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Oh yeah, here's a couple of my characters:
Blast Cycle - Vigilante. Can you dig it?
Lorex - Villain. Possibly the greatest evil mastermind you will ever meet.
Burn Side - Villain. Demonic Enemy of Blast Cycle.
Switchkick - Hero The most badass Asian in the city.
And funny stuff I find funny. Weird how it works, isn't it?

Timmy Quick: I assume it is the very subject of fan-fics all over the internet...
Timmy Quick: ...I used to help run the Challengers fan site back in Alaska...
Blast Cycle: We have a fan site?
Blast Cycle: Now I'm interested.
Timmy Quick: Yes...don't go there, it has become quite vulgar.
Timmy Quick: A haven for Red-Havok porn.
Blast Cycle: No thanks.

[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: *Breathes out deeply, intentionally trying to blow air into the comm.*
[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: That's rude.
[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: right there.
[SuperGroup] Mind Dazzle: Ugh..... Good, Tarlin, was it?
[SuperGroup] Tarlin: yes thats what i am calling myself
[SuperGroup] Just Another Catgirl: Your good at blowing? I'm sure some of the catgirls in Pocket D would LOVE to meet you...
[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: [DAMN.]
[SuperGroup] Tarlin: (Damn! BURN!)
[SuperGroup] Mind Dazzle: (( *highfives Jackie then hugs!* xD ))
[SuperGroup] Just Another Catgirl: (( XD
[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: [Like, THAT HURT!]
[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: [Wow. Omg.
[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: [Like, I'm about to cry.]
[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: [Jesus.]
[SuperGroup] Cobblestone: [Not really.]
[SuperGroup] Just Another Catgirl: ((no hard feelings? *pats cobble on the back* there there, it's awrite))

[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: Keyes just feels like a giant boss battle which is what trials should be
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: not like weird
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: infiltration missions
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: run with teams of fuckin 24
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: like that new one coming out
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: QUICK
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: you and 23 other people have to GO ON THE NEWS
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: and TALK ABOUT HOW COLE'S A DICK
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: I hate how you gotta bring desdemona on the UG too
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: its like no matter what you get MM lag
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: and its a demon MM which is basically like
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: a piece of toilet paper thats been used
[The Challengers]Johnny Turbo: the worst of the worst

Echo Mirage Looks to the man to her left. "What's your name? I'm Tabitha."
Fiery Commando: Joseph. Joseph Constantine. *Looks to the bondage man behind the counter, taking a swig of his drink* What about you?
Sploojir: My name's Sploojir, and I'm the Hero this club needs.
Echo Mirage Bursts into laughter.
Fiery Commando Seems stunned, and then begins to choke on his drink.

I Cue: Sup.
Blast Cycle: [Nothin' much. What about you?]
I Cue: Chilling.
Blast Cycle: [Fun stuff.]
I Cue: Indeed. *Buffs Blast* Your head is on fire.
Blast Cycle: [I see that. Should I start running around the D like an idiot until it wears off?]
I Cue: That would entertain me.
Blast Cycle runs around the D yelling, "My head's on fire! Help!" like an idiot, then returns. Blast Cycle: [ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!]
I Cue: Not really, no.
Blast Cycle: [Oh..... Oh well.]

Amensas: I still have yet to get laid in Primal Earth.
Trick-Star: Why don't you just mind control some chick to have sex with you?
Amensas: Turns out most Primal girls don't like it when I penetrate their minds.
Trick-Star: ..... That just happened.
Amensas: ..... Yes, yes it did.
Trick-Star: Let's not discuss this further.
Amensas: Agreed.

Roxy Rebound: Can I get a beer please?
Lorex: Sure. *Grabs a beer for her*
Many drinks later.
Lorex: H-hey. You wanna go out sometime?
Roxy Rebound: Nooooo. I don't date supers.
Lorex: I ain't got super powers that are relevant to the world, if you know what I mean. *Drunken wink*
Roxy Rebound: Not really. And I don't think that it's any bigger than a pencil.
Lorex: ........... That's cold. And now I'm sober. Thank you a lot.

Lorex: [There's a person here named 'Traffic Jam.']
Lady Lightshow: ((You can Traffic my Jam whenever you want.
Lorex: [.... Emily, are you drunk?]
Lady Lightshow: ((No. Why?
Lorex: [No reason. *Grabs his keys* I'll be there in about 8 hours.]

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