Bleeding Violet

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"Time to die" - Becky(Bleeding Violet)
Bleeding Violet
Player: @Hellion31
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 8
Personal Data
Real Name: Clone Y-46 "Rebecca"
Known Aliases: Bleeding Violet, Rebecca, Becky
Species: Clone
Age: 21 (April 12th 1989)
Height: 5'6
Weight: 131lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles
Occupation: Serial killer
Place of Birth: Grandville, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: No Fixed Address
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Arachnos Operative Shannon Reid(Genetic Template)
Known Powers
Super Strength
Known Abilities


Homicidal female brute

Bleeding Violet's story is a work in progress.


Becky possesses a very homicidal streak. She will often kill for her own amusement and enjoys inflicting suffering upon others as she has no true understanding of positive emotions. She is also uneducated and will make plenty of mistakes with words that most people could easily pronounce, and is illiterate as she was never taught how to read.

Powers and Abilities

Becky possesses super human strength. However, she possesses little durability in comparison. She does possess a high tolerance for pain.


She is vulnerable to most hazards that affect any normal human.

Alternate Universe Counterparts

Work in progress. Story and details pending.

Unlike her primal earth counterpart, Rebecca Saffron is not a clone. Nor is she a bloodthirsty serial killer. Instead, she is the daughter of ameteur boxer Michael Reid and his wife Shannon(Who was known as a resistance member named Shannon Saffron), originally named Rebecca Michelle Reid. She is a mutant with super strength, but she also wields a 400lb tech shield with ease. After Shannon Saffron disappeared, Rebecca and her father joined the resistance in hopes of finding and rescuing her. Unfortunately, Shannon was killed during experiments by Neuron Industries. Her father committed suicide, but she swore revenge on Praetor Barry. She built a shield from various parts using Neuron Industries technology and combining various dense metals. She then assumed the name Rebecca Saffron, in honor of her deceased mother. She and Officer Potts secretly work together to betray Emperor Cole.

She is the complete opposite of her Primal Earth counterpart in terms of intelligence, morality, and alignment. Whereas Becky is uneducated, foolish, and bloodthirsty, Rebecca Saffron is intelligent, cunning, and relatively sane. The reason she has a facial tattoo similar to her Primal Earth counterpart is because her father had the exact same tattoo.

This universe is identical to Primal Earth to September 1st 2009. In this universe, a mech landed on and crushed Becky.

Becky kills Avispon II and becomes the arch nemesis of Yellow Jackie

Rebecca Reid is a US National Guard soldier. Her rank is Private First Class.

Becky kills Andrew Cortez without Hellion Mk 1 in existence to stop her.

In this universe, only robots have every existed. B-3CKY is a famous, undefeated gynoid ring fighter.

Rebecca is killed in 2032 by Longbow Agent Ryan

Rebecca Reid is a blind elderly woman often seen in the park feeding ducks with her friend Abigail Jones. She does not play any significant role in this universe.

Rebecca does not exist in this universe.

This universe is completely identical to the virtueverse in almost every way, except that Hellion ignores Mender Ramiel's offer of powerful weaponry on May 22nd 2011(Last Sunday), thus never coming in contact with a shard from the Well of Furies. Becky finds an incarnate shard in Mercy Island, but she discards it as it does nothing and she has no idea what it could be worth.

Becky is a Lieutenant of the resistance. She is battle hardened and very stern. Dislikes anyone she deems weak.

Becky is alive and well, fighting to stay alive in a world of werewolves.

Becky is killed by Hellion

This version of Rebecca appears almost exactly like her Praetorian Counterpart, except she is themed with the color blue and goes by the name Rebecca Cyan. Rebecca Cyan has no tragic past and has a more outgoing personality.

Exactly identical to her Theta Epsilon 6-16 counterpart.

In this universe, Rebecca Reid is the owner of "The Goode Book". She is very bossy and wears somewhat risque clothing for a Victorian inspired universe, but she is far from the type to try to please others. However, behind the bossy facade, she is actually a reasonable person.

Rebecca Reid is the main character of the soap opera series "Not without my cape" who goes by the hero name Magenta. Her powers are super strength and invulnerability. She is played by an actress named Michelle Canfield. Michelle has also appeared on Luke's Power Hour, hosting an entire episode. Her episode became very popular as fans demanded she host another episode. However, she is far too busy portraying Rebecca Reid on television.

Becky does not exist in this universe.

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