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The Nimble
· MutantOriginicon mutation.png H archetypeicon scrapper.pngScrapper ·
Street Justice
Energy Aura
Body Mastery
Player: @Blast Cycle
Super Group
Team Leader
Real Name
Travis Bellmoor
Switch, Trav
April 19, 1992
Beijing, China
The Grey Watch Base
The Grey Watch
Store Clerk
Legal Status
Squeaky Clean
Marital Status
Dating Gazellie
· Known Relatives ·
Alex Bellmoor (Father)
Ali Bellmoor (Mother)
Janice Bellmoor (Sister (Older)
Johnathan Bellmoor (Brother (Older)
Physical Traits
Half-American, Half-Chinese
Apparent Age
5' 10"
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Nothing special
Powers & Abilities
Street Justice
Energy Aura
Epic Pool
Body Mastery
Power Pools
Speed, Jumping, Fighting
· Known Powers ·
Light Bending, Energy absorption, transfer, and shielding.
· Equipment ·
iPod and headphones
· Other Abilities ·
Street Brawling, Reflexes



Travis Bellmoor was born on the east side of Beijing, China in the year 1992, on December 2. Travis was born into an American military family, his father being a Ranger in the Army.

Travis was the youngest of three children, his sister, Janice Bellmoor, being the oldest. His brother, Johnathon, being the second oldest. His parents loved each and every child, his father being the only full-blooded American and his mother being the only full-blooded Chinese in their family.

At the age of 12, Travis left home and went to travel the world. He later ended up in Africa at the age of 13 and stayed there until 15, after his friend Elle had left, not telling him where she was headed. Travis left his temporary home and headed to Europe for a time before flying to the west coast of the states. From there he traveled east until he reached Paragon City. He now fights the good fight, having been convinced by his friend, Elle, to stay in the city and not leave.

Growing Up

記錄一: To anyone who finds these, my name is Travis Bellmoor. I was born in Beijing, China on December 2, 1993. My father is of American descent, while my mother is of Chinese descent. Yeah, that means I'm a half-breed. I'm the youngest of three kids, my sister being the oldest of us. My father was, and maybe still is, in the U.S. Military, so we didn't have to abide by the regular family laws of China.

I never really had any friends, no. This will come to surprise those that know about me either as I'm recording these, or in the future. I spent most of my young childhood playing video games or drawing some fanciful art stuff. If I wasn't in my room, I was walking the rooftops or the streets of the city. I use to sometimes walk them at night when the air was cool and the more rural areas of the city calmed down a bit. I never liked the interaction of most people. Guess that's why I left.

Unlike most people nowadays in this world, I didn't have a tragic past. I simply just left my home looking for adventure. Yeah, my parents were upset about it, but they accepted the fact that I just didn't fit in. They helped me pack my bags, gave me a credit card so that way I could pay for things, gave me some bus tickets, and sent me on my way. All I had was a bag of clothes along with the ones on my back and a journal.

I guess this will conclude the first tape. *The tape cuts out in static*

Traveling Around the World

錄音兩種: This is recording two of, well, I guess my life.

After leaving the comfort of home at the age of twelve, I went north to Mongolia. I stayed there for a few days before heading east to Kazakhstan. From there I made my way down south, having used up my bus tickets. I refused to buy more, wishing to use my money wisely and spend it on motel rooms and food. I simply hitch hiked my way down. Yeah, I got into a few bad cars, but that's part of the adventure.

I made my way to the southern part of Africa by the age of thirteen. By then, my money had run dry and my parents were no longer providing me with any. I didn't blame them, they probably thought I had died after going through Afghanistan (that's where my money stopped being spent).

One night, I had settled down in an alleyway with a cardboard box as my shelter. I was using a trash bag as my pillow, and another, torn-up cardboard box as my blanket. As I lay there, in my box, something amazing happened that never happened before; someone stopped and started talking to me. I pulled myself out of my shelter to see a young girl, around my age, and her father looking down at me. The girl, now known to me as Elle, convinced her father to let me stay with them for a while. He begrudgingly agreed.

So, the years went by. Elle and I became close friends, she taught me to speak her language, and her dad seemed to have grown fond of me. Then, one day, they left. I knew they were leaving, but I never learned where they were going. I took that as a hint that I should move on myself, so I did. I headed back north, to Europe. I first entered Germany, picking up even more of a fondness for history; particularly wars. I was always intrigued by the lengths people would go to to kill each other. Just, the mass destruction that left behind was amazing.

I'm getting off topic. During my stay in Africa, I learned of my capability to control and bend light and energy. Although I didn't have any actual control over it, and it wasn't very apparent, I knew about it. When I reached Germany, something sparked in my mind that helped unlock it. Once it was "unlocked," I began training it. I was able to bend the light around me into shapes and forms. This is called a "mirror image." I wasn't able to fully know about my energy until I reached France.

Once I reached France, I headed to Paris. Once there, I began training to "free-run," as they call it. As I was doing this, I was able to begin sensing the energy signatures in the ground. I could feel when people were moving around me, how big they were, what they were doing. After several months of "training," I left Paris, France, and caught a boat that was going down the southern tip of South America. I didn't stay in South America, no. I went up to the west coast of the U.S., landing in Los Angeles, California. I only stayed there for a day before I headed east to Las Vegas, Nevada. That's where I furthered my training into knowing the capabilities of my powers.

The constant movement and the twenty-four hours a day the lights were on heightened my capabilities. I began being able to solidify the mirror images I made, confusing anyone to who may attack me, or feel a few of my punches, as to which is the real me.

By the time I reached the East Coast, in particular New York, New York, I had a grasp on my powers as I made my way down to Paragon City, Rhode Island. I was nineteen by this point, becoming a full grown kid, I suppose. Once I entered the "City of Heroes," I was able to get ahold of a super suit to help me fit in better. One day on patrol, though, I walked into a familiar face. That face was Elle.

We talked for a bit, caught up. The next day, she proposed that I stay in the city with her. So I did.

Now, at this time, I'm sleeping on a couch in her apartment. Ever since I came to this city, things have been getting better and better.


錄製三:' Recording three: powers.

Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

光線彎曲/Light Bending
  • 鏡像/Mirror Image
    - The most common ability of mine is my "Mirror Image." In case you are unsure of what a mirror image is, it is sort of like an actual image in a mirror. It looks exactly like you, mimics your movements, but is not a solid form. After some extensive training, I have been able to solidify the mirror images I make by transferring some of my stored energy to the image. This makes it a solid, but still mirroring my movements, unless I control it to do other actions. When it is solidified, it can inflict damage as well as take it, but not have any actual harm done to it, due to it being a false image.
  • 淡光/Shimmer
    - Also known to some as a "blur." During my time in Paris, France, I was able to control the light reflecting off of me and redirect it to make me harder to be seen, thus making me harder to be hit. I am also capable of leaving these shimmers in a wake of a dodge. Although this may seem like my mirror image, due to it leaving a small image of myself behind, it is not. The difference being that shimmer is more of a residue, whereas mirror image is a constant thing.
  • 閃光球/Flash
    - I didn't have the greatest name for this, but it works, I suppose. Flash is simple, it's a flash..... Basically what I do is bend the light into a small ball form and throw it at them, thus blinding them. On average, they're blinded for about five seconds.

能源操縱/Energy Manipulation
  • 那股能量/Energy Sense
    - Everyone has an energy signature that signifies who they are. I am no different. During my time in France, I was able to begin sensing the movement and signatures of other people. Although I couldn't see them, the energy they expelled into their movements were clear as day to me. I could feel, for example, when someone lunged forward at a rat, stealing away some of their food. The rat would run and run, eventually making it to the safety of the sewers while the now starving older man stomped his foot on the ground. None of that I saw with my own eyes; I felt it.
  • 能量吸取/Energy Drain
    - Draining is obviously simple; I drain the energy out of someone or something. Whether it be machine, human, or battery. I try not to overload myself or I look like some kind of human spotlight due to the energy building up and taking form of light. Although I can use it, it's still not good for me or others.
  • 能量轉移/Energy Transfer
    - Simple, really. I transfer my own stored energy into another person or storage container. I have to be careful, though, as if I transfer too much, I can become completely drained and would either have to rest or drain energy from a person or object to get back on my feet. An advantage to this, is that I can overload a machine and make it go haywire or even explode.
  • 能源凝固/Energy Solidification
    - The odd part about my control over energy is the fact that I can solidify it into solid pieces, if only for a short time. The main use of this is my mirror image. Although the solidified pieces may be weak, they still come in handy at times.

錄音四: Recording Four: Weaknesses These are the things that may or may not have either pushed me into retirement, or....

  • Exhaustion - I'm only human, after all. I can get exhausted just like everyone else, and even faster then most, due to me using the energy stored inside me as a fuel for my powers.
Friends and Allies

錄音五: Recording Five: Friends and Allies

  • Amplifye - Devve is an odd girl, even a bit rude, but she's dedicated when it comes to getting the mission done.
  • Chloromelt - Victor is the man that offered me a position in the Grey Watch, asking both Elle and I for assistance when needed. I begrudgingly accepted, later to be inducted by the leader, Savage Stripe. Although Victor is an odd one, he seems nice.
  • Gazellie - Elle is my longest lived friend, and at this time, my first ever relationship. We grew up together for a few years, staying close in her hometown of Maputo in Mozambique. I would like to think that she's my best friend and will always be that way. After she left with her family, I soon chased after, but took an alternate route to find her, taking my time by heading north to Europe. Since coming to Paragon City, Elle and I have once again become close.
  • Jake Love - Jake is an interesting person. He's constantly talking about himself as a plural; always saying us or we. Although, he has proven himself in several fights and has proven to be a friendly person overall. Would I deny him a spot as a friend? No.
  • Polaris Zeppelin - Polaris is an odd one, but a guy who's potentially saved me a couple times. Although his attitude seems to be focused on that he thinks his pet demons are more powerful then anything else, he still comes in handy in a fight; if not just a distraction.
  • Savage Stripe - I've fought alongside Henry a few times, but haven't really gotten the chance to sit down and talk. I'm sure he's a nice enough guy, just always busy, but I guess that's the downfall of being the leader of your own group. I sorta feel bad for him now, though. Saw his old friend Thunderhead die at his feet, along with his daughter, Alicia. But I haven't seen anyone stronger then him.

錄音六: Recording Six: Notes

  • My Chinese Zodiac sign is the monkey. Although I'd like to think that I'm not necessarily a trickster, I guess I can see myself as having been one. The sub-category of monkey, that my birthday suggests, is Water Monkey.
  • I tend to stay in my own little space, reluctant to meet many new people that I already haven't. Elle says that this is due to my self confidence being low. So, we've been trying to work on it.
  • I never stayed in a country more then a few days to a week until I met Elle, where I stayed in Mozambique, Africa for several years.
  • I'm a history buff. I love history in all it's forms. The type of history that I focus on the most though happens to be wars and the art of war. Seeing all the different ways, and the lengths people go to to kill one another, fascinates me. I guess you could say that's why I'm so strict on not killing while on patrol.
  • My rank in the team The Grey Watch is Team Leader. I asked for this position, and plan on not letting Savage Stripe down.

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