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Angelica Bardoux was pissed. Pissed isn't the right word, actually. Fucking angry would be it. She had just learned that for the past few months, a dimensional copy of her was running around Paragon as a little hero. And her immense ego could not take that. But a plan quickly took shape in her head.

Becoming a goddess is hard work, after all. And that final clincher, the devouring of a human soul, is key. A random sacrifice could theoretically work, but it would not be as delicious. And the palate for souls is quite refined. And as her power grows, and her body shifts to accomodate the hellfire she is now connected to. She feels her wings appear again, and she stretches them out, smiling. "Oh yes, a perfect choice. Her soul...My soul, being that which propel apotheosizes me."

Hellfire engulfs her as she opens up a portal and steps through it, letting instinct guide her on where to go. And as she walks through to the otherside, she finds herself in King's Row, and right next to a flying redhaired girl in purple armor. And while the girl looks younger, Angelica immediately can tell it is her. And, before she loses her chance, she slams a fiery fists against the girl's back bringing her to the ground. Angelica quickly follows that up with both her hands slamming against the armor, beginning to melt it. But the dimensional copy twists out of the way quickly enough, avoiding the next blow, and floats up in the air.

Angelica stares in fury. How dare this pathetic specimen of what she once was try to resist? "Copy, you do not belong here. You shall be my fuel," she says cruelly, watching as confusion ripples across the copy's face. And as the copy tries to sort out what is going on, Angelica rushes her and finds herself feeling quite ill, doubling over and then being unnable to move.

Angelica smiles, "Oh, this old trick?" She knows it quite well, of course, having only recently forced the mutation of her genes from her body. What does a goddess of hellfire need with the weakest force in the universe? Without moving, she opens a portal of hellfire beneath her, and the increased gravity around her forces her down through the portal. And then out the otherside, behind the copy of herself.

Angelica strikes quickly, forcing the armored copy down to the ground again. She quickly begins to melt her armor at the midsection, "Little copy, your soul will be used to let me achieve a greatness you could never comprehend." And as she says those words, she forms a blade of fire coming from her hand and swings it down, parting the armor like a hot knife through butter.

And suddenly the copy vanishes, and realization dawns on Angelica. "Damn it! Reclaimator! I fucking forgot about that!" In her anger, she turns to the parked cars on the streets, smashing her fists through, melting and exploding a few vehicles before she calms. "No, there shall be other opportunities. There are others who can give me what I need."

And she closes her eyes, and steps through a newly made portal, back to the Isles.

(( For Violet Starlight's POV, see Violet Starlight/Two Similar Objects ))

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