Blast Cycle/Nightmare from Hell

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Joseph had been sitting on his couch, watching the news with his latest friend, Raphael. His dog running around the room, barking happily. Joseph had finally switched channels, disappointing Monat, as his phone rang. He quickly picked it up, looking at the ID.

"Hello," Joseph questioned, answering the phone.

"Hey, Joseph. It's Alex," the voice responded.

"No shit, dumbass. I do have caller ID, you know."

"Hey! No need to be rude! Anyway, I got word that there's a demon terrorizing people in Atlas."

"Aaaaand what do you want me to do about it," Joseph questioned, petting his dog.

"Well, you're the only person that controls flame. So, yeah. Go fix this," Alex blurted, hanging up the phone.

"What the fuck, asshole," Joseph blurted out, checking to see if he had really hung up on him. Putting the phone down, Joseph walked into his room, getting his armor on. Coming back, "I guess I'll be back later, Raphael. I got a demon to go take care of."

"You need help," she questioned, making baby faces to the dog.

"Nah, I'll be fine. Should be back in about thirty minutes or so. You want somethin' while I'm out," he asked, grabbing his keys off of the counter.

"Uhm.... pizza?"

Nodding, "Alright, I'll make sure to grab some on my way back." He walked out, shutting the door behind him. He quickly made his way to Atlas Park, pulling his goggles down as the tram approached. He quickly burst out as the doors opened, speeding to the center of the park. Underneath the statue of Atlas, stood a hulking twelve foot tall black demon. His wings fluttered, knocking several heroes back, sending some flying into the City Hall.

Quickly, Joseph ran up, coming down on the demon with a flaming elbow, straight into the top of it's skull, flipping off and landing feet first on the ground in front of it. The demon staggered, grabbing his head. Chains wrapped around the entire being. Horns as black as night protruded from it's skull. Wings as large as a several men spread out.

The demon lunged down with one of his clawed hands, attempting to grab Joseph. Quickly, Joseph jumped out of the way, grabbing onto the demons pinky finger, and swinging himself onto its forearm. He ran along the arm, flaming his fist into his normal bright green and red, slamming an uppercut into the jaw of the demon. It groaned as its own teeth cut the inside of its mouth. Joseph jumped back down, swirling his hands around in a clockwise and counter-clockwise pattern, forming a large ball of fire inbetween them. He spun quickly, sending the ball flying towards the demon. The demon put his hand out, deflecting the ball of fire, sending it flying into a leg of Atlas, leaving a scorch mark upon the statue.

"Damn," Joseph blurted, dodging yet another hand of the demons. The demon quickly caught on, grabbing with his other hand as Joseph rolled away from the first one. Caught in the demons grip, Joseph put himself in flames. The demon laughed, unaffected. He brought Joseph to look at him eye-to-eye. With a free foot, Joseph kicked a small flame up into the eyes of the demon, forcing him to drop the immobilized man. Joseph rolled as he landed, looking up at the temporary blinded demon, lunging up with a flaming knee into the crotch of the demon. The demon bent over in writhing agony, only to be hit again in the face by another flaming knee.

Joseph began beating the demon down, punch after punch, kick after kick, until finally the demon lay motionless on the ground, barely breathing. Thinking it over, Joseph pulled his goggles back up, examining the body. He stood there, several heroes coming to his aid after recovering. The body began to glow, sending blue and black fire bolts flying out at all the heroes. Joseph quickly put his hands up, reflecting the flame coming at him, back down to the demon, who was grinning with a wicked set of teeth, up at them. The bolt landed against the demons chest. Unable to take his own damage, the demon passed out completely.

Several heroes rushed to help, again, picking the motionless demon up, and carrying him off. Before any applause, or thanks, could be given, Joseph ran off, going to go grab pizza for dinner.
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