunned at the change of plan, Raine claimed the boat as her own.

Raine didn't know how to operate a motored boat, but through trial and error and the help of an owner's manual stored in the tiny cabin, she got the boat moving with few setbacks. With no destination but a very clear mission, Raine set out to sea. Before long, the piers of Cap would disappear and a new island would come into view. At first only a canopy could be seen, but it was something tangible so Raine effortfully steered the boat in that direction. As she traveled closer, it became clear this was a small island all its own, with no apparent residents and, aside from a small dilapidated pier, no sign that any human had ever been there at all. Just trees. Just rocks and sand. Just nature.

Slamming into the pier and arriving on the island, Raine and Starla traveled warily across the small beach and toward a path of gravel that led under the canopy. Even though it was noon, no light could pierce through the vegetation. It was pitch black inside, but there was something about it, something that beckoned her closer. Trusting her wolf's instincts to guide her, she made her way through the darkness until a door was reached. A wooden door with a rusted lock that seemed to lead not into a building, but into the ground. At Raine's command, Starla burst the lock with ease, allowing the two inside.

A staircase greeted the two at first, a faint blue glow from inside breaking the darkness around them. A breeze flowed out through the tunnel and washed over Raine's flesh, an earthy smell reaching her nose as she boldly stepped into what would become her new home. A darkly lit stone path, raised above water that bore trees and plants without sunlight and seemed to glow, the source that provided the dim light to the cavern. Most importantly, there was no one there. It was empty, it was hidden. It was perfect.

"This is fuckin' it," Raine thought as she turned a corner, her hands perching proudly onto her hips. "An' I'ma name it after a shampoo."


Raine is for most intents and purposes, a normal human being. She can be harmed or killed with the same relative ease as your average pedestrian, perhaps more due to her occasional refusal to actually dress for the task of combat. Raine has no natural powers of any sort, and is in fact anything but super. What sets Raine apart is a combination of learned ability, simple circumstance, and a whole lot of luck.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Raine is a self taught student of the dark arts. Extensive study and practice had once granted her the ability to control and manifest dark matter and energies from the netherworld. Through these means she had learned to replenish her own energy as well as that of those about her, and to weaken and slow her foes via physical manifestations. Among her proudest accomplishments was the ability to summon a black cloud of pure dark energy that follows and aids her in combat. This ghoul-like form seemed to think and choose for itself, and had an undying loyalty to Raine while present. Raine had also been seen to fly at times, though never for extended amounts of time. After several unfortunate events, Raine lost these abilities and remained mostly defenseless for quite some time until she found herself under the tutelage of her close associate and roommate Erri. Raine is once more learning to control these dark abilities, but with one very important difference. Raine now calls for these spells from a new power source, one much safer and perhaps infinitely sustainable. Prior to this, Raine had no formal training, and all of her spells were known to be clumsy. They had been known to not work as planned, backfire, or even fail completely. Now, with more time to mature and practice, it's assumed that as she relearns her magic that it'll be much more precise, and perhaps even more powerful.

In battle, Raine isn't always alone. Her greatest asset was never her magic but rather the gang of thugs she commands.[9] Raine seems to pull from an endless pool of these gangsters, and seems to have little to no worry about their well being. There is no bonding between them; Raine doesn't even know their real names, nor does she care to. For her own benefit and ease of command however, she has a set group of names to use for her minions regardless of who is actually there. It's understood that these names are ways for the gang to understand which role she expects them to play. For instance, the one she calls Vasquez will always be an arsonist no matter what. Raine is known to bicker frequently with the gang, and it's obvious they care for her about as much as she cares for them, which is to say not at all. These men clearly aren't motivated by loyalty, but still they pledge themselves to Raine. This same crew has also been seen following someone else at times, an elf by the name of Erri. It's unknown whether these men have simply accepted a higher bid for their work or if once again they are simply following Raine's bidding. The fact that Erri is close to Raine hints to the latter.

Raine also boasts an impressive arsenal she and Starla had procured, or rather stolen from Arachnos. For a time she used these weapons freely and openly, but after a struggle with the spiders Raine cast most of these weapons aside, instead keeping them in her secret home as a sort of last defense to any intruders who might find it. Having returned to 'active duty' on the Isles, it's been seen that Raine also possesses an assortment of clawed weapons of different styles which she uses in tandem with her replenished magic.


Starla Heartfall

A long-term friend and closest companion, Starla (formerly Star) was a second generation captive wolf, picked out by Raine as a child from a litter at a nearby wildlife sanctuary. Raine's father had become worried for his daughter's withdrawal and thought a pet could help bring the girl out of the shell she had begun to climb into, and Star was chosen simply because "wolves are totally badass". Though it ultimately didn't work, Raine and Star took to each other very well, and the wolf was Raine's only friend as the girl grew more and more outwardly antisocial and misanthropic. Star proved unusually intelligent and loyal to Raine for her years as an animal; many nights were spent with Raine resting her head on the wolf's side, speaking her mind and saying things that no person had or ever would hear, be they complaints or simply commentary on the life Raine saw around herself. It was only natural that Raine would grow lonely in the Isles by herself, even if she'd never admit it, and it was a no brainer that the girl would want to have her trusty wolf by her side in her new life. But, no one expected that the day Raine was toying with dark arts of magic that the wolf would interfere. Now Starla, she lives in the Isles with Raine and acts as a lackey but more typically is a pillow to cry on just as before. Having known Raine for so long, Starla has a deeper understanding of Raine than anyone else, and is both a link to the girl's past and future. Likes to play with volleyball. Doesn't mind that Raine is noisy.

A cursed, trans-dimensional elf. You wouldn't think Raine could get along with such a person, yet she does and then some. But, it wasn't always this way. When Raine met Erri in the D, she quickly learned she could walk on the then-blind elf without retaliation or comeuppance. From the very beginning Erri seemed to take Raine seriously in a way that most do not. Raine initially took advantage and capitalized, often controlling the elf's decisions or even outright inflicting physical abuse for the hell of it. But as time passed, Raine's behavior slowly changed and she began to value the elf as more than just a toy but rather a friend, and ultimately an intimate companion. It's no secret now that this elf is important to Raine, as when they're seen together Raine will often hold Erri's hand to guide the elf around, or even feed Erri directly without worry of how it might look to others. Raine has gone out of her way to help the elf in ways she wouldn't even consider for most, up to and including giving the other sight, and in return Erri has abandoned any prior homes occupied in this world, now living in the Moonlight Path with Raine and even occupying the same large bed as Raine and Starla. Indeed it was Erri's money that allowed the renovation of the Path. Even still, in Raine's mind, Erri is property, though Raine would never see the elf as a pet the way that Starla is. Wherever this relationship is headed, the one thing that's absolute is that it is entirely unprecedented, as Raine seems to have truly found a soulmate -- even if it is a girl. [10]

Glimmer considered Raine and herself BFFs long before Raine ever actually came around. At first, Raine seemed to mostly just tolerate Glimmer's presence, as her personality had little effect whatsoever on the oddly colored girl and in fact seemed to only feed her, as any insult Raine used was usually turned right back around or disregarded completely. The bickering and insults flowed like water from both parties, but there was always shared camaraderie between the two. Glimmer often took Raine's many expletives as sexual advances, but Raine ultimately learned to cope with Glimmer's behavior just as Glimmer has always tolerated Raine. The two exchanged physical blows in the past, but became inseparable partners in crime. The status quo remained this way until unfortunate events led to Glimmer abandoning Raine. Though inconsolable for several days after the fact, Raine persevered and managed to move on, though she never stopped thinking of her pink friend. Eventually, after sporadic visits and a particularly important development, Glimmer returned on a full time basis. Beginning with the first few visits, it was a long road to rebuilding their relationship as Raine held the abandonment against her old friend, but in the end there was no way she could stay away forever. Now, the two once again enjoy the same relationship they once had, if not perhaps deeper in some ways.

The List!

Since coming to the isles, Raine has come across and interacted with far more people than she had in her previous life, and while she rarely wants to admit to having friends, it's obvious she has them. But not everyone she's around could be called a friend. Others still are the exact opposite. Raine keeps a constantly changing list of many of the more notable people she knows, cataloging them for her own benefit so she can always remember who to yell at, who to yell at less, and who to try to kill.

They's awright.
  • Mitsu Tanaka: Raine met Mitsu at the same time she met Terra, and was immediately disgusted with many aspects of Mitsu's personality, most notably the use of 'moon language' and Mitsu's relentless teases toward Raine. To combat the designation of Raine-chan, Raine first called Mitsu 'Pockychan' though has since settled on 'Mitz', which seems to be used just as a nickname more than any insult. Mitsu has mostly ceased the teasing, and it among other things seems to have made it a bit easier for Raine to be calm and receptive in her presence. It would be an understatement to say the two have been through their ups and downs, but still they remain as something resembling friends.
  • Robotic Spectre: Unit is one of those people who just sort of appeared in Raine's life seemingly from nowhere. There was no explosive first meeting, no down and out bar brawls. Five, as Raine has taken to calling him, was met through other acquaintances in Pocket D. While Raine didn't seem to care for the machine at first, and did her share of insulting, she soon warmed up to being simply apathetic instead, as she realized she didn't mind Five's company. Not only has Raine has spoken to him candidly on a few occasions which is rare enough, but Five knows some things that Raine simply won't admit to anyone else.
  • Sky-Scar: Robin is an interesting, turbulent case. The two had originally met several times with mixed results before Robin seemed to decide that Raine needed help, and that if she'd allow it, he'd be the one to give it to her. Robin had insisted that Raine only needed a friend, seeing much in the girl as he once saw in himself. The two had even shared conversations in which Raine let details slip about her life, and Raine secretly considered the boy a friend. The friendship became strained after Robin seemed to change for the worse, but after Robin proved himself in a very important way, the two seem to get along reasonably well again.
  • Arbiter Mitchells: Raine met Lance on her first day back onto the Isles after a vacation around the world. Lance immediately commented on Raine's dress to which the girl took a major issue. Raine seemed to hate the man at first, if for nothing else than his apparent allegiance to Arachnos, but she's seemed to have since gotten over the disagreements and now tolerates Lance's presence on a semi regular basis. It's no secret to Raine that Lance holds a crush for the girl, as he once went so far as to offer Raine roses. It wasn't a pretty sight.
  • Eshet Lillah: Raine met Eshet through Glimmer, and knowing Raine's relationship with Glimmer is what led to Eshet's immediate attempts to befriend Raine, though Raine now realizes that's not all that was behind it. Raine generally treated the succubus quite badly for quite some time, refusing the constant offers of cookies and commonly insulting her relentlessly. However, Eshet always remained unfettered, and this eventually wore Raine down. Raine always took pleasure in insulting Eshet's adopted family, and it was the one thing that ever pierced Eshet in any way. Imagine how Raine felt when she found that Eshet considered her an adopted daughter?
  • Clerisy: A random meeting in the D, Ashley was someone Raine loved to tease for a long time, and perhaps never has really stopped. Due to the man's diminutive stature, Raine enjoyed assuming he was in fact a girl. Over time however, Raine has begun to loosen up with him, and even not mind his presence. On occasion, Ashley has listened to her rants, and Raine has even helped him through tough times.
  • Moone: Raine never had any direct reason to hate him, but for quite some time she did anyway. Raine knew that Adam was popular, respected, and feared among other things, so he was chosen as a target under the belief that if she could kill or at least get the best of him, she could take his place and receive the infamy she wants. It never happened; all of Raine's piddly, half-hearted attempts were shut down with ease, and even Raine knows Adam could have killed Raine at any time. More recent developments have even seen Raine admit that she never wanted to kill him in the first place.
  • Crushing Violet: Raine's relationship to Angie could be described as simply explosive. Their first time meeting, in which Angie's then-girlfriend Luna Firespeaker singed Raine's hair, would set the precedence for the months that followed. Lots of time passed and every time they met, with few exceptions, meant a fight. That was, until recently. Revelations from Angie and a certain life-changing event in Raine's life have led to the axe being buried once and for all... though Raine hasn't seen her since.
  • Devanna Jade & Zomerana Angel: Raine knew DJ for some time, as the woman was a part of the old "crew" Raine found herself a part of in months past. The two never got along, but Raine never could hate DJ as the sleazy woman once saved her from being controlled. Mina was met more recently, and not in the best of circumstances. When Raine fell into a very rough ordeal that threatened her life, it was these two that saved her from a terrible future in captivity. Though Raine is ultimately thankful, she could never consider the two friends as both women saw it fit to mentally torture Raine before saving her, all in the name of teaching the girl a lesson.
  • Fox Masters: Fox is a Malta Operative, a jacked-up transhuman soldier serving a subdivision of the Group called "The Echelon." He was one of few to see Raine at the very beginning of her career, having met her on her first day in Mercy Island. Fox has held a burgeoning interest in Raine from the start and has always seemed willing to force the girl to do things, taunt her, and of course, laugh at her constant stream of complaints and inexperience. Raine mostly remembers Fox as "that fuckin' asshole that threw me inna sewer." Despite their relation being little better than "bordering on hostile," Fox finds Raine's mannerisms absolutely endearing, and cares for her more than he really ought to.
  • Sgt. Maris: The relationship with Anna is a murky one. Meeting through Glimmer, Raine was originally forced into tolerating the soldier's presence. Over time, their interactions have gone from relatively friendly to hostile and back again, with a physical fight or two in between. Raine never truly disliked the woman however, and a recent meeting seems to have proven the two can get along once and for all.
Goin' down.
  • Enerix: Scarlet is an enemy. From the first time Raine laid eyes upon the woman, she was unimpressed. Like most other females she meets, Raine considered Scarlet a dirty, worthless tramp. When they finally met face to face, despite Scarlet's apparent friendliness, Raine acted as expected and showed nothing but disrespect. While Scarlet seemed unperturbed by it, perhaps her actions told a different story, as Scarlet seemingly took to making Raine uncomfortable, or worse. If Raine has her way, Scarlet will die.
  • Shade Nefarious: For once, this was not a rivalry started by Raine. Instead, this began when Shade approached the girl out of nowhere and attempted to trick her into killing Robin, using deceit and threats of harm. Raine knew better and was able to see past it, but that wasn't the end of the story. As time passed Raine frequently berated Shade, and one night Raine issued a challenge to the demon. It was a fight, but it would be one Raine would lose, and the price was Raine's soul. She attempted to get away, it was no use, and Shade strung her upside down and took what he had earned. Raine deteriorated for some time before mysteriously receiving her soul once more. She now quietly plans her revenge. But how do you kill a seemingly immortal demon?
  • Okori: Okori immediately took a liking in tormenting Raine. All it took was a simple, singular insult, and Okori attacked. Raine was saved then, but not before being humiliated. For a time, this imp seemingly made it a mission to hurt Raine, in more ways than one. Each time saw Raine saved by others she knows and even some she doesn't, and it wasn't long before Okori became their enemy as well. Raine believes Okori to be responsible for the disappearance of Terra, and while the pirate creature has seemingly disappeared too, Raine hasn't forgotten, nor will she ever. Maybe that's all Okori wanted.
  • Nerzana: While Raine has a huge problem with this blue woman, for once it's another who seems to have the true hatred. Nerzana disapproves of Raine wholly and completely, and thinks her as no better than pondscum. While Raine is just fine with brushing the woman off with an insult, Nerzana has openly spoken of her desire -- and intent -- to kill Raine.

Other, less notable (and nameless) people on the shit list include: "That fuckin' dork in th' stupid hat that put tomato on my goddamn sammich when I said I dit'n want any fuckin' tomato onnit", "That bitch uva slut in th' short skirt that fuckin' winked at me like I give a shit 'bout her skanky whore ass", "That motherfuckin' waiter, dit'n even fill my fuckin' drink, an' then later tried t'come'n kill me like I'm th'asshole", and of course, "That asshole in th' corduroy. Nobody fuckin' wears corduroy."

"Speak onnit, punk."

(Thoughts, opinions, insults, rumors, all that jazz. Say it here!)

"She insults me, my friends, everyone around and I keep trying to defend and befriend her." - Crushing Violet

"She seems lonely...I think it is because...no one has ever been...truly and unconditionally nice to her." - Eshet Lillah

"I wonder who will be found behind the facade?" - Adam Michael Fairfield "Moone"

"Funny girl. Funny on the rude side, of course. Fun to see what crap she gets into. Probably has more than a few issues, but who doesn't nowadays?" - Robotic Spectre

"Heh. Cute. All y' can see me as is someone who was with y' ex for a bit. N' matter how much y' shittalk me, one thing remains. Y' still a scared, confused, insecure little girl. I'm still a hardened killer. Keep that in mind next time y' call me a slut, hm?" - Sgt. Maris

"Raine doesn't like it when you bite her ears. Unless you tell her first." - Starla

"Beneath it all - the magic, the guns, and the trash talk - she's just a kid. I don't know a lot about kids, but I know for a fact that's all you really need to know to take her apart. That and she's easy to screw with." - Fox Masters

"The most difficult thing about Raine isn't the fact she swears so much she can barely be understood. It's not that she can and will bite your face off at a moment's notice. It's working out what's real and what's just an act." - Clerisy

"I hate her ... Very much" - Cassandra Lance


  • Raine's birthday is April 19th. She was named as a reference to the common saying "April showers bring May flowers."
  • Despite the occasional desire to have people believe otherwise, she is straight-edge, and does not drink, smoke, or partake in recreational drugs. Although in more recent times this has been challenged as she has been seen having a drink after a particularly rough night.
  • Raine's Myers-Briggs Personality Type is ISFP. But don't tell anyone.
  • She has obstructive Sleep Apnea. Before moving to the Isles, she would use a CPAP every night as treatment, but as the machine was a bit too bulky for constant transport, she was forced to leave it behind. As such, her terrible snore has returned, and as her condition prevents her from entering the deepest stages of restful sleep, her mornings (or afternoons, depending on when she wakes!) are plagued with excessive, zombie-like sleepiness and the feeling that no matter how much she'd slept, it wasn't enough. Needless to say, this condition does little to help her already cranky disposition!
  • Enjoys music and is known to listen to her ipod frequently, even in the most hectic of battles. Due to luck or otherwise, this hasn't caused her problems yet. Her tastes are eclectic, and include but are not limited to metal, ambient, classical, industrial, italo disco, and synthpop. Additionally, she enjoys J-pop, but you will never, ever hear her sing it or admit to having heard it. Ever.
  • Although often called and thought of as a slut because of the way she dresses, she is in fact the exact opposite.
  • Despite the many injuries Raine has suffered in her time in the Isles, she has only one scar. This is due to her ability to heal physical blemishes through her magic. The one scar she does have, holds a purpose and serves as a reminder of an important event in her life.
  • Raine is a moderate fan of science fiction/action films, as proved by the names she chose for her gang: Drake, Gorman, Vasquez, Hicks, Hudson, and Ripley. (Ripley wasn't going to be used as it makes it all a bit obvious, but they wouldn't let me name the bruiser as Bishop.)
  • While Raine calls all foreign languages "moon languages" and insults any who speak them, she is quite fluent in japanese. This is because she is a secret japanophile, though her exposure to things of that nature have significantly lessened since her arrival on the Isles.
  • Raine's favorite color is scarlet red, but it's no big secret considering her usual choice of wardrobe.
  • Loves root beer! Raine has even been known to accept this soda from untrusted people if offered, depending of course on her mood.
  • There have been several other versions of Raine that have since been deleted. Namely an Arachnos Soldier/Bane (deleted twice!) and a Dark Melee/Super Reflexes Brute.
  • After numerous failures, Raine learned to fly the first time by jumping off of a tall building in Cap Au Diable. She figured she'd read enough by that point that if she still couldn't do it, she deserved to go splat. Her only worry was the possibility of someone molesting her corpse.

Praetorian Earth Version

See: Lightsparrow


  1. Doesn't like to admit to her youth, but let's be honest. It's obvious.
  2. Refused to be weighed by -anyone-. Often threatens violence toward doctors or technicians who attempt it.
  3. Not common knowledge, and for good reason.
  4. omg wat
  5. This particular game used to be a favorite of Raine's. She won every time but once.
  6. With one major exemption: Starla. Raine is virtually unable to treat her wolf in a derogatory manner. Raine also tends not to speak against Erri.
  7. There is photographic evidence showing that it has indeed occurred, though.
  8. During these first months, Raine spent much of her time in hotels. For a time, she also lived with her then boyfriend, Jelrith Xeron.
  9. And let's not forget all the others who are kind/stupid enough to protect her!
  10. "I ain' no dyke, goddammit!"

And finally, a gallery. Just for fun.

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