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Blast Shadow
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 50/46
Personal Data
Real Name: Thomas Jackson
Known Aliases: Thomas or Tom Black
Species: Mutant
Age: 34
Height: changes by mood usually 6'8"
Weight: 0
Eye Color: Glowing Green
Hair Color: Matte Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Professional Costumed villain
Place of Birth: Ziggursky Prison
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Father - Hikaru Sato aka Blast Shadow 1(deceased) Mother - Stacy Jackson aka Shadow Fire (whereabouts unknown)
Known Powers
Photokinesis, and Photonic Being
Known Abilities
To manipulate photons to create a myriad of effects, also as a photonic entity most forms of harm can at most only disperse him.
his hat is the only thing on him that is not made purely of photons, and then only some of the time.
No additional information available.




Thomas Jackson was born on a bland march day, after a Paragon PD’s finest had after a long stand off with the original Blast Shadow, and his pregnant girl friend and partner in crime Shadow Fire. The stand off ended when Shadow Fire went into labor. 36 hours later Thomas Jackson was born in the infirmary of The Ziggursky Prison. He was then taken into child protective services. The next 15 years he spent bouncing from foster home to foster home through out Paragon City and its suburbs, raised in every fashion and religion one could think of one year he celebrated Hanukkah the next Ramadan the next Kwanzaa. He never stayed with a family more then a handful of months. He was as one social worker called him, “Just a bad seed.”

He met his father 3 times during his childhood, when the notorious outlaw would get arrested and jailed; young Tom would get to visit his dad. During the first of those visits when he was only 5 he got to sit with his dad and watch Warren Oates’ in Dillinger. This sparked in odd fascination with the great bank robbers. Young Tom loved the stories of Jesse James, John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and Andre Stander. He was always cheering the bad guy where his dad on the news or his other heroes in the movies.

When he was 15 his father died in shot in the chest while robbing a bank in Steel Canyon. The man who killed him got a medal. The next day Tom was arrested for grand theft auto and armed robbery. He spent the next three years in Paragons very progressive Juvenile detention facilities. He acquired his diploma while passing the time during this stay.

The notorious outlaw Blast Shadow Rides again

One other thing happened while Thomas Jackson was serving his time in Juvee, His skin started to darken, he had always been a bit light skinned, but even with the sparse exposure to sunlight he was getting he was a deep brown by his 18th birthday. Shortly after his release he got his first and to date only real job he has ever had. He worked down at the docks in Independence Port, He hated it, but with the money he could afford the rent on a slum apartment in Kings Row. The long days loading and unloading turned his skin coal black in less then two months, when his review came up so he could formally join the union he was denied. No Mutants worked for that Union which was just a front for the family anyway.

He was furious and green beams of light from his eyes burned two holes in the wall of his bosses office. when he got home he went up to the roof of his apartment and spent a week practicing with his green lasers on coke bottles, before he felt he was ready to don his fathers mantle and make the world remember the name Blast Shadow. He put on a black cowboy hat, a black bandana around his mouth, and a trench coat and robbed a liquor store, actually seven that night. He was arrested when he passed out stone drunk in an alley outside his apartment still in his makeshift costume with the money in his pockets.

Professional villainy

more to come


He considers being a villain to be a noble, and time honored profession. A needed niche in society to keep it healthy, and to keeps its protectors strong. If there had not been 70 years of costume villainy to create a legion of superheros before the Rikti War what would have happened to earth. He is professional when he works, rarely harms civilians, avoids lethal force against police, and fellow super humans, and is polite to those he robs.


-Excerpt from Ziggursky Prison file-

The most visible aspect of his powers are his black skin, this is do to the fact that he absorbs nearly 100% of all light energy that hits him. He can also with concentration draw the light and heat out of area or a person. This leaves the area or person cold and partially blinded and possibly disoriented.

He then stores this energy in his body, though is constantly releasing small amounts through his eyes so that he can see. He can see in any spectrum of light, though often only views the world in green. He can focus it into blasts of green laser light. more recently he has been able to create semisolid holograms as well. He can also uses this energy to heal wounds through a process not fully understood at this time.

-recent events-

After causing a nuclear blast over the isles a few months his physical body was obliterated. a few weeks later he reformed himself in the Zig. Apparently he has a strong connection to the prison. His new body is formed out of photons, in the place of atoms. Theorized by mortal man that he is simply held together by his own will. It is exhausting to hold himself together and for when he looses conscientiousness he has a mirrored box in the IE base.


He is a member of Inevitable Evolution.

Friends and allies

Run Riot

Amanda Vertra

the Nether Thing

Character Inspiration

A good amount of Inspiration for this character is from Captain Cold one of my favorite villains.

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