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"You can't classify me as a Hero or Villain. Nor a Vigilante or Rogue, for I am none of those. A man chooses his own path, whether it is for selfish reasons, or for wanting to help others. These paths cannot be classified as anything, but only what we choose in life." -Xavier Johnson
Player: @Blast Cycle
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50 +3
Personal Data
Real Name: Xavier Johnson
Known Aliases: Lorex
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185
Eye Color: Milky White. He is not blind though.
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Crey Powers Industries Scientist
Place of Birth: Paragon City Nurturing Care Clinic
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Sister, Alexis Johnson - Currently Missing
Known Powers
Kinetic Melee/Regeneration, Radiation immunity, Enhanced Danger Sense
Known Abilities
Combat Awareness, Heightened Reflex
Kinesis Gloves, Regen Chip, D-Pad, Body Reader

Stuff to know

Born February 4th, 1987, Xavier's parents knew he was a genious. This later was confirmed when he started speaking at the age of eight months old. Xavier had advanced from story books to Jr. High texbooks at the age of six years old. During his second grade school year, his parents decided it was time to have another child. Thus, nine months later, the beautiful Alexis Johnson was born. Xavier took care of his sister, loving her with all his heart. During the Fifth Grade Science Fair, Xavier had been working on a project known as the Kinesis Gloves. Though they were outstanding in nature, the scientists who were judging found no real use for them. Disappointed, as every young child is when they dont win, Xavier ran home and locked the gloves in his closet, never to see the light of day again. As he grew, he mastered several styles of Martial Arts, one of which including Ninjutsu. Time passed, and Xavier graduated Paragon High School at the early age of 13. He then later went on to graduate from Paragon University with a Doctorates Degree in Physical Sciences at the age of 18 years old.

Accepting An Offer

When he had graduated, his parents surprised him with the chance to take his beloved sister and himself to France for a week. Taking them up on their offer, Xavier and Alexis left for Paris the following morning. Upon returning from Paris the following week, Xavier and his sister came home to an odd stench in the house, as though their parents had left out old meat and didnt notice it. Searching the house, they found their parent's dead bodies lying on the floor, splattered in blood. Alexis ran out of the house in fear as Xavier searched the house for clues to the murderer. Finding nothing, Xavier called in the PPD without hesitation. After they had left, Xavier noticed that his sister had not come back from running out of the house. Grabbing his gloves from the Science Fair in the 5th grade, Xavier ran out of the house, searching all around Steel Canyon for his sister.

Finding nothing, Xavier headed back home to call the PPD once more. When he had got home, he found a package waiting at his door that was not there before he had left. On it was a tag with the word, "Enjoy." on it. Opening the package, he found a picture of him and his family. Xavier immediately noted the little holes on the foreheads of his parents. Next, he saw ? on his sister's forehead, and a circle around his own head. At first, he couldn't make any real messages out. He took the picture out of its frame, throwing the frame against a wall and easily shattering the glass. After getting back inside and sitting down for a moment to gain his senses, he realized he may not be alone. He tightened his gloves, walking through the house with caution, slowly moving his fingers around to gather energy around them. Upon entering his own room, he found a woman sitting on his bed. She wore a fine dress seemed to be well mannered. She introduced herself as Clarissa Van Dorn, or more commonly known as "Countess Crey," before speaking to Xavier, offering him a peaceful place to live, a steady job, plenty of money, a possible chance at power, and, most important of all, information on finding his sister.

Without hesitation, Xavier accepted. He cared not for the money, power, job, or even the home. All he had cared about at that moment was his sister, the only family he had left. Countess Crey was pleased, with a wicked smile, she took Xavier to a lab far outside of Paragon City limits.

Coming to the lab, Xavier noticed right away this was a Crey Lab. Fascinated by all the technology around him, he agreed to work with the Crey, building new equipment and technology, in exchange for their help in finding his sister. He had been warned before fully taking on the task of working here, that the Nuclear Reactor had, had problems in the past. He didn't even seem to hear about the reactor, engrossed with the technology around him and the determination to find his sister. He was assigned with developing new physical energy technology, meant to be used to upgrade the Crey Voltaic Tank suits.

He immediately started work, wasting no time at all. He'd finish his work early, specifically to work on his own invention, the Kinesis Gloves. After about one year of working with Crey on his gloves, he had finally been close to finishing them. On the day of the supposed finish date, warnings had gone to all of the scientists regarding the reactor rising in temperature and be ready for an evacuation at anytime. Still, Xavier worked on his gloves, paying no attention to the warning. Hours passed, and the threat of the reactor exploding had been lowered. As Xavier sits working on his gloves, a loud thud sounds off in the distance, followed by a large wave of force flowing through the lab he was working in. Green radiation washed over him, infecting his entire body to the point of death, yet Xavier's body persevered, and allowed him to live on, even if only for a few minutes longer.

The Accident

His entire body had been burned severely. His eyes immediately went milky white, his breathing shortened, his physical capabilities stopped, and heart beating, slower, and slower with each passing second. On the brink of death, Xavier saw a man in a gray outfit wearing a hood and having flames painted across his uniform, come in. He seemed to be searching for survivors, not worried at all about the radiation. He saw Xavier clinging to his gloves, and to dear life itself. He carefully slung him over his shoulder and rushed him to a hospital. When Xavier awoke, he was alone in a white room, hooked up to several different machines. He tried to fight against the machines keeping him alive, but found he could not move his legs. The man in grey walked in, holding a bundle of flowers for Xavier and setting them down on the stand next to him. Giving Xavier a look of disappointment, the man left, slowly shutting the door behind him.

Xavier stayed in the hospital for almost a month, before being released due to the burns healing up and enough radiation being gone to survive. Though he did not leave without a respirator over his mouth, partially covering the burns on his face, in order to filter the air that he breathes in, so that no toxins or pollution were to get into his lungs and kill him. Xavier was picked up by a man in a suit, a man he knew to be an Infiltrator in the Crey Industries. The man took him home and showed him how he would probably be living the rest of his life. A wheelchair to move around in, and an apartment that is handicap accessible. When the man left, Xavier searched his house, getting a new feel for it. In the kitchen on the table, he found another package also saying "Enjoy." on it.

Xavier opened up the box, expecting to find another clue to where his sister may be, but instead found his Kinesis Gloves, and a small box full of parts, enough to make some sort of chip. Xavier, not interested in his gloves anymore, put them on a shelf, and instead grabbed the pieces for the chip. Still unable to walk, Xavier rolled into his workshop and began work on the chip. He spent night and day for the next week making sure the chip was perfect. Once the chip was finished, he went back to the hospital and requested to have it placed in his heart. Refusing at first, the doctors agreed after a little bit of "payment" from an anonymous source to implant the chip inside Xavier. They took him in, and immediately after chip was installed, Xavier found that he felt much better. Although he still could not walk, he felt as though the radiation inside of him had been contained even more.

When Xavier arrived at home, he found he could walk. After walking for a few minutes to learn how to figure it out once more, he began to excersize. Then he began to think clearer. Quickly he learned that the chip that he had finished making and had installed inside of him, help his body regenerate much faster. It cured his paralysis in his legs, allowed him to go longer without his mask before having to put it back on, and also allowed him to even heal some spots of the burns. He went back to work the next day, surprising even Countess Crey herself.

Taking Over

A year would pass before Xavier would find any more clues to the whereabouts of his sister. At work one day, he was called up to the office of Countess Crey. Obeying the orders of his superiors, Xavier went. When he arrived in her office, he found another man standing in front of her desk. The man looked like the same Infiltrator that took him home when he had been hospitalised. After sitting down, Clarissa Van Dorn explained to him that a certain person had been bothering the Crey a lot, and with his newly found "powers," she asked for Xaviers help in taking care of him. Xavier agreed, grabbing his most comfortable wear and his gloves before heading off.

The man went by the name of Iron Millenium. When Xavier found his hideout, he fought through several large groups of what seemed to be stone golems and mercenaries. On his way, he found the caging area for any prisoners that he may have taken. Xavier looked around for anyone, finding one cell that held someone captive. He quickly blew the door open to find a beautiful girl trapped inside. He had seen this "Hero" once before, and knew she went by the name of "Lady Lightshow." Lady Lightshow looked up from the ground, and as she did, a piercing pain crept into Xavier's head. She explained she had been reading his thoughts. After the pain came and went, Xavier told her to leave. She refused, following him through the massive cave network. As long as she was there next to him, Xavier noticed that the golems, nor the mercenaries, could hit him.

Finally, the pair entered an expsansive room within the network. In the center stood a man covered in old Medieval aged steel armor, which was also partially covered in several rocks. Xavier charged at him, knowing him to be the target. Iron Millenium and Xavier fought for what seemed like hours. Lady Lightshow stayed behind, not willing to participate in the fight. Finally, the fight came to an end, with Iron Millenium being beaten near death and Xavier's respirator being shattered to pieces. Xavier then proceeded to ask the defeated man questions about his sister, but to no avail. The man refused to tell him, instead telling him that he didn't have to work for the Crey when, with proper training, he could take them over.

Xavier began to beat the man even further, breaking his nose and swelling his right eye to the point of near blindness. Iron Millenium told Xavier to kill him, to know how it feels. Driven by a complete blood rage, Xavier raised his fist for a final blow. As he sent it down, it was stopped. Xavier looked up to see Lady Lightshow stopping him. He quickly knocked her back, attempting not to harm her too much, and shoved his fist through Iron Millenium's throat, snuffing the life out of him forever. Xavier stood to leave, being stopped once again by Lady Lightshow. She told him she was going to help him, not only to control his rage, but to help find his sister. Telling her several times as he walked out of the network, she continued to follow.

Eventually, Xavier gave up, and took her under his wing. Finding she had no where to stay, he offered a room in his apartment. She accepted excitedly.

The months went by with the two working together on perfecting there abilities. Xavier continued to work for Crey, and Lady Lightshow acting as Xavier's second maternal figure in his life. The two grew closer each day of working with one another. They would have their squabbles. After, to make it up to her, Xavier would take Lady Lightshow to a nice dinner. Five years later, the two are still working together.

Recent Events

With everything that is currently happening in the world, it can be hard to keep up to date on events.

  • Crey Industries - Recently, Lorex has been seeing the downfalls of Crey. Taking no apparent action at the moment, Lorex waits for the right moment to leave, feeling as though they may have more info on his sister then they are letting on.
  • The U.S. Economy - For some reason, President Barack Obama contacted Lorex, asking for his help in stopping a villain by the name of Mad Hack. He obliged, more curious of why he was called then to help. Before he was sent to find information on Mad Hack, Lorex was introduced to a few individuals in which they worked together to bring down the insane hacker and his robot minions. Since then, Lorex has been waiting for more contact from the President or the heroes he worked with before.
  • The Battle of the Nether - After being called upon to fight the man known as Celestial Quantum in Guatamala, Lorex was defeated. Lorex, is now a deceased hero, while Celestial Quantum continues to roam the earth.

Friends And Enemies
Gotta have them.
  • Lady Lightshow - Starting off with the most obvious, Lady Lightshow has been a friend and companion for Xavier for the last five years of his life. She is almost always by his side when he is not at work, or doing "business" in the Rogue Isles. When Xavier happens to get angry, she is there to calm him down. She is the pacifier that keeps him from doing things he may regret later on in life. She is currently pushing him to confess to the police about the murder of the villain "Iron Millenium," but Xavier refuses, not wishing to waste a day of search for his beloved sister. Although she is taken under Xavier's wing, and is his "sidekick," he can not help her as much as she needs it. For this reason, and among many others, Lady Lightshow is currently pushing Xavier to join the group known as the Palladium Sentry, not just to improve her own skills, but in hopes that, just maybe, they can help steer him off the path of Vigilantism, which she fears may one day lead to Villainy. And, although she acts more like a mother then a friend at times, Xavier still cares for her dearly.
  • Rave Spider - Mr. Kickass himself. When Xavier and Rave Spider first met, it possibly wasn't on the best of terms. After Xavier happily took an ass beating, Rave gave him a deal. Instead of making Xavier go back and tell Countess Crey that he had failed in bringing Rave Spider in and getting killed, Rave instead explained that, while in Pocket D, he was undetectable. He would bring Xavier hard proof that Crey was an evil orginization in order for him to see the light.
  • Dayblade - Possibly the most screwed up person Xavier has met thus far. When the pair first met, the man named Chris explained the wings on his back were actually fairy wings. After a week apart, the pair met up again. Xavier found he had no wings this time, congratulating him. As another week passed, the pair again met, Dayblade with angel wings this time. Xavier doesn't know how to react to this strange course of events.
  • Roxy Rebound - Oh, Ms. Rebound. The woman that Xavier feels, at this moment in time, is the girl for him. Not much to say about her, other then the fact that everytime the pair meet, she denies him at every turn. Not even suggesting that he do the Spider-Man approach and hang from the cieling some how did she even say yes. However, Xavier will keep fighting for this lovely... stretchy... tanker.... Does that make sense?
  • Xanatos - Lorex worked with Xanatos only briefly, but still considers him one of his homies. Xavier fought alongside Xanatos when he offered to help Rave Spider fight off the Praetorian menace that was working with the Sky Raiders. Originally, Xanatos had only meant to help fight off crime with the group, helping to reveal a plot within the Council. After a month of figting, he helped the group of 3 find Rave Spiders partner.
  • Gadgix - Not a whole lot to say about this girl. She's the girlfriend of Rave Spider, and brought Xavier back from the dead once, even if radiation was used to do so. She went along with both Xavier and Rave Spider to find Raves partner, too.
Complete Asses

  • Stefan "Lord Recluse" Richter - The most obvious man to hate if you live in Paragon City. Of course he isn't very happy at the fact that most heroes jail his operatives, but he may possibly be even more pissed at the fact that Lorex, when visiting the Isles, actually kills his operatives. After helping to stop the leader of the Arachnos military, before he was able to steal the powers of all the heroes in Paragon, Lorex went even further and continued to harm the leader, even after he had already been weakened.
  • Emperor Marcus "Tyrant" Cole - Although Lorex has had no actual face-to-face meeting with Cole, the Tyrant has put a bounty on his head. Lorex is not really sure why, but it could be due to the fact that Lorex has invaded both the BAF and Lambda Sector in Neutropolis and has gotten away, along with his favored team, with defeating a few of his most powerful Praetors. But, that's just a guess.
  • Belladonna "Ghost Widow" Vetrano - Not only does Ghost Widow hate Lorex with a passion, but she deny's him dates as well. While invading Grandville, in order to stop Lord Recluse, Lorex was greeted by the lovely Ghost Widow. Thinking this was all a game, Lorex asked her out on a date. Several times of being rejected, resulted in Lorex continuing to ask. The two fought head-on, with each hit Lorex dished, he asked her again. She denied, until finally she was unconscious and could no longer deny him. Lorex left her a card with his phone number. Six months later, Lorex still has yet to get a call, completely oblivious to the fact that she is an actual ghost.
  • John "Iron Millenium" Stronghold - Iron Millenium. The dead Villain, killed by yours truly. Although Lorex killed the man himself, nightmares of the man still being alive haunt him at night. Many restless nights have gone by when Lorex felt a connection to John somehow, telling him he "knows the path thine must take." At times, Lorex feels at peace with the presence when alone. Only when he is with Lady Lightshow does he feel a burning hatred, welling deep within him. Several times has Xavier left his apartment whilst Lady Lightshow is with him when he feels as though he may harm her. Xavier feels as though he is still at constant battle with this man, but does not seek help to fix it.
Not actually powers, really.
  • Regeneration - Although Lorex is not mutated at all, even with the radiation currently still inside of him, the chip implanted into his heart increases the way tissue is regenerated, but at a quicker rate. As long as Lorex has the chip implanted, the longer he can walk around without his respirator on without consequences. Although these consequences of having the respirator off are still there, it will take longer for them to come into effect. As he has done a study on himself, with the watchful eye of Lady Lightshow next to him, he has found that it takes approximately thirty minutes to go into Cardiac Arrest. Another 30 minutes and Lorex would be killed from the radiation affecting his body at extreme levels.
  • Kinetic Melee - The capability of manipulating the energy around him, and others, was a product made by Lorex himself. Since it started out as a 5th grade science project, and later perfected through the resources from Crey Industries, Lorex has found many people wanting the gloves. Not only turning down Crey Industries (not like he gave them a choice in the matter), but also turning down the Freedom Phalanx. Although many heroes may believe that such an "amateur" should not hold the gloves in his hands, Lorex has proven time and time again that he is the only one deserving of the gloves.
  • Enhanced Danger Sense - Although Lorex may be born of non-mutants, he possesses the heightened reflexes of many mutants he works with. Lorex does not prominintely know that he possesses this power, only that he can sense when a bullet, or a fist, is flying at him.
  • Resistance to Radiation - Unlike most people, Lorex's body has build a natural barrier to radiation, blocking most of it out. This is due largely to the fact that he has had radiation inside of his body for the last five years of his life. With this, Lorex is able to go into Nuclear Reactors and other area's affected by radiation without any special equipment much longer then most mutants and humans, but in time it will affect him.
  • Combat Awareness - Unlike his Danger Sense, his combat awareness is his internal instinct to suggest that danger may lurk around the corner. This power is not used when trying to dodge incoming bullets, only to avoid the danger ahead before having to resort to violence.
Being that Lorex is of Technology Origins, he has almost an entire arsenal of equipment at his disposal. Some of the equipment listed is borrowed from Crey Industries.
  • Kinesis Gloves - How many times do I have to describe them? The gloves that started as a 5th grade science project, which was then perfected many years later from the resources of Crey Industries. The gloves allow Lorex to bend the energy around him and others and makes it physical, which is then projected at the foes targeted.
  • Regeneration Chip - The Regen Chip. The chip allows Lorex to regenerate damaged tissue, as well as keeping him safe from, or curing quicker, diseases which may cause illness. This chip not only heals him, but keeps him alive, due to the radiation still inside of his body, which if released, would kill him. The chip can only support a certain amount of stress on it, holding back the radiation being its main focus.
  • Respirator - The trusty ol' respirator. Although this device may seem small in comparison to some of the other devices at Lorex's disposal, the respirator plays possibly the largest role in all of it. Filtering the air of its contaminants and constantly inserting a drug into Lorex's body helps keep the radiation at bay. Should the respirator come off, Lorex only has about an hour or so until he passes away, should the Regen Chip still be functioning.
  • Body Reader - Stop thinking that, it's not healthy. The device Lorex calls the "Body Reader" is a suit of armor made out of spare Crey Tank parts. Lights on parts of the body indicate where Lorex is currently taking damage. The more that body part is hit, the more it turns orange which eventually reaches red. Although Lorex has the regen chip, should any of the lights competely turn off, that part of the body may possibly be forever incapable of use, due to the strain put on the chip.
  • Cell Phone - It's this amazing new thing that allows you to call people from anywhere!
  • Codec - Not very common among most super heroes. The Codex allows Lorex to get in contact with any other person that has one. Although, Lorex currently has no other contacts besides Countess Crey at the moment.
  • D-pad - Why exactly Lorex named it this is a mystery even to himself. The D-pad allows Lorex to bring up a holographic screen in front of him which is also tangible. He uses this for random internet searches while out on patrol or for looking up someones information on the spot.
Down Falls
Everyone has them, I'm not an exception.
  • Addiction - With the use of narcotics and other drugs to help keep himself alive, comes the downfall of addiction. The respirator that keeps him alive, is also killing him, but at a very slow pace. Many times has he thought about taking the mask off and letting himself go, but the better part of his mind, and partner, have told him to keep it, fully aware of the drugs being induced into his body.
  • Lack of emotion - Lorex does not have a whole lot of emotion any more, or atleast does not show it. He himself explains it as being focused on one thing for the last five years is driving him off the course of reality. This allows Lorex to kill without remorse, even should the victim be an old friend gone rogue.
  • Protection - Why is this a downfall you ask? Lorex has the urge to protect those he feels as though need protecting, even if it puts his life on the line. He does not protect those capable of protecting themselves if he feels they can take the fight or have not shown any passion in anything they have done around Lorex.
  • Burn Scars - Due to the burn marks across his body, Lorex has constantly been cast aside, rejected from many places. At times, people may mistake him for some villain and will not help him or even talk to him, and may just run away.
Fun stuff about him!
  • Lorex may not be the best fighter in the world, as proven by Rave Spider, but he'll still try and kick your ass.
  • Lorex has the capability of quickly analyzing his opponents and allies, pin pointing weak spots in armor and fighting styles. This makes up for the above.
  • Lorex is a major asshole at times. It's his life goal to piss off people, sometimes.
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