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"If you harm her, it will be months before I allow you the release of death"
Cassandra Lance
Basic Data
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Corrupter
Mercenary Level: 42
Occupation: Free-lancer, Currently working for a group of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Cassandra Sarah Lance
Known Aliases: Cass, Cassie
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Bionic; left is colored Red, while the right is blue. Same as her oringal eyes. They look like this.[1]
Hair Color: Naturally Blonde, Dyed different colors at different times.
Blood Type: A-
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Lancewood estate, somewhere in Europe
Birthdate: February 17 1992 (age 30)
Current Residence: The Basement, base of RIP
Religion/Faith: none
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual.
Marital Status: Dating Sam Crane
Known Languages
French, Russian, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Greek, Welsh, Polish
Known Relatives
Anna Crane: Sister, Domi Dayglow: Sister, Delilah Lance: Daughter, Eshet Lillah: Semi-mother, Her Family: Hates them all.
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Trained in many forms of combat, Expert marksman, Highly skilled with knifes, Medic
LANCER battle armor of her own design, Redding Rifle, thousands of knives, several Drones, Two mechanical arms covered in artifical skin, and a pair of cybernetic eyes.

Cassandra is a 17 year old human with no meta-human powers. Born into a world-wide family of mercenaries , she was raised from the age of five to be a soldier. That is until she is betrayed by her brother and left for Longbow to find. Taken to the Zig, she rotted there for two years until she escapes on a Archanos flyer. Living in the hallway in the D, she was approached by Anna Crane and soon join the Rogue Isles Protectorate.

While having no powers, she makes up for this with hi-tech battle armor, advanced weaponry, and a plethora of knives and devices. Cassandra Lance, better know as Cass is wary and paranoid of most everyone. She trusts very few people, but when you gain her trust she would kill herself for you. She considers Anna Crane and Domi Dayglow to be like sisters to her, and goes to them for advise and moral support. She thinks she is insane, even though everyone tells her she isn’t.


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Early life

"There is The Family, or there is death."

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"Starting at the age of five, I was no longer a person . . . I was a weapon"

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Anna and the R.I.P.

"She offered me a place to sleep . . .It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me"

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Current Status

"I will kill anyone who tries to take from me what I have gotten."

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"People I know . .. Would be unwise to harm them."

((If you think you are a friend of Cass and I havent put you here yet, add your name and I will get to it))

Anna Crane: Anna was the first person since her mother to show any kindness to her. She started off as a boss, but soon evolved into a best friend and then a sister. There is nothing she wouldnt do for her . . . Even if its not what Anna wants her to do. Cass feel that she can trust Anna with anything, but will with-hold information if she feels it is necessary.

Domi Dayglow: The second of her sister's, Domi is extremly shy and always apologizing. Cass puts all her trust into Domi, and will tell her things she doesnt even tell Anna, and becomes extremly heart broken whenever domi lies to her. Views her as a little sister, and does everything she can to help her. She believes that Domi is more social then herself.

Zealot Kegan: Her first love, she first met him in a game of truth or dare where she was tricked by Eshet Lillah into kissing him. This was her first kiss. After some talking with Anna she realized that she loved him, and the next day she found out that he did to when he asked her out. Recently they have broken up.

Sky-Scar: Cass met Robin when he was dating Anna, They soon became fast friends after she kept on raiding his lab for weapons and armor. She fell apart from him after he broke up with Anna. But a few weeks later they started to rekindle their friendship. While she would never say this aloud, she considers him to be like a brother to her.

Eshet Lillah: Anna's foster mother, she has declared herself Cass's mother by default.

Sam Crane: A time traveler from about 100 years in the future, and Anna and Beta's great-granddaughter. She was sent back in time under mysterious circumstances by the Anna in the future with no reason given as to why. She recently has started a relationship with Cass.

Unit v4.0: A Robotic Ghost (She stopped wondering how that worked a long time ago). A sort of father figure for her. She goes to him for advise whenever she can. And he is always lecturing her about how dangerous her lifestyle is.

Beta Ward: Anna's wife, and a close friend of Cassandra. She generally doesnt like how headstrong and stubburn Cass can be.

Purge Initiation: The hate she has for her is well known. They recentlly have come to a agreement, Cass wont try to kill her and she wont give Cass a reason to.

Thalia Janusblood:

Void Dreamer:


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" You wont need to worry about them much longer."

Dead Head Leslie:

Shade Nefarious:


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"I don’t have powers, so I need every trick I can get."

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" . . .What do you think?"

"Cassy is one of the awesomest people I know, and I'm proud to call her my sister. Anyone messes with her, they mess with me." - Anna Crane

"She might take some of my guns... and gun drones... and shield generators and cloaking devices and-- whatever! Cass is a cool cat and totally deserves all that stuff, anyways. You fuck with her, I fuck you up." - Sky-Scar

"I love Cassie soooo much! I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have her in my life." - Sam Crane

"Cassandra is headstrong, stubborn, irritable, thickheaded, prone to violence in unnecessary situations, and unpleasant socially. But I love her." - Void Dreamer __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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  • Has a phobia of the ocean.
  • Favorite drink is vodka straight from the bottle. She is a recovering Alcoholic.
  • Her voice has a accent that you cant place, she mostly speaks in a serious tone.
  • Whenever she says "Everything is Fine" she is lying.
  • Is a huge Batman fan.
  • Has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade. It is of a round radiation symbol, with two rifles crossed behind it, and a ring of sunflowers surround the edge. It is colored black and gold.
  • Is always armed, even in her bathing suit.
  • Theme song is Gold Gun Girls by Metric

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