The Gray Watch

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The Grey Watch
Founder: Savage Stripe
Side: Hero
Motto: 'Semper Vigilans'
Leader(s): Savage Stripe
Logo: Torch
Group Colours: Gray and White
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): All
Recruiting: Currently Recruiting
Contact: @Blast Cycle or @ScottytheC
No additional information available.

The New Grey Watch

The Grey Watch, once a small group of friends and allies that fell on hard times. The story of this new Grey Watch begins with a former soldier and current member of the team, Savage Stripe. It was meant to be only a simple, laid back night in Pocket D's famous Ski Chalet. Savage Stripe, or Henry, had been chatting with a few friends when he received a list of text messages. Even with the old tigers age, it didn't take him long to realize what those texts were for. Members of the old Grey Watch had been captured by an unknown criminal syndicate. After telling his friends of the situation, each of them unanimously decided to help the now troubled Henry. The group of four headed off to The Grey Watch base in hopes of finding some sort of clue to the kidnappers.

Upon entering the base, it was clear someone was there; trash was strewn across the floor, heavy boot marks were scattered, and blood was splattered across the wall and lay in puddles. The group stood motionless as they attempted to piece together what may have happened, but with the quick thinking of Blast Cycle, he was able to pull up a camera feed of the events. The group witnessed the brutal attack on the Hero Silvatrine before being taken by Council agents, along with several of the other Heroes. Enraged by this, Savage Stripe asked Blast Cycle if he could locate where they may have taken the Gray Watch members. Blast Cycle was successful with this, finding where the Council was holding a Grey Watch informant by the name of Fryre in Peregrine Island.

The group moved into the base, beating their way to Fryre and rescuing him from the Council. Fryre explained to the group that the rest of the Gray Watch had been killed, and that Savage Stripe was the last remaining member. After a solemn goodbye, Fryre left the Heroes to their thoughts. The Hero, Quickline, was able to aid Blast Cycle in finding the Council Company's name and division number by quickly thinking of taking a badge off of a higher ranking officer in the small base. Blast Cycle was able to locate the CO of the company, pulling up records of prior arrests, as well, only to find that the Archon had been arrested several times by The Grey Watch before.

Savage Stripe followed Blast Cycle into battle as the group of four invaded yet another Council base, but this time in vengeance. The group came upon the Council leader and quickly dispatched her. As Savage Stripe was preparing to take the now unconscious body to the Ziggursky, Blast Cycle stopped him and asked for a moment to search her. Henry agreed, allowing the Hero to search. To everyone's surprise, he was successful in finding a thumb drive on the body. Taking it to a nearby computer and plugging it in, they found that possibly a member of the Watch was still alive, but didn't have long before being executed.

The group found the base with only minutes to spare and fought their way through the guards. Blast Cycle and Quickline, stayed behind with the young heroine, Amplifye, while Savage Strike sped forward through the base, stopping the execution of the young Hero Thunderhead. After the other three caught up, Thunderhead explained to the group how they were captured, and how Silvatrine and Bolter never even made it out of the base alive. After an attempt to calm the hysterical Thunderhead, the veteran hero left, saying he was not cut out to be a hero any more, leaving the group to themselves.

The group headed back to the Grey Watch base, where the three friends of Henry attempted to lift his spirits. It was truly only lifted when Blast Cycle] suggested that Savage Stripe reform the Grey Watch. He agreed, and offered a place for Quickline and Amplifye in the team. They accepted with eagerness and the three new team-mates looked to [[[Blast Cycle]], who had stepped up and lead them through this endeavor. Savage Stripe knew that he could not join their team due to other affiliations, but offered him a communicator anyway. He took it, and offered to lead the group for the time being and get them on their feet before handing over the role of Commander to the reluctant Savage Stripe.

Now the story begins for this newly reformed team, 'The Grey Watch!Italic text

Name Rank Origin Archetype Level Summary Status
Savage Stripe Leader Mutation Brute 50 Tony the Boy Scout Tiger, former soldier, great leader. Active
Blast Cycle Contact/Deputy Commander Mutation Blaster/Corruptor 50/50 Motivator and fearless mentor. Active
Amplifye Deputy Commander Magic Corruptor 50 The heart and soul of the group. Active
Quickline Former Deputy Commander Science Scrapper 21 Sarcastic speedster Resigned
Inky Ping Watchman First Class Technology Defender 14 The dripping goo Active
Kid Arsenal Watchman First Class Natural Corruptor 20 The weapons guy. Active
Chloromelt Watchman Third Class Mutation Dominator 50 The scientific Vigilante Active
Phaserip Probationer Mutation Blaster 28 The brain behind the tech and sneaky stuff. Active
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