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Hero. Vigilante. Villain. Monster.

The last survivor of an alien world. The last hunter of a doomed species.

He is their Memory.

Shadowed Memory
Witness for the Fallen
Player: @The Flea
Real Name Jake Love
Known Aliases: Shadowed Honour, Shadowed Memory, Flea, Bugman
Species: Flea Paragon
DOB: Spring Season, date unknown
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 246 lbs
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: N/A
Citizenship: Extradimensional
Place of Birth: Primordial Earth (Dimension 8473AV)
Base of Operations Mobile
Marital Status: On and Off Relationship
Known Relatives: Danielle Love (daughter), Stephanie Love (daughter), Maggie Love (sister)
Powers: Flea Traits and Physiology
Abilities: Weapons Mastery, Cultural Fighting styles, Hunting and Tracking Skills
Equipment: Memory, Tribal Weaponry

Flea is an alien outsider, forever cut off from his own world and stranded on a world that hates and fears him. He is hot tempered, quick to anger and quicker to act and as such has a history of violence and conflict which few are willing to wholly forgive and forget. Yet despite all this he is also protective, keeping his 'new' Clan close, ready to act to protect them should they come under threat. Compared to others he is serious, almost grim in his outlook on life and this has become more pronounced with recent events which have occured.


Primordial Earth

    Jake's story begins on an Earth vastly different from our own. The air is highly toxic, the landscape volatile and the native lifeforms all hyper aggressive and resilient on a scale that this world cannot comprehend. It was here that he was born, raised as a member of a warrior clan of a species that existed as defiant raiders and barbarians, alone against the more highly advanced civilisations of their world.

    During his time there he made a number of allies, some of which would be encountered again, some years after his sudden and unexplained disappearance from that world...((Click for more information on Primordial Earth and her people.))

Legacy History

    Not all heroes start as angels. Scant hours after his arrival in Primal Earth the facility responsible for the abduction of Jake and his clan-brother came under attack from Arachnos. During this assault the two alien arrivals proved their worth taking down a number of superior equipped and armed foes despite their disorientation from their sudden relocation. And yet in the end numbers proved superior dragging one of the two down and away for their own purposes, leaving the broken forces of Longbow and Portal Corp to recover in the aftermath.

    Several months later Longbow operations came under attack by an unknown and previously unencountered metahuman threat in the employ of Arachnos. Further incidents revealed this to be the missing Flea, having since been trained and indoctrinated by Arachnos, programmed to act as a living weapon and striking hard, fast and efficiently against leadership targets in Longbow's forward bases. Soon enough Paragon's heroes found themselves under attack by this same weapon which seemed to live for the thrill of the hunt...((Click here for complete details.))

Shattered Minds, Shattered Souls, Shattered Allegiances

    Following Jake's open betrayal of Arachnos as well as the ongoing issues with his 'other' and the state of his mind he found himself wandering aimlessly in a terrible state of being. His moods were irrational and his aggressive natures were seeking more suitable targets to hunt. The end result was an aggressive and destructive campaign against both Crey and Malta which quickly caught the public eye. Already a known 'hero hunter' the public were taken aback by this sudden shift in stance and support began to build up.

    However, even as this one man campaign of vengeance gained public support his mindscape was in a state of collapse. The damage done from his betrayal of Arachnos was beginning to take its toll and soon enough he needed the assistance of those few heroes he had met that were willing to believe he could change. The result was an arcane ritual, designed to expunge the fragment of his other that was causing so much damage and destroy it completely. However, such was this fragment's desire to live and destroy that those heroes came under attack and it escaped. The result haunts Jake to this day, existing as the monstrous and twisted version of himself known as Despair.

Monsters and Heroes

    His mind healing and public opinion of him turning around this was the start of a new age for Jake. The world seemed prepared to accept him and to trust him as a hero, rather than to view him as an errant monster. However this was not always to be the case. Though Jake thrived in the hero community, working hard to build bridges and form bonds similar to the clan-bonds of his home dimension there was always the seed of doubt, as well as the memories of those he had offended or injured in his attempts to change.

    The first attack came against his new family in Maggie's Rock when the Rikti returned for a second, renewed offensive. While fighting to save the children he in turn was attacked, brought down low by the resilient and nightmarish spawn of his other. Despair had survived and it had used the attentions of the Rikti as cover for its own infiltration. Worse still was the realisation that Despair had been involved in a number of unexplained and unconnected attacks on various friends and family of Jake. Injured and weak Jake himself began to suffer the first seeds of doubt. The concern that he might be dangerous to those around him.

    This event and his subsequent self-imposed exile and 'World Tour' ((Click here for complete details)) would plant the seeds of the events to follow in coming months. Wherever he found hope, doubt swiftly followed. Friends and family had begun to turn against him and his various connections to different groups of heroes had started to become an obstacle as many questioned the nature of his commitments. In addition, old enemies were waiting to strike and did so without hesistating, abducting his daughter Stephanie and turning her against him even as those closest to him abandoned him

    The result was devastating. He lost control. He slipped and went feral, butchering his way to Eden to hide and avoid the world. Any chance of nobility was all but lost until events unfolded with The Palladium Sentry and the abduction of Divine Maiden. It was this event that would ultimately splinter the group and it was this event that would leave the deepest impression of Jake in the memories of the many. A journey to the Underworld, a confrontation with a god and a sacrifice...though he returned nearly a year later he was never the same and all bonds of kinship were lost.

A New Purpose: Watchman

    Jake remained absent from the public eye for a number of years. He had all but abandoned his new clan and those few allies he had made in the hero world. For a while he was forgotten. A relic living in the jungles of Eden, a monster alone amongst its own kind. At least, until the emergence of others. For while Jake had faded away into obscurity, Despair had not, choosing to exist as a twisted angelic enforcer for ERA and contributing to their actions against Paragon. Heeding the call to arms once more Jake emerged from the wilderness and started to walk the path of the hero once more.

    Yet he was still alone. There was no kinship. No clan. He was an exile amongst his older allies and untrusted by the newer generation of heroes. In addition the older heroes still knew him as a hunter and a deadly killer in his own right. He persisted, fighting where he could, even as an exile and in time he was directed toward a group known as The Grey Watch. They too had a history which was being rebuilt. They too could remember times the younger generation could not.

    It was a natural fit, though Jake's more surly moods proved awkward for the sake of interaction. Recent events however brought about a change. Recently Jake had suffered a tragedy and a loss unlike anything he had encountered before and when he returned from where he had disappeared off too...things were different. Gone was the anger and hatred, gone was the childish attitude. Instead his moods were more sombre, almost grim at points. He was a survivor and now his attentions had turned toward the younger ones, seeking to guide them along the right path rather than letting them suffer as he had once.

    Recent events have gone from bad to worse. Jake's new clan, the one which he has most recently learned to value and dedicated himself to wholly following his return has sundered, going their seperate ways. As such he is on his own once again, a lone hunter seemingly destined to wander from place to place, offering wisdom and assistance where needed as he continues to attempt to redeem himself and restore his lost honour. ((The details of his journey will occur as the 'SG', The Last Hunter.))

Powers, Abilities and Equipment
Following the catastrophic events that occured in recent times on his homeworld many of Flea's abilities and equipment are nothing more than the natural abilities his kind once possessed and the weaponry they favoured. His species are already well beyond human capabilities, in part due to physiology and in part due to their environment and he applies these abilities to Primal Earth in order to protect those who need it.

Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill


  Fleastrengthico.png Enhanced Strength:
Due to his species' somewhat unique physiology Jake is significantly stronger than a human, able to lift up to close to a ton without signs of physical harm. In addition this allows him to leap great distances.
  Fleaagilityico.png Enhanced Agility:
Like the species he has evolved from Jake is exceptionally agile, well above the levels of Olympic level human athletes.
  Fleareflexesico.png Enhanced Reflexes:
Due to a combination of enhanced agility and the psionic Brood Link Jake's reflexes are above Olympic level athletes. He is capable of making split second reactions and decisions and as such can be exceptionally difficult to land a hit on.
  Fleatoxmetico.png Toxic Metabolism:
Due to evolving in a highly toxic environment the Flea species has evolved a metabolism that not only provides natural immunity to approximately 94% of known toxins and venoms but also a capability to synthesise and metabolise these compounds when exposed to them.
  Fleabroodlinkico.png Brood Link:
As a hunting species the Fleas had a singular distinct trait compared to the others of the world - a low grade form of psionics known as the Brood Link. Through this they transmitted base instincts and emotions, with the result of a terrifyingly effective pack of hunters that moved and acted as one. However, the downside was that the moment one felt pain or lost control they all did, slipping into a terrifying berserker rage that made the hunt turn into a slaughter.


  Fleaweaponmaico.png Weapon Mastery:
Jake has an inherent ability which allows him to utilise and master any weapon he picks up, further reinforced by his brief periods as a gladiator within the Legion arena and as a hunter in service of Arachnos.
  Fleaberserkico.png Berserker Rage:
Jake is capable of slipping into a terrifying berserker rage, much in the same manner as a locust when it swarms. When triggered the spines grow outward, forming external armour, his strength increases significantly and his regenerative abilities kick into overdrive. In addition his mind becomes so unfocused that telepaths and psions often have great difficulty trying to connect.
  Fleahunterico.png Hunter's Step:
Jake is a master hunter, capable of utilising his surroundings to great effect and blending in even when it seems impossible to do so.


  Fleatribalico.png Tribal Weaponry:
Jake possesses a number of tribal weapons, having since abandoned the newer trappings he had acquired prior to his return to Primordial Earth. These weapons are a pair of tarnished metal daggers and an ornate longsword. He also tends to carry a shield of hide and bone.
  Fleamemoryico.png Memory:
Memory is the totem-spear of the Memory-Keepers of Jake's clan. As the last survivor of his species and his clan he was handed the spear down by the Oldtimer and has taken the duty of Memory-Keeper both for his lost world and his 'new' clan on Primal Earth.
  Fleaspinesico.png Spines:
Like all Fleas Jake possesses an internal skeletal structure that consist of retractable chitinous spines. These spines are lethal weapons, capable of ripping through flesh and armour to deliver their toxic payloads.
  Fleatoxicico.png Toxins:
Linked to the Toxic Metabolism, Jake is capable of synthesising a large variety of venoms and toxins and applying them in numerous ways. Most often these are through the grooves and channels of the spines but also can be produced through his blood or saliva, often functioning as an impromptu weapon in melee. Many a foe have stumbled back in shock after having venom spat at them.
  Fleatalonsico.png Talons:
Jake's fingers end in sharp, hooked talons, capable of ripping through flesh and fabric with ease. In addition they help keep a grip on surfaces as he climbs, crawls or scales them.


  • Global Defense Force: The GDF are a group that almost mirrors the changes Jake has gone through in his own life, rising again from the ashes of The Palladium Sentry. As such several of this group are familiar faces to him and he has history with most. However, few have interacted with him since his return from his homeworld. Only time will tell how his new outlook on life is seen by former allies and friends. Notable members include Dawnshift, who seems a lot less uptight and arrogant and Black Authority who has always considered him a capable ally and warrior.
  • Xanatos: The Blue Man and Jake probably have some of oldest history both as enemies and allies of all those Jake has known. Originally set on opposite sides of the lines of the angels and devils Xanatos was once considered prime prey for Jake when he worked as a hero-hunter. Yet following his defection from Arachnos and his decision to change his outlook Xanatos served as a source of encouragement, though he did not trust the former hunter in the slightest. In more recent times Xanatos has found himself questioning his moral stances and had come to the old hunter for advice, wondering exactly how he fought on in a world where allegiances could shift so drastically.
  • Aglow: Lilah and Jake once worked together in the same group and much like another mutual friend Lilah always believed there was something more to Jake than an angry and bitter outsider that he had allowed himself to become. There had been a number of times she had brought him out of the wilderness and back into the world and as such he considers her a true friend. She is also responsible for his acquisition of a second cat, which has since been renamed Grumps simply for the moody look on its face.
  • The Reciprocators: Having only encountered them as a group recently, but having known some of their number for a while now Jake is somewhat cautious about this group. Their purpose seems straightforward and indeed it is something he approves of for it matches the ways of his own people but in the same respect he wasn't entirely thrilled about their desire to 'study' Mot. Notable members include Disheartener, who seems quite willing to counter-grumble the old bug, The Noisebomb, who's enthusiastic nature sometimes grated against Jake's and The Crux Enigma, who was probably mortified at Jake's previous links with Hades and the dead and probably will more tolerant of his nature with Memory.
  • Luficia: Jake in some ways considers Lufi to be an ally, though he suspects the feeling is not mutual. He sees her as yet another example of the younger generation that needs protection and guidance, particularly after the recent events on his homeworld and as such has decided to stick around and offer his gruff sort of guidance when least appreciated. If only to stop them getting themselves hurt.
  • The People Of Primordial Earth (Survivors and Exiles): Though all are now deceased, following the tragic events of the Vanguard expedition to his home dimension Jake considered his people to be his closest allies. They shaped who he would be and his actions with them, whether as part of the Exiles within the Legion arenas or as one of the Survivors striking against the Rikti have reminded him of what his path is life ultimately is to be. As such he carries Memory, the totem spear of his clan, having inherited it from the Oldtimer as well as that role of duty, keeping the memories of his own people alive as well as those he meets and befriends upon Primal Earth.

Legacy Allies

  • Maggie's Rock: Once they were his family, his new clan and the ones closest to the former villain as he struggled to cope in a world that saw him as nothing more than a monster. For this he is eternally grateful and keeps a place for them in his Memory, though the relationship between them had changed over the years and they had grown apart.
  • Redwinged: Once Red and Jake dated. It was a complicated relationship born of two old soldiers who could remember death and pain, enjoyed the hunt, had an equal tolerance for alcohol and were frightening aggressive and violent around one another. Brought together by Maggie Love, Jake's sister thought they were a decent match. Unfortunately the second Rikti assault saw Red go AWOL, attempting to escape the past that had haunted her, leaving him in his hour of need alone and feeling abandoned.
  • Smersh: Maggie's ex-husband and once a close and trusted friend of Jake. That is until he broke an oath and decided it was a wise idea to try and abduct a child to save the child. The two had a grudging respect for eachother as warriors though Jake's unpredictable nature often grated against Smersh's strong sense of organisation. There is still this respect, though life has moved on for them both.
  • The Palladium Sentry: The first 'hero' group to consider him as more than an uncontrolled and unconvicted monster it was here that his true career as a hero of sorts began. Through thick and thin they stuck beside him and within this group he filled the role of the wild card, doing what needed to be done so that others would not tarnish their souls by it. There was a grudging respect for him, both for his combat prowess and for his battlefield knowledge and tactics from when he once hunted the greatest of prey. Notable members of this group included Divine Maiden, who always believed there was good in his heart and Knight Sentinel who respected him for his different culture and approach to the world that so few heroes saw.
  • Nurse White and Rose Maiden: Lizzie and Seri were always friends with the moody insect and often dragged his sombre, moody self into what can only be described as shenanigans. Ranging from selling all his crap on Fleabay (which he still does not forgive) to rushing headlong into more Rikti than sense he has fond memories of this pair. However time is a cruel mistress, taking Seri from the world, causing the break up of the group as each went their own seperate ways in mourning. He still refuses to acknowledge Lizzie as an Incarnate of Shoes however. Seriously.
  • Shadowstormm: This vigilante got on famously well with Jake, even after his relationship with Seri went south. The pair, along with a handful of others were remarkably violent and brutal towards evil, often with assistance from a different sort of evil altogether. Following Seri's death and the coming of the Shivans they lost touch and Jake has yet to see his old ally again.
  • Quinton Vance: Another vigilante with a similar approach to the law as Shadowstormm and yet another former member of their small group of ragtags and strays. Quinton was always hard edged and disciplined and respected Jake as a warrior and for that he was thankful. However, Jake's naturally unorthodox methods were always a source of slight mistrust and neither was completely at ease around the other, despite Liz and Seri's best attempts to mediate. Quinton left Paragon shortly before the group's structure collapsed and has not returned yet.

The Grey Watch (Legacy)

  • Savage Stripe: The Grey Watch's leader and spirit, the last survivor of the original Grey Watch. Jake has many things in common with Stripe - they're both monstrous in appearance, both the last of their kind and both old soldiers of an old war and despite reservations of the rest of the world Stripe still believes there is more to the feral hunter than he lets on. This belief is one of the things that keeps Jake going and determined to tread the path of the angels.
  • Blast Cycle: There seems to be several similarities between Jake and Blast Cycle, in terms of their history and their desire to reform. However, they have yet to interact with one another properly. The last time they met it was a case of Jake's now absent 'other' rising to challenge whatever had decided to possess Blast Cycle, a situation which was never properly resolved. Still, Stripe has faith in the youth just as he has in the old hunter so there must be something worth trusting there.
  • Amplifye: Unsurprisingly Amp's chosen sexuality is the last thing Jake cares about. If anything he has a respect for her capabilities and leadership though by no means would he consider himself a subordinate to her. He was also slightly disturbed by the enthusiasm displayed when he was required to rough over a thug for information. Though his own nature is particularly brutal and feral, seeing that in another has him somewhat cautious about them.
  • Switchkick: Jake's approach to this youth has always been the one of an old soldier keeping an eye out for the younger generation, moreso following the traumatic events which occured during his absence upon his homeworld. He believes Switchkick is one of those who has potential and is determined to see that potential emerge, even if it means roughing up potential threats in the shadows.
  • Gazellie: Another young one that Jake has decided to play brutally efficient feral mentor to, Gaz is remarkably skittish and nervous about him. Of course, that is probably due to the fact he is a rather large and dangerous predator and she is sort of gazelle like and as such not too comfortable about things with the potential to eat her. Still, he thinks she too has potential, so long as whatever relationship is between her and Switchkick doesn't interfere in the heat of combat.


  • Despair Unbound: Despair will always be Jake's greatest and most deadly foe. An alternate timeline spawned this horror, where his now deceased other's spawn formed a parasitic rather than symbiotic relationship with its host and turned it to little more than a living engine of hatred and destruction. Little is known of Despair's native timeline save that all other living creatures are dead and it would appear as well that Despair's 'host' is also little more than a decaying corpse held together by the parasite's will. Having openly attacked Jake's friends and family in the past Despair has shown no signs of honour or leaving the innocent out of their war and will doubtless strike again.
  • Flea Mark Zero: Zero, like Despair is another product of yet another alternate timeline, though this time the deceased other's spawn had formed a twisted symbiosis in a mockery of the one Jake once had. However, unlike Despair and his rampages Zero's own actions have not been openly destructive. Instead the doppelganger has set to playing political games, switching allegiances back and forth to set major players against one another. For a while it had seemed that Zero had defected to Praetoria but this was quickly shown to be false as he abandoned Tyrant in his hour of need.
  • Agent Rogue Epsilon: A Malta agent responsible for the abduction of one of those who performed the ritual to save Jake's fracturing mind Epsilon suffered the full fury of a mentally unhinged and berserk Jake Love. As a result he had both arms ripped from his sockets and ended up having to receive crude, inefficient cybernetic replacements. Disappearing off the radar for a number of years he has recently resurfanced though what his plans are remain unknown. He is also shown to have been connected to Project Idol, the same Malta project that Jake rescued his daughter Stephanie from.
  • Codename Devilfish: It's hard to categorise this man as either an enemy or an ally, though his unpredictable actions, seemingly reckless abandonment of those close to him and arrogant nature tend to set him at odds against Jake and his feral code of honour more often than not. Still, there is an irritating, niggling thought that those closest to Jake would rather not see the feral hunter harm this man and as such his hand and spear are stayed, for the time being. But opinions can change and in the future who knows what will happen...

Legacy Enemies

  • Karnal Sin: Following his service in the Dark Dominion Jake harboured what could only be seen as a petty and fickle hatred of the one who had once been in a sense responsible for his actions. He held her responsible to the deeds that had tarnished his honour yet over time and in particular following the most recent events now sees this as futile and irrelevant. The past is past. What was done was done and the memory can never be changed, try as one might.
  • Urban Jackal: During his 'world tour' Jake came across this Irish mutant and worked against a hit he had been assigned. As such bad blood rose between the two but seeing as Jack slipped off into inactivity and has yet to surface in an aggressive manner against Jake he can no longer really be considered a viable threat.
  • Victor Van Braun: Once a threat to the Palladium Sentry and to those associated with Knight Sentinel, Van Braun became something of a priority target for Jake and those he had been assigned to work on his 'black ops' team. Always considered the prize he was never caught by the hunters and over time faded into obscurity as the world changed. One thing remains however; the promise that should Van Braun emerge again then he will become prey once more.

  • Jake has long been my personal 'signature' character though the concept of a meta-powered Flea as a character started as a joke on another friend's account when he was showing the game off to myself.
  • Jake draws heavy inspiration from the Predator aliens as well as the nomadic and hunting traditions of various cultures such as the Native Americans, Aboriginal people and Celts. For some reason this bizarre mix of honour and tradition helps to make him seem all the more alien in a world where modern cultures seem to have eschewed these particular traits.
  • Recent developments have also seen some aspects of Buddhism come into his character. It's what happens when you watch the entirety of Avatar in a week and a half.
  • Furthermore there has been a recent 'reboot' of concept, bringing him closer to these inspirations and taking him further away from the more 'modern' mess of a character he had become.
  • Flea is currently looking for a SG. I seem to be cursed to forever wander alone like some sort of nomad with regards to SGs.
  • Jake is known for being one of first characters to ICly switch from villain to hero. Only took the game about four years to catch up and make it possible to properly switch the redside stalker over to blue (rather than the existing blueside alts).
  • Jake is known for RPvP. He used to regularly hunt Sirens Call and Warburg a while back and his player was a former leader in the Lions Den PvP SG from Victory server. Currently he RPvPs for shits and giggles. Not worth being serious anymore.
  • No, that is not a costume Jake is wearing. He is a six foot plus hyper evolved insect. No, he's not a furry. He is not here to indulge your fetishes.
  • Jake has various builds but all try to stick to the original concepts - Spine/SR stalker, Spine/Invuln scrapper, DB/SR scrapper, BS/Shield scrapper, Str/SR stalker and now a final build of a Staff/WP scrapper.
  • Yes, this is a final build. There will be no more. None. The legacy ends here.
  • Yes, I know there is no 'primitive' spear model in game. At the moment I use a trident coloured white and bone. If you imagine how the White Spear looks in 10,000 BC then you're thinking along the right lines.
  • There is a lot of real-world fact in aspects of Flea's physiology, from the atmospheric conditions of Primordial Earth (allowing his size) to the physical transformation his species suffers when they seek death (based on the 'swarm' metamorphosis undergone by African locusts).
  • Flea's player lives in the future. England to be precise. As such getting proper RP tends to play merry hell on his sleeping patterns, which explains his absences and his desire for folks to wake him via Skype if possible as otherwise his body will defy alarm clocks and nap on.
  • Flea has two cats. You and Grumps. You is partially based on the player's own cat, which is an adorable and soppy pure black cat by the name of Elle. Elle does not eat fish, does not destroy everything, has learned not to cross the streams and is quite content to hug cartons of milk. No, seriously, she hugs them.
  • This is not my own coding. All credit goes to Rae, who did the work on the pages for Red-Havok, Foxy Ferret and a number of others. All I did was commit glorified piracy with hex color code swaps. It's really the equivalent of building Frankenstein's Monster with duct tape and a stapler onto an existing template.

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