Silver Gale

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Silver Gale
Player: @Meagen
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Megan Knight
Known Aliases: Kunoichi_Kimiko, Cryptic Kiss
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'8" (175 cm)
Weight: 132lb (60 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: College student
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Founder's Falls
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Parents
Known Powers
Spellcasting, flight, energy drain
Known Abilities
Mystic sense, alchemy, l33t gamer skillz
Magic jewel belt
Is a witch, not a Viccan

"I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid... and I went ahead anyway." - Crow T. Robot, Mystery Science Theatre: the Movie

"With great power come great perks." - Silver Gale

Silver Gale is a well-known heroine, a powerful witch, and an avatar of Wind. In her civilian identity, Megan Knight is a student of Occult Arts at the University of Paragon, the single daughter of the CEO of Knight Industries, and an avatar of pwn4g3.



Open and friendly, usually cheerful, optimistic, even cocky, grinning and witty in the face of any enemy. Megan presents herself as a plain-dealing girl, taking people at face value and giving back the same. This is not an entirely fake front, but it would be wrong to assume it is all there is to her.

Like any witch, she is secretive and cunning... or at least, tries to be. Gale does try to think ahead, but her lack of experience means she doesn't always go enough steps, or even in the right direction. Still, she goes forward with the confidence of someone who can afford to make a few mistakes and then make up for it with brute force.

Not particularly religious or prone to philosophy, Gale netherless strives to do good in any way she can, for as many people as she can. She sometimes jokingly claims that it's the result of reading too many superhero comics, but this is somewhat doubtful given the style of the comics she is most familiar with. She holds herself to very high standards, which can lead to her having long bouts of angst over what most people would consider relatively minor failures.

Megan can also be stubborn, impatient, arrogant and inconsiderate of others. Proud and egoistic, she hates losing, and has a nasty temper if someone rubs her the wrong way. Those who rouse the witch's true wrath by oppressing the innocent and threatening the people she loves get no witty jokes and no mercy.


Silver Gale's power is the result of a ritual cast on her mother many years before Megan's birth. It was meant to create a constant source of power with a convenient human focus. The tangle of spells bound to Megan's body can drain any type of energy nearby and convert it into raw magical power. Gale refers to it simply as "Power" and treats it as an almost-sapient creature which is bound to her will. This is technically incorrect, but it seems to be a very useful mental shortcut.

Part of the energy conversion system is a "buffer" that is meant to store excess power while the underlying spells work on converting it. Although Gale does not habitually use Power's draining abilities, bits of energy tend to "stick" to the buffer anyway, resulting in Gale's aura shifting subtly or even showing "echoes" of a particular power after bigger exposures.


Art by Draegos. Click for full version
Gale's magic style, developed mostly through self-study, seems rather simplistic to more traditionally-minded mages. Gale sees any spell as a matter of getting from point A to point B, going around, over, or *through* any obstacles that might be in the way. She tends to cover up minor and less minor holes in her research by throwing more power at the problem. This can lead her to emptying even the vast reserves at her disposal.

One limitation of the power source is that it makes Gale "elementaly locked", giving her supreme command over Air but severe difficulties with using any other element. This is balanced out by the fact that most modern technology, running on electricity, technically falls under her domain.

Small-scale snow storms, bursts of rain, funnel winds, and various uses of electric current are Silver Gale's main weapons. She has used extensive preparation (and a lot of power, courtesy of a leaking nuclear reactor in Terra Volta) to minimize the amount of concentration needed in the middle of battle. She call on her combat spells almost instinctively, and can still be effective in a fight even if she loses the use of her magic sense (see Magic Sense below).

Energy Drain

Silver Gale keeps her power in a "sleeping" state, drawing on the Wind to gradually replenish her vast pool of mana. However, she can also command it to draw energy directly from any viable power source around her, including electricity, ambient magical power, the energy reserves of other mages, the aura of magical creatures or the metabolism of non-magical beings, including humans. She can siphon off a relatively small amount from several powerful allies in order to boost her power or help recover from an overly draining spell.

If left unchecked, Gale's power could eventually draw the life out of every single being on the planet. This was the fate of one alternate Earth that Gale has visited, and she's vowed not to let it happen to her.


Silver Gale uses a simple levitation spell to fly through the air. Like most of her spells, she can call on it with next to no conscious effort. She can also extend this ability to nearby allies.

First Aid

Gale knows a single basic spell of restoration, and supplements it with a standard Freedom Corps issue healing device to patch up her friends (and herself) and keep them out of the hospital for a little while longer.


Mystic Sense

As a magic user, Silver Gale can feel nearby sources of arcane energy. This "magic sense" is as important to a spellcaster as sight to a painter, or hearing to a symphony conductor. When she is deprived of it, she feels lost, uncertain and miserable. She also loses most of her non-combat magical abilities.

Part of the domain of Air is "seeing things as they are". Gale possesses a measure of insight into the true nature of any person or object she can perceive. However, Gale's relative lack of experience and wisdom tends to prove time and time again that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.


Rather than changing her clothes, Megan transforms into her Silver Gale costume. This is largely a relic of the time when her power was not fully integrated with her being, and it was much harder for her to cast spells in her normal form. Although she can shift between the two forms effortlessly in the blink of an eye, Megan likes to make a spectacle of it, summoning clouds and lightning, as well as calling out transformation phrases inspired by whatever Anime she's seen recently.


Silver Gale can learn many things about the present (including up to two or three days into the recent past and near future) by meditating and casting a particular divination spell which she refers to as "listening to the Wind". She can use this ability to search the city for a particular person, reconstruct a recent battle, or get advanced warning about events of extreme importance.


Using ancient tomes "recovered" from Oranbegan ruins during her various adventures, and modern popular science books, Gale has developed her own particular brand of alchemy. She is especially interested in creating potions that affect humans with altered metabolism who are immune to the effects of normal medicine or alcohol.

l337 gaming skillz

Megan Knight is a gamer with a particular interest in first person shooters and PvP. As Kunoichi_Kimiko, she is a terror of Gloom 3 Arena servers, and she plays Guild Wars under the name Cryptic Kiss (Necromancer/Mesmer).

Weaknesses and Limitations

She is a spoiled rich girl used to getting her way, and a powerful mage who feels that her knowledge puts her above most people. Although she has considerable power, she lacks the wisdom that only years of experience can bring. Thus she will often take the easiest solution to a problem, regardless of the possible fallout. Also, her insatiable curiosity can sometimes lead her to taking inadvisable risks in order to learn more about her power and its uses.


The most recent iteration of her costume includes a set of elaborate armor. While this armor does offer some protection in addition to her shielding spells, its main function is to gather and purify energies from the Well of the Furies, allowing Gale to use it with a greater degree of safety.


Silver Gale is a member of the Do-Gooders, and regularly teams with members of the D.F.B. and Brigands of Light.

It can be said without fear of contradiction that Gale likes *everyone*. However, there are a few people who are especially important to her. Gale is willing to protect her close friends at any cost to herself (and sometimes, without stopping to consider whether that cost is necessary).

Morning Misa

When Morning Misa was still just another J-Pop singer, and Megan Knight just another bored teenager, Megan was a big fan of Misa. She bought all her CDs and followed her career closely. When she registered as a hero, Gale jumped at the chance to join Misa's Supergroup. Her fan attraction to Misa slowly developed into something deeper without Gale really being aware of it. Although she still loves Misa, Gale would rather die than see her and Jen separated.

Jen Rogers

Gale and Jen are buddies. Jen is often the first person Gale turns to when she has a problem, and she can always be counted on to provide a dose of common sense and a slap upside the head if needed. Gale has a not-very-well-hidden crush on the gorgeous redhead.

Sweet Song

Used to be Gale's apprentice, but the two had a slight falling-out recently. In retrospect, Gale would say she was never that good a mentor for Song, anyway. She still cares about her as a younger sister, and is quite ready to extract horrible revenge on anyone who she feels has hurt the younger girl.

Blazing Angel Akiko

Akiko is a trusted friend and a solid back-up in any fight. Although she doesn't like to admit it, Gale has deep respect for Aki's experience and wisdom. In all difficult decisions, Gale defers to the angelic servant - this is motivated in a large part by the wish to see Aki be wrong about *something*, just once.

Kick People Gal

Also one of Gale's close friends. Gale finds Chris' boundless energy and cheer refreshing, and rarely gets tired of her presence. Gale isn't quite as fanatically protective of Chris as of most of her friends, since she can never match Chris' lover in terms of horrible bloody vengeance.

Alice Smith

Although she wishes she knew more of Alice's past, Gale respects her reluctance to talk about it. Alice has earned Gale's trust through backing her up in countless fights, and Gale is determined to repay her with the same loyalty. Alice's perfect, unshakable calm does get on Gale's nerves occasionally.

Azure Freeze

An accidental creation of Gale, her 'evil twin'. Gale feels responsible for her counterpart's plight and, in an odd way, enjoys her company.


The Rikti Traditionalist leader shares a close rapport with Gale, and has even gifted her with one of her old warblades. Gale has learned to formulate her thoughts in a way that can be understood more easily by the Rikti.

Foxtrot Romeo

The elusive psychic infiltrator has apparently been in the Do-Gooders base overnight once or twice, and he and Gale have been sent together on Vanguard operations in the Rikti War Zone. Some people are beginning to wonder.

Lightspeed Lad

Silver Gale *despises* Lad, but is quite willing to admit that whatever his faults, his heart's in the right place. Most of the time she channels her annoyance into carefully-worded insults that go straight over the young sidekick's head. She doesn't seem to mind his infatuation with her "younger sister", if only because their interactions are a source of endless amusement.


Gale's ex-boyfriend. The exact circumstances of their breakup are unclear.

D'ark Fate

An old Professor now on the other side of the tracks. Is he truly responsible for his crimes or framed?

Character History

((One heck of a mess. Imagine if you took traits from Bruce Wayne, Dr. Strange and Peter Parker, and threw them all into one female character. That's Gale in a nutshell.))

See separate file for full Character History


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