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It's Batma...oh...Nevermind.
Origin: Science...Technically
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Bites
Known Aliases: Baseball Bat, Batty-ing Average, and several other bat-related or baseball puns.
Species: Bat...
Age: 5 (considering normal bats live only a few decades...But then again, he isn't normal.)
Height: Normal bat size to 8+ft
Weight: Varies (see character notes)
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Does the white tuft between his ears count?
Biographical Data
Nationality: He's a freaking bat...He doesn't have one.
Occupation: Baseball Mascot / Superhero
Place of Birth: Petshop
Base of Operations: Uh....
Marital Status: Nope
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Blood Healing, IE, manipulating someone's blood to induce rapid healing without "using up" the blood. Causes no discomfort or scars and even restores lost limbs and organs, though the latter two can be difficult, as is raising from the dead, as the person must still have blood either inside their body or have enough blood supplied to the grave site. Incredibly weird power for a fruit bat!
Known Abilities
Excellent baseball player. Incredible aim with a baseball or similarly-sized object. Flight.
Enchanted bat used for his shows and insanely stretchy player's outfit.
No additional information available.


Basic Backstory


Ever notice how often "accidents" happen? People get exposed to gamma radiation or bitten by some weird bug? Why must everything that happens to is human? You'd think their sheer frequency means an animal would be exposed sooner or later. Bites was an ordinary fruit bat as the mascot for a team at his local town called The Baseball Bats. They were playing at the baseball diamond just next door to the Supposedly Good, But Actually Evil Chemical Inc. factory. When said factory's tanks exploded due to a worker ignoring the 12 no smoking signs, 24 "Caution: Flammable" signs, and the "Pie will be served in the break room" sign on the way in, causing the chemicals to become vaporized and carried next door to the bat's cage.


Since that dose, the bat rather rapidly outgrew his cage into a more anthropomorphic stance, though he had always been fairly tubby to begin with. Technically a "Flying Fox", a type of fruit bat that has been known to have a wingspan of up to 4-6 feet. The wings stayed connected to his arms like a normal bat (which sucks that you can't do this in game...) and all that really happened were new powers, a change in stance, and increased size.


Its been a few years since then, still playing the mascot as always, but now with a more active role in entertaining the crowd and cheering his team on to victory, though superpowers to help stop a riot when the other team gets angry at losing doesn't hurt. Eventually the team split up as they went to retire, with the bat deciding after a while to get the old team back together to fight crime in Paragon.

The Bat's Bat

A strange wooden bat, mysteriously fireproof that was given to him by the coach for his act. One time, when the bat was doing his typical mascot act to entertain the crowd, he accidentally clocked himself in the head with the bat, immediately causing him to inflate like a balloon to the size of a small van, which surprised the other team's batter so much, that he missed the last swing of the game. Unfortunately after that he needed new clothing, but since then he has found the bat to do minor things, mostly for show, such as changing his fur color, allowing him to reshape his snout into that of a vampire bat's, and any number of other weird and goofy things for him to use in his show.

Suggestions Welcome

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