Singular Violet

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Singular Violet
Player: @StormyWeather
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Dominator
Security Level: 39
Personal Data
Real Name: Angelica Bardoux
Known Aliases: None
Species: Homo Sapiens Superior
Age: 7, 11, 30.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Varies depending on situation
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Paragon, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Married (WHAT?!)
Known Relatives: Lyra Darkmatter (Wife), Jenovah (Wife), Prudence O'Toole-Bardoux (Mother), Melissa D'Courtenay (Possible Ancestor)
Known Powers
Psychic, Gravity Control, Some control over her Soul
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



She was born to Eric and Prudence Bardoux, a seemingly normal family but there was a secret. Her father was psychic mutant, and gained his fortune by manipulating others. When Angie was 3, her father was found out, and hunted but just before he was arrested, he went into his daughter's mind and walled her inside, and created a tough, rebellious personality to protect her.

All the fortune was claimed by the victims and the State. Angie's mother lost everything and they were forced to move from their spacious Founder's Falls home to the King's Row. Here, Angie's mother came under the sway of anti-mutant activist pastor Father Tim.

Here, also, Angie grew up, getting a following of a gang of girls her own age that she kept in control through sheer force of will. They only did minor crimes; shoplifting and vandalism. But even that was enough that at the age of 13 the cops came upon them. Angie was able to escape, her mutant power of controlling gravity coming out right then. But the cops recognized who she was, and so informed her mother.

And her mother, freaking out, decided to send her to Catholic School, where the devil inside her could be properly expelled. And, unbeknownst to almost anyone, inside that school was a counselor who herself was a mutant with psychic powers. She took rebellious girls and made them good again. And she did this with Angie, walling off the rebellious personality and creating a good girl one, and finding a way to block her mutant powers from coming forward again. Two walls now and three personalities inside one head.

This lasted for over 4 years, until one day while driving, some idiot drove in front of her. Angie slammed the brakes and floated the car over the other one. She was so shocked at what she did, she lost control of the car when it landed and hit a streetlight. She kept the mutant powers a secret, as she knew her mother's feelings on the issue.

Life as a Hero

Her naivety led her to decide to be a heroine and she scraped up her earnings from her job to buy herself a costume. She jumped onto the scene with great excitement and quickly nabbed Hellions and Skulls left and right, and found herself invited to Pocket D. And being 18, the idea of not being carded was very appealing indeed. It was here that life would take a dark turn for the young heroine.

It was in Pocket D that she met various people and almost all fell into two distinct categories. Heroes who treated her, and anyone around them, like crap. And villains who were extremely polite and good conversationalists. So she obviously found herself listening to a lot of talk about 'living the good life' and how bank robberies hurt no one. And deep inside, the personality that was in charge before the school heard this and started to strain against the walls placed against it.

This may not have mattered in the long run, if it was not for a morning that she went to the D, planning on being there for only an hour or so before heading out to fight crime. The club was nearly empty, and there was only a few people with whom to converse. Unfortunately for Angie, one was a thing in an Arachnos uniform who decided that Angie needed to grow up, and lose the teen-speak that peppered her vocabulary. The Arachnos Soldier cornered her, grabbing at her shorts and tights, trying to pull them off all while exposing herself. Angie panicked and increased the gravitational pull around the Arachnos soldier by magnitudes until the thing was forced to let go. Angie flew to the elevators and escaped into Paragon, and disappeared for a couple of weeks from the hero and Pocket D scene.

When she appeared again, she was full of a lot of anger and anxiety, the rebellious personality having taken over. She went out to fight crime for the first time since that happened. She came upon a warehouse full of Skulls and just lashed out, bringing the entire warehouse down on top of them, killing everyone inside--including some of the Skulls girlfriends and a couple of kidnap victims.

Longbow reacted, and hard. They were chomping at the bit to make an example of a murdering hero and so they grabbed Angie while she was in mid-flight over Atlas Park and threw her in the Zig.

Life in the Isles

When she awoke in the Zig, her two primary personalities had merged into one, creating something new. And unlike most prisoners in the Zig, Angie wasn't there long. There was a mass breakout, perpetrated by Arachnos, and Angie just stood there in her broken cell, dazed. She almost stayed in it, to serve her time, but upon seeing the Arachnos troops she knew she could only get revenge by being outside the Zig. She took the flyer and went to the Rogue Isles, dying her old hero costume in new colors and taking upon a new name: Crushing Violet.

It was here she found herself comfortable. She hooked up with the Displaced Ones, whose leader she had met in the D, and met Gatecrash who she quickly fell in love with. She found herself robbing banks, and enjoying it, enjoying even more the life the money gotten let her lead. And she still found herself trying to be a hero, rescuing Isles citizens from the gangs (and worse) that plague it.

The only thing that she found hard to stand are the Arachnos that are all over the Isles, and whenever she finds herself in conflict with them, she ends up using the full force of her gravity control and crushing them into pulp or on occasion opening up an unstable wormhole and sending them to France--where they'd land in pieces.

The Split

Eventually, after a guilt trip by a ghost that claimed to be one of her victims, the walls inside Angie split and the two personalities fought for control. The third, the little girl, stayed trapped behind her fortified walls. There was Angie, a little naive, heroic, feeling as like she did when she first started being a heroine. And there was Violet, crude, cynical, flirtatious and of course quite selfish. At least that's how it was at first.

Within a couple of weeks, the lines between the two personalities started to fade. Angie became a bit more crude, Violet a bit more caring. This quickly led to intense mental pain as her brain started to repair itself. Luna Firespeaker tried to help, using what healing gifts her fires have to try to soothe the pain and heal the damage, but this caused the pain to intensify as Angie's brain started to work overtime to repair the rift.

Eventually the two personalities reformed into one, and Angie had to live with the guilt of destroying her girlfriend's legs and the embarrassment of spending a few weeks dressing in the bright colors of a hero, in the midst of the Rogue Isles.

Joining branded and the Scarlett Saga

After the reintegration, Angie found herself needing stability and support. This led her to leave the Displaced Ones and join branded, which was larger and houses many of her friends.

For a long while, Angie's felt the need to belong to some cause greater than herself. And because of this, after meeting a being that calls itself the Goddess of Hellfire, a chord deep within Angie was struck and she worshipped this Goddess, but Luna guided Angie to tell the Scarlett Defender that she was being possessed by this Goddess, and the whole thing backfired on Angie. The Goddess attempted to turn Scarlett against Angie, and it worked for a time, but eventually Scarlett came around and Angie convinced her to go to the M.A.G.I. for help in getting rid of the Goddess. But apparently, the M.A.G.I. killed Scarlett when the goddess briefly took over. A death Angie blames herself for.


Relationship-wise, Angie got engaged to Gatecrash and then a little later, lost her due to extensive fighting, often about Angie's uncanny ability to get herself hurt when trying to help friends. She found temporary shelter with Ayapana but that broke quickly.

Shade Nefarious, an old enemy of Ayapana's, turned Aya into a statue and convinced Angie the only way to save her was to kill herself. So Angie took the dagger that Shade proffered and rammed it into her heart. Luckily, Thannatos had the ability to bring Angie back to life after Shade returned Ayapana to flesh.

After weeks of tension, Angie and Woefull had a serious falling out after Woe decided she'd trade Angie to another group for someone she likes better. Angie left branded shortly after that and tricked Johnny Sonata into letting her stay in a penthouse in the Golden Giza.


Angie formed a relationship with two women, Luna Firespeaker and Candle's Flame. These two women, both fire users, woke something up inside Angie. A battery of fire that her dalliance with the Goddess of Hellfire created. And these two began filling it. And to continue filling that fire, Angie began to fight many fire users. Which led to at one point her limits being bypassed and her body throwing off the excess flame much as a star would throw off solar flares.

When Candle's Flame got control of a business in Italy and stated her intention of moving there, Angie freaked out and mentally retreated. The act of retreating let out the little girl her father had long ago trapped in there, and an automatic-telepathic signal was generated to her father. He mentally projected himself into Angie's mind and tried to destroy her and give the body back to the 3 year old. This failed to work, and in response Angie destroyed the 3 year old personality and in the process, burnt her own body into ash.

Due to her being a psychic construct, she was able to exist outside of her body. Existing purely as psychic energy, gravity and heat. In essence, a star. This event actually rippled through the multi-verse, catching at least one alternate version of her within it and dumped her into this universe.

This didn't last that long, as Zomerana Angel pointed out that Angie would probably very quickly collapse into a micro black hole or in some way destabilize. So Zomerana Angel made Angie a new body, anchoring her to it.

The Troubles of Time

Angie slowly began complicating her life in several ways. The loss of Candle's Flame nagged at her, and despite herself still being with Luna, she began to find ways to sabotage that. She met a new woman, and developed feelings for her, and thus stuck herself in a two way relationship.

Also she found out that College was not for her, yet she wanted her degree. So she began to mess with gravity in ways that would break time. First by traveling into the future, then by finding a way to crunch several months of time into just a few days. This event actually caused her new body to nearly break down on her, and it caused her to swore off Time Travel.

The event also sent out alarms in Arachnos, as Black Scorpion's people detected her time crunch and sent a couple of teams to go after her while she was sleeping. Angie barely made it out of there alive but lost her penthouse in the Giza.

The Past is but a Prelude

In a handful of days, Angie managed to break Devanna Jade's trust, and almost lost her as a friend. She broke a vow made to Zomerana Angel, and permanently lost her as a friend. And, because of Arachnos' interest in Angie, she lost her lover Everglades Mink. These events, all happening so close together, caused her fused being to break in two, once again there is a Violet and an Angie.

This condition lasted for only a few days, as Terradigm and DJ came up with a plan to drug Violet and force the personalities back together. It didn't work as well as they hoped, and it wasn't until Luna came by that they were able to get Angie back to herself. Unfortunately, this process injured DJ, making her unable to use her powers, and thus added another strain to the damaged friendship.

For a time, this caused DJ to break off her friendship with everyone and Angie's group slowly split apart. This caused Angie herself to become more aloof, listening to a voice in her head that she was greater than everyone else. The fire battery inside of her began to churn out Hellfire instead of just magical flame.

She eventually saw reason and saw what was coming, forcing all the hellfire out of her. This had the side effect of making her own powers burn out as well. But her behavior already gave her her greatest punishment, as she lost Luna due to all of this.

Angie disappeared for about 2 and a half weeks without telling anyone, trying to distance herself from her pain. She mostly was traveling to get rid of the leftover mystic residue left over by her experience with hellfire. And she ended up at Vanguard HQ quite a bit. While there she finished up her contacts with the FBSA over a pardon for her past crimes, on condition that she behaves herself from now on. Vanguard trained her, some, in the arts of being a Ranger for Gauntlet.

During this time, she managed to penetrate DJ's heart in a way that they hooked up and became a couple.

The Official End of Crushing Violet

However, Due to her working in Paragon with Vanguard, Longbow filed a complaint about her being there. Vanguard, to not strain their relations with Longbow much more, sent Angie to a base in Poland for a time.

She came back to find her personal world changed. DJ had become linked and bound to Zomerana Angel, a being whom Angie owes much to but their friendship had long since died on the vine. Angie jumped at the chance to be mentally linked to DJ, but it didn't keep her paranoia. She even passive aggressively fought back, by staying faithful and sleeping only with DJ just to get back at her, and make her feel guilty.

To make matters worse, one of Angie's exes, Kendra Danser, got mentally controlled by a circlet she wore, and was forced to undergo great painful surgery to become an Arachnos Bone Spider[1]. DJ planned on trying to free Kendra, and Angie knew everytime DJ did something like that she got hurt...

So Angie, spur of the moment, came upon a plan, blowing herself up while attached to the arms and backpack of Kendra's, and an ally of hers stole the circlet. This threw Angie's psychic self into DJ's mind, which finally killed her paranoia. (Living in the head of your loved one will do that to you). She only was in there a week or so, as Zomerana Angel cloned her a body from an old DNA sample, giving her a body similar to hers again. Powers and all.

Zomerana did this only out of loyalty to DJ. As the homelife of the three women was a hellish one. Angie and Zomerana practically hated each other and would bait each other endlessly. After Angie was mind-controlled into nearly killing Zomerana by one of her old foes, Angie just left the situation for good. Breaking it off with DJ and fleeing to Ireland.

She lived in Ireland for a time under the name Marie O'Clara, but left suddenly after the man she was seeing died mysteriously and left nearly everything to her. She came back to the Isles and started to come around the social scene more. Her and DJ oftentimes tried to converse but a emotional fight would almost always ensue and Angie'd end up leaving.

Angie tried to give it one more go, feeling on shaky ground emotionally and mentally she went up to DJ and a couple of her friends and they talked for a time until DJ pulled her aside. Once aside, DJ told her that Mina and DJ were engaged, and Angie freaked. She melted down completely and could not handle this bit of news, unweaving her two personalities into two separate ones. She edited Violet to take a lot of the excess anger out before unleashing everything, but by the end of the process Angie as everyone knew her ceased to be. All that was left were the two disparate personality. Violet took control of her body and cast out the more innocent Angelica.

However, this event released her soul[2] to the aether. Violet captured this soul and gave it to Luna for safekeeping. (And she figured this way, Angie was less likely to come back).

The Rebirth

Several months later, however, a mysterious man with wings appeared in Paragon and the Isles. After being behind the disappearance of a young college student named Angie O'Toole, and fighting and destroying Violet, he put the two personalities together. Creating a new body for her, he set the newly reformed Angie down on Praetorian soil. However, the soul still being kept in Luna's safekeeping led Angie to feel rather emotionless and just did her job, letting her ideals push her into the Powers Division of Praetoria as a spy for the Resistance.

After push came to shove and she was forced into leaving Praetoria for Primal Earth, she ran into Luna and got her soul back. Explaining herself to the authorities as the Praetorian version[3] of the deceased-Angelica Bardoux, she's found herself able to live back in Paragon with no issues.

Finding herself, for the first time, fully able to use her psychic abilities she contacted DJ again and asked her to teach her. Their friendship reformed, but still held each other at arm's length to not unravel DJ's social circle.

Recently, Angie found herself dreaming of various people, each one calling to her. As the dreams grew more intense, she found herself somehow waking up in Praetoria before a cave. After exploring the cave with DJ, she found herself drawn to a shard of the Well of Furies, and grasping it she found herself being imbued with the beginnings of Incarnate Power.

There was, of course, an reason an angelic creation brought Angie back into being. There had been a woman running around, breaking the bonds between the dimensions and drawing demons (and worse) into this reality. Eventually her and Angie came across each other and fought. Angie barely survived the fight, losing access to her connection to the Well of Furies from how much she drew from it. After this she swore off Paragon and the Isles both and moved to Ireland as Marie O'Toole.


She came back, of course. Everyone does eventually. Out of practice and form, she signed with Hero Corps and came back on the scene as Singular Violet. Her time in Ireland having spent the fortune she had amassed and now penniless, she needed the money from the mercenary company.

She has been finding herself haunted, as she's reformed and helped people. Sometimes even seeing the little 3 year old version of 'herself', the proper Angelica Bardoux, dying over and over again. With no way to make it right, she lets it get into her head.

After being given an invitation to a party being hosted by one Vanessa DeVore, Angie found herself targeted by the Carnival of Shadows frequently. At the party, DeVore quizzed her endlessly about her past before coming to some decision and attacking her psychically. Barely able to hold off the powerful psychic, Angie did not notice and thus could not defend herself when a knife slipped through her back and into her heart.

She rose moments later, glowing from the eyes and in new armour. DeVore escaped, but Angie tore through the rest of the party's guests. Days later, Angie arrested DeVore, seizing some of the womans power for herself.


Angie is extremely flirtatious, to the point of people assuming she is a slut. She does not act on the flirting often, she just embraces her inner flirty nature. She can be fiercely loyal to the point of not going after things she wants to protect a friend. And she is extremely nostalgic, actively wishing she could have things how they used to be. She's also prideful, and hates being called a mutant. She views it as a racial slur.


Gravity Control

Angie has the ability to control gravity, an ability she acquired both at age 13 and again at age 17. It seems as if a your standard mutation is the cause for this.

She can increase and decrease gravity at will, and even create gravitational anomalies that connect to her subconscious as a way to help her gain the upper hand in combat. Due to her abilities, she can jump great distances, and even fly, which used to be ungainly but has increased in grace and speed while living abroad.

She also has the ability to rip a hole in space-time. Short distances of up to 100 yards at most will leave a living being that goes through one of these wormholes quite disoriented. If she tries for greater distances, anything tends to come out in pieces.

Psychic Powers

Angie used to be limited to just being a touch-psychic, as she had to keep herself tied to her body. But with her recent ressurrection, her psychic powers have fully blossomed. She is trained rather well now, from her time abroad, and has grown in power to the point where sometimes she can make weaker psychics only be able to sense her in a room full of people. She has no telekinetic powers, however.

Incarnate Powers

Ion Judgement

Due to her calling by the Celestial Host she still refuses to listen to, she has begun to weaponize the essence of her very soul to strike out at those she is fighting.

Carnival of Shadows Lore

Due to her most recent death, at the hands of Vanessa DeVore, Angie decided to take the fight to the woman. After a hard fight she gained control over a small section of the Carnival and she summons them to help her.

Barrier Destiny

This falls more under her ability of Gravity Control, as she can temporarily concentrate hard enough to stop attacks from damaging her precious skin as much.



Having recently come back home she has found out many people she loved are no longer around.

Lyra Darkmatter, Angie's wife.

Jenovah Angie's other wife. It's complicated.

Catastrophe is a great friend Angie has made since coming back. Even to the point of confessing her dark history to her. Angie is also oddly fixated on the woman's relationship with Bumble Bee, feeling very protective of it.

Robin Heartgrove; a mysterious person who claims to have known Angie way back when. Her and Angie seem quite different, and the pair together make no sense, but Angie loves her to death as a close friend.

Nexxa; a woman working for Rogue Entertainment. Frequent Flirtation target but after just a few encounters, she already trusts her implicitly.

Sharon Raynsford; a professor who is in the same SuperGroup as Catastrophe.


Crushing Violet/You can never go home again - Angie goes to Paragon, meets with her mother, finds out what happened to Scarlett.

Crushing Violet/Postcards In Time -- Snippets of Angie's life Pre-Isles, told from varying points of view.

Crushing Violet/Echoes -- Angie arranges a meeting with Ghost Widow, to seek a new power to try to get Shade off her back.

Crushing Violet/The Final Claim -- Angie loses Claire, but gains control of her destiny.

Crushing Violet/The Attack -- Black Scorpion sends a team of Arachnos to bring Angie in. It does not go well for them.

Crushing Violet/Two Similar Objects -- Angelica decides Violet Starlight's soul could be what she needs to become a goddess.

Crushing Violet/Choices -- Angelica chooses between humanity and becoming a goddess.


  1. A Crab Spider whose legs are made out of bone, and fused into the skeleton of the soldier.
  2. Angie had somehow managed to grow a soul through her living, as a psychic construct normally is soulless
  3. as her possible ancestor, Melissa D'Courtenay, was never born in the history of Praetoria, it is highly unlikely there is actually a Praetorian version of Angie


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