Blazing Angel Akiko

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Blazing Angel Akiko
Player: @PyroICFFII
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Akiko Kanzaki
Known Aliases: Pretty Magical Soldier Magnificent Blazing Angel Akiko, Aki, BAA
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese/American
Occupation: Magical Girl
Place of Birth: Sapporo
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Fiery Aura, Heavenly Justice Strike, Enhanced Strength
Known Abilities
Strategist, Charismatic
Big Mallet (Hammer of Justice)
No additional information available.

"Aki is like the Buddha, except if you meet her on the road she kills *you*." - @Meagen



Cheerful, relaxed and confident, Aki is frequently to be found laughing in the face of danger and mocking it's haircut. Even out of combat she is fond of the direct approach and rarely prevaricates, even in situations where tact would, perhaps, be a better approach.

A firm believer in allowing people the freedom to make whatever choices they want, Aki will nonetheless beat the crap out of you if you're doing something she thinks is wrong. She sees nothing contradictory about this.


Aki's powers are drawn from the angelic entity sharing her body. This provides a theoretically unlimited source of energy, but in practice is restricted by the fact that drawing too much would result in Aki immolating herself.

Fiery Aura

A shield of holy fire, capable of both protecting it's user from damage, healing them, and damaging their enemies. This power is even capable of raising it's user from the dead, in an explosive burst of flames that severely harms anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it. Even when inactive, this seems to render Aki highly resistant to most toxins and diseases.

Heavenly Justice Strike

By calling upon divine power, Aki is able to dramatically increase her strength for a few moments.

Enhanced Strength

Even without using her Heavenly Justice Strike, Aki is impressively strong, capable of swinging a hammer that weighs almost as much as she does around effortlessly and stomping on the ground with enough force to knock foes off their feet.


As she has had to look after herself since she was orphaned in the Rikti war, Aki is surprisingly capable for a teenager. Since becoming Blazing Angel Akiko, she has also begun remembering parts of her past lives. This is rarely relevant in the 20th century, where people do not need to know how to catch their own lunch, but has given her something of a gift for languages, as over the years the mantle of Blazing Angel has found itself in wars in many locations around the globe. This is less useful than it seems, as languages can change quite a lot in the centuries since she learned them.


Although rarely used, Aki's abilities as a general are sharp. The mantle of Blazing Angel has been passed from warrior to warrior for millennia, and with their memories comes their understanding of war and strategy.


Simply put, Aki is naturally good at command. She has an aura of leadership, and people tend to fight better in her presence.


Aki fights with a large stone hammer. Noone is entirely sure where it goes when she isn't using it. The Brigands have also acquired a large collection of Magical tomes and random artifacts, largely because Azuria keeps losing them if they're turned over to MAGI.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Although hardly fragile, Aki is vulnerable to the cold, and generally fares poorly against anyone capable of using it to slow her down.


Aki is the current Supreme Dictator for Life of the Brigands of Light, a job she rather enjoys, despite the fact that she has almost no chance of getting a harem of bishounen to fan her with leaves and feed her grapes. She has also worked extensively with the Do-Gooders and the DFB Crew.

Individual Allies

Foxtrot Juliet

Despite their technically being on opposite sides, Aki gets along amazingly well with Juliet, and has considerable respect for her abilities, if not her methods. They have fought to stalemate on several occasions, usually until one or both of them are defeated by a surprise attack from someone else. They both seem to have enjoyed these fights.

Sweet Song

Aki seems to view Song as a student, and has, with varying degrees of success, been attempting to explain her personal philosophy to her. She also takes great delight in embarrassing Song. Which is, admittedly, not hard.

Silver Gale

Although they have worked extensively together and Aki acknowledges Gale's considerable magical abilities, she is of the opinion that Gale still lacks wisdom. Or, to put it in a more Akish way, tends to do stupid stuff. Although this occasionally strains their relationship, the pair do work well together most of the time.

Azure Freeze

Despite having threatened to kill Azure and wipe all trace of her ever having existed from the world, Aki and Az are now, if not friendly, then at least relaxed in each others presence. The fact that the latter now has a part of Aki's soul (willingly given), may have something to do with this, as it mellowed Azure somewhat. Well. More "burned out the demonic taint" than mellowed, but you get the picture. Aki has considerably more respect for Azure than she does for her counterpart.

Broken Hex

Aki greatly enjoys Hex's company, appreciates his acerbic wit (even when it's aimed at her) and respects his ability to get things done. He is one of the very few people who Aki implicitly trusts the judgment of. They may be dating. Sort of.


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