Burn Side

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Burn Side
Player: @Blast Cycle
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: Varies
Personal Data
Real Name: Dante Tiller
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 197
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Former Hellion Gang Leader
Place of Birth: Boston, MA
Base of Operations: Boston, MA
Marital Status: Single and loving it
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Soul Control, Soul Drain, Fire Control, Demon Summoning
Known Abilities
Ritual Knife
His arms and hands are covered in scars in the shape of runes. When using his spells, the runes burst into flames and stay lit while he is still in use of them.


(Going to be adding more stuff as it comes to my mind.)


The night was cold and the street lights burned brightly. Lilly walked down the street, her heels clicking against the ground as she huddled further into her jacket. The occasional car would pass by, kicking up small streams of water from the left over rain from earlier that day. Her auburn hair waved in the gentle breeze, brushing against her childish features. She was only 16 with her entire life ahead of her.
The city wasn't the safest at night, especially considering that the Heroic types hardly ever, if at all, stepped foot into it. They were all too busy attempting to stop villainy in Paragon City, Rhode Island. She continued down the sidewalk, taking a quick turn down an alley she had found earlier that year was a shortcut to her home. It was usually pretty safe, no one bothered her on her way home. Tonight would change that.
Usually when she walked through here, there would be the occasional homeless man who left her alone, but no one was here. It was eerily quiet, yet gave the feeling that someone was there with her. Lilly picked up her pace, bundling her jacket even tighter. She continued forward, the cold air showing her breath leave her mouth. A strong wind blew through the alleyway, blowing her hair back as she shielded her eyes with the collar of her jacket. She looked over her shoulder in curiosity, stopping her feet. She spotted a dark figure out of the corner of her eyes, a wicked grin across it's face. Lilly sprinted forward, attempting to escape the sight of the scary figure she had just witnessed. As she ran, a pile of boxes leaning next to a building wall tumbled over, tripping her, and forcing her to land face first into the cold, hard ground.

Recent Events

  • Ziggursky Breakout - With the sudden rise in villainy across the globe, Arachnos has for some reason taken an interest in Dante for whatever reason. Recent to his arrest and imprisonment, a Hero was accused of causing a crime and was put in the Zig, as well. Later that night, an Arachnos raid infiltrated the Zig, followed by a super powered escort. To Dante's own surprise, the super power was a Hero he knew very well, Blast Cycle. After being told that 'rescuing' Dante was a payment to Arachnos for allowing Blast Cycle to save the falsely accused Hero. Even though Blast Cycle saved him, Dante still wishes to pay him back with blood, working for Arachnos until he can find a way to help himself.

  • Demon Summoning - Through extensive study of the demonic arts, Dante has perfected the ability to summon demons. Although he has this capability, he can only summon a certain amount of demons for the power they possess. For example, should Dante summon a Demon Overlord, that is the only demon that he may have available to him at the time. This is all due to the amount of concentration it takes to control the demon of such power.
  • Soul Control - Dante, during a fight against his enemy Blast Cycle, consumed the soul shard of the demon known as 'Kilor.' This gave Dante the ability to manipulate souls that he himself has brought into suffering. Using the runes on his arms and hands, he forces the souls into a compressed energy. He combines the souls with his fire, boosting the amount of power generated by both.
  • Soul Drain - With the control of souls, also comes the draining of souls. This is a very lethal magic Dante uses at will, without remorse. This direct link to the soul gives Dante quicker access to controlling it. This is quicker due to Dante not having to perform a ritual in order to release the soul from it's body and keeping in this realm of existence.
  • Fire Summoning - Pretty common among the Damned of the Hellions, Dante uses the runes on his body for summoning his fire. After consuming the soul shard from Kilor, Dante has enhanced his fire by using the souls he consumes to power it. The force of the souls forcing the fire to move faster has proven deadly. Combining the fire with the souls has also proven to be a way to drain a foe's souls from a distance, ripping their soul out by using the others.

The first, and most distinguishable, feature on Dante's person is the 'X' shaped scar under his left eye. This is the only scar on his body that does not produce flames when he is using his magic. The second most noticeable feature is when he is using his magic. Black and red demon wings protrude from his back, allowing him to have flight and be purely menacing. The third is a pair of gray and red horns originating from the sides of his head and pointing outward.

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