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"Yours or mine, I'm gonna save the world."
Player: @Perfidus
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Raine Heartfall
Known Aliases: Light
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Full-time Heroine
Place of Birth: Greenwich, Connecticut (Praetorian Earth)
Base of Operations: An apartment in Skyway City.
Marital Status: Involved
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Self taught ability in swordsmanship.
The "Lightblade", a talsorian katana. Two suits: one of a slightly thicker woven material resembling spandex aka the "Sparrowsuit", and a heavier battle suit with armor plating.
Died on April 26th, 2010.

(Character is deceased. Won't ever finish this, but I won't bother deleting the page either, I don't think.)




1992, Spring: Raine Heartfall is born to a wealthy suburban family consisting of a mother, father, and sister eight years her senior. The pregnancy was planned, and both mother and child were healthy after her birth.
1994: By the age of two, Raine can speak and walk, and even begins to read and write.
1996, Fall: Raine begins first grade at age four, skipping preschool after displaying moderate intelligence for her young age in preliminary academic tests.
1996-2001: Raine excels in school, and is a friendly child if not a spoiled rotten one. Sheltered, she spends much of her free time alone but is happy, content to stick to her closely knit family with no real need for outside friends.
2001: Raine is very active in mind and body and between school and all her adventures, she is barely seen by her family. Still, she's kept guarded, never let too far away due to the dangers always lurking.
2001, Fall: Gabriel and Claudia Heartfall, Raine's parents, are killed during a bank robbery. There was no struggle; the two were only collateral damage. Both children are devastated and Raine has her first taste of what the world around her is really like.
2001, December: Raine and her sister inherit everything, and because Laine is nearly eighteen, the courts rule that foster homes are unnecessary, and they are allowed to remain in the manor and keep all assets. Laine becomes Raine's sole guardian.
2002: Comforted by her sister's strength, Raine continues her studies, not allowing the heavy loss to destroy her life. Raine now spends most of her free time alone amongst the boxed belongings of her parents in the more desolate areas of the manor, and it's here she finds a sword -- an antique katana.
2003, March: Raine begins flinging the sword about as a way of working off restlessness or depression, and finds solace in the power such a weapon can wield. She does her best to keep her spirits up and smile in the belief that if you pretend to be something, you eventually will be. A lesson from her sister.
2003, August 8th: On her way to school one morning, a chance encounter with several heroes makes something click inside Raine. In just a single hour, young Raine decides the course of her entire life. She will become a heroine, a force to stop the world around her from falling apart even further.
2003-2005: Raine decides upon the katana as her method of justice and begins training herself accordingly. Knowing she has no superhuman ability, she trains with the expectation that she will have to work much harder than anyone else. Though Laine has doubts, Raine's clear dedication wins her over and Raine recieves her full support, so long as Raine's studies aren't neglected.
2005, September: Just over two years after making the decision that would change her life, Raine fulfills her chosen destiny and becomes a heroine. She chooses the name Lightsparrow, donning a suit constructed by her parents' old contacts.
2005-2007: Lightsparrow is an early hit, despite her youth and inexperience. She is a bright faced, driven, trusting young hero, helping everyone she can at any time. As Raine matures physically, she grows in local popularity, attracting attention of all sorts wherever she goes. She takes injuries and the pain from them in stride, taking time off as needed, knowing it's just part of the life as a superhero without super powers.
2007, January: Lightsparrow's antique katana finally breaks in battle, and though it's quickly replaced by one forged of impervium, she keeps the broken blade for its memories.
2007, Summer: Several key busts, including Dominatrix and Malaise, see Lightsparrow's star shine even brighter. She inspires hope in the people and receives applause and compliments from other, more powerful and established heroes. Raine is confident, maybe overly so, but she still relies on Laine for simpler things such as meals and clean clothes. Schooling suffers, but she still makes the attempt when she can.
2008, March: At the height of her popularity and power, the strong-willed Lightsparrow publicly announces her intention to overthrow the evil Tyrant once and for all, and calls upon heroes from around the country to assist her. She assembles a team, and soon a loose plan is constructed.
2008, July 14th: After months of planning, Lightsparrow and her crew assault Tyrant on his own turf. Despite Tyrant knowing of the plan, his guards are dispatched with ease. But just as it seemed victory was assured, Lightsparrow is betrayed by several of the heroes accompanying her. Tyrant records the beatings that ensue with the intent to share the tapes with the media, to make an example for any other heroes who hope to oppose him. After the onslaught, Lightsparrow's seemingly lifeless body is cast through the portal that had been intended for Tyrant. Lightsparrow is later announced dead.
2008, July 17th: Though the portal's intended destination was a desolate, lifeless arctic planet, Raine instead arrives on Primal Earth after several days lost within the void between the two worlds. Her back is broken, she is paralyzed, and her skin is nearly white from blood loss. Barely conscious but still recognizable, she is immediately detained despite her serious injuries, assumed to be her Primal opposite.
2008, July 20th: Raine's injuries are healed through advanced medical means, but there is lasting nerve damage. Regardless, after three days in a high-security medical facility, she finally convinces the Portal Corporation and the authorities of her identity, and is released from custody. Portal Corporation offers to send her home but Raine refuses, deciding to stay on Primal Earth until her mind and body is ready to return home to handle the unfinished business there. Instead, Raine leaves the facility, alone and in a wheelchair.
2008 into 2009: Raine is officially homeless, but takes advantage of the various facilities offered around the city to retrain her body, learning again to walk and move properly. It's difficult, but she remains strong hearted and ultimately succeeds in regaining a sense of normalcy.
2009, February 16th: Still showing signs of her past injury, Raine dons the cape and katana and registers in Atlas Park, becoming the Lightsparrow once more. She sets out into the streets of Paragon City seeking the strength that was taken from her, but soon finds that this world is quite different, and that maybe she is too.







Primal Earth Version

See: Raine Heartfall


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