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Black Chevron Head.jpg
Black Chevron's usual costume.
Black Chevron
Player: @Ethan Black
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 21 ((11/April/09))
Personal Data
Real Name: Ethan Black
Known Aliases: Ethan Black, Black Chevron
Species: Demi-Human
Age: 18
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 170Lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Hero: The Palladium Sentry
Place of Birth: Coventry, UK
Base of Operations: Coventry, UK
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Hyper-enhanced Speed and Dexterity, granting incredible combat prowess and general agility.
Known Abilities
Swipe, Strike, Slash, Spin, Focused Fighting, Focused Senses, Agility, Quicken, Hasten, Super Speed, Hover, Fly
Twin flat blades mounted ont he outer edges of his bracers.



Black Chevron is the Main crimefighting alias of Ethan Black. Both names are publicly known, However, Black Chevron is more likely to be known as Ethan to his friends and allies, while the public would know him by his more obvious, newer and more active identity.


Much akin to Knight Sentinel, Leader of Chevron's Super-Group (The Palladium Sentry), He holds both honour and justice and attempts to be as noble as his personality will allow. Beleiving that it is the birth-given duty of all heroes to defend the less fortunate, regardless of the cost, and regardless of the personality, attitudes of beleifs of the people they stand to defend. Black Chevron still respects the law also, but he does beleive that not even the law should hold his actions, if they stand to allow people to come to harm. This being said, he would not take lawbreaking lightly, but would consider the price worth paying, if it were to save lives.


Black Chevron is an excessivley shy, paranoid and very nervous individual, often mistaken for being scared of everything, And ridiculed. Chevron, In reality is incredibly introverted, and Is socially inept, not used to attention or many social encounters. As such, he will shy away from alrge groups of people, but can be coaxed from his shell if he has time to acclimatize to an individual. Interestingly, Int he middle of combat, Chevron's Anxiety will disappear completely, given over to accute concentration.

Combat and Weaponry

Black Chevron performs unusually well in combat when compared to his social appearance. When fighting, his apprehension disappears from him completely, and is given over to accute concentration, his entire mind focused on his current task. It is this that grants him is martial effectivness, his amazing speed and agility used to incredible effect, his intelligence serving him well as he makes critical and tactical strikes against an opponent's weak points.

Using a pair of exceedingly sharp blades (Nicknamed 'Chevrons'), mounted on the outside of each forearm, he is capable of making strikes of varyied severity. Chevronc an respond to any tactical situation, attacking outright with the intent to kill (If the situation is dire enough to require this.), Atacking vulnerable points of the enemy with the blade edges, such as ligaments and joints, rendering them unable to continue the fight without casuing lethal damage, and even attacking with the flat sides of the blades, casuing bludgeoning and stunning damage, in order to pacify while keeping damage to a minimum.

The Chevrons

The Chevron Blades

These blades come as a pair, and are forged from steel, sharpened to an incredibly fine edge with laser technology, and faced with polished strips of obsidian, while the edges are coated in bright yellow enamel. Usually, such ornate weaponry would come at the cost of effectivness, but the unnatural agility of their user makes them more deadly than many similar blades. The enamel and black stone facing also serves to soften the blows in a non-lethal encounter, despite the edges staying quite sharp.

These twin blades are mounted on the outside of Black Chevron's Forearms, with springs holding them in position. In order to extend the blades, Chevron must flex his wrist to release a safet bolt, then swing his arms, using the force to bring the blades out, releasing his wrist in the process. This allows the blades to lock forward in a combat ready position, while a correct flex of the wrist will retract them.

How he came to posess these weapons is a mystery, although some people expect Black Chevron to be quite wealthy.

The Suit

There's very little to be said about Black Chevron's suit. It is made of a black spandex fabric, with bright yellow makings, with black arrow shapes adorning the arms and chest. This suit offers zero protection from gunfire, knives or any other attack, and Chevron's defense felies entirely on his ability to dodge. In all likelyhood the chances of Chevron being hit are low, but should he be hit,t he effect would most likely be devastating.

Some hypothesize that Black Chevron's magical ability that grants him his speed may soften any blows that managed to compromise his defense. Further investigation through testing is probably in order, though time will tell.
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