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In her civies.
Bernadette Rachel
Player: @Kitty Chow
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Bernadette Rachel
Known Aliases: lil one.
Species: Human
Age: 11
Height: 4' 3"
Weight: 70
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Hispanic
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: unknown village
Base of Operations: Paragon City RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Hiryu (adoptive father)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Electricity creation and control


Before Becoming A Hero

Bernadette Rachel was a child from a family who didn’t want her. She went to a school where everybody shared one classroom. Being from a small village everybody knew everybody. One night Bernadette was climbing a tree before a storm when lighting struck the tree. Instead of dying the lighting mixed with her child type energy. When the village found out she could shoot lighting from her hands and punch things with a force of a rocket, or so it seems to her, the village wanted her out.

How She Came to Paragon City

Her mom and dad hired a villain from the Rouge Isles by the name of Nekot Rovert, a villain with pitch black eyes, to kidnap her and take her to live on Mercy Island. Even through Bernadette was and still is hard to control child, however, she is very smart about things. While passing through Paragon City, Bernadette escaped her captor and landed in Atlas Park. Unfortunately, Nekot and his crew were messy in the captor of Bernadette and she is left with mental scars of that night when he murdered some of the people from her village for fun before chasing her through the woods of the mountains.


Bernadette Rachel has a temper and still can not control it. She has a way of changing her energy without knowing she does and changing her appearance. Unfortunately, she changes when she becomes depressed, mad, and afraid. She tried controlling it herself by having Morgan, codename Owl-Fi put a mind lock on her. However, the mind lock was done wrong and broke causing Berna to be on an uncontrollable rage.

Life in The Jadewire

While roaming the streets of Paragon City Bernadette Rachel sees heros and she sees crime. While helping some heroes fight crime she realizes she wants to fight crime as well. K.C. Krystal of The Jadewire watches her for a little bit, then asks her where her parents are. Berna explains what happened to her to K.C Krystal. K.C. interviews Bernadette for The Jadewire and she makes it in. Bernadette with the help of the other heroes in The Jadewire she starts to learn control of her powers. However, she still has no one to watch over her as a one on one. One day while on patrol in Paragon City she is met by a robot. She recognizes him as one of Nekot’s robots and it hands her a letter.

The Letter

Dear Bernadette Rachel,

I see you have found your way to Paragon City and escaped your captor. You were supposed to go to Mercy Island under the watchful eye of Kalinda. You made our lives a horror and when you got your powers you became worse. I feel sorry for whomever finds you and takes you in. I hope they can handle you better than I tried too.


Your mother and father

P.S. The way home has been blocked, so have fun in your new home.

A New Life With a New Family

A noble Lord was watching Bernadette train and took her on some missions. The name of this Lord is Hellion Hiryu, he grew fond of Bernadette and eventually made her his daughter. With a new father and a new home with a kitten he bought for her she named Boots. The only thing next would be a mother. Kinata Koso is the most likely on the list for being Bernadette’s mother. Bernadette has even started calling her “mom”, Kinata helps in the raising of Bernadette while Hiryu is on patrol and even when they are together. To Berna they are already a family and hope they stay a family forever.

The Problem Child

Like most children, eleven year old Bernadette gets into trouble. However, with no loving parents at the beginning of her life she grew up with no discipline. She can be a handful at times and frustrate those around her. She is starting to learn, slowly, but surely learning how to behave. Bernadette’s one biggest bad habits is cuss words. She at times can have the mouth of a sailor. She is working on that as well. With the help from Sceritz, which she calls her older brother and his bar of soap in her mouth she is starting to learning fast.

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