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AKA Blind Requiem Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one, yourself and if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Blind Requiem
Player: @SnowJackal
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 14
Personal Data
Real Name: Taliesen
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: anthromorphic jackal
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Color: green (although faded out to near-white through entropic effects on his body)
Hair Color: silvery white
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: rogue Nalroni on the streets
Place of Birth: Layleux System
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: partnered to Gray Dwarf
Known Relatives: mother (Deceased), father (unknown), adopted sister Minsha
Known Powers
Warshade, and Forcelike martial arts and hand to hand with intense will against pain. Dark/Willpower Brute
Known Abilities
animal empathy, basic martial arts
Blind Requiem has the appearance of an anthropomorphic jackal that has been on the streets for far too long. His fur, once grey and dingy is returning to it's softer pure-white state. He is unable to see, physically, but his various powers compensate.



Blind Corruption (now known as Blind Requiem) is a rather distinct opposite to his Alternate Universe Taliesen. He is cold, mischievous and has a bit of a bitter edge to his nature. There is a part of him that hurts immensely inside although he typically shields it with bitter coldness. He is vulnerable, though, when reminded of his past. He has a strong predatory nature with a lust for control and enjoys making those he confronts squirm. He also has an extreme threshold for pain due to experimental techniques that he is being inflicted with. Underneath this dark exterior the question remains whether the kindness that he once was, has been lost forever or if there is possible hope.


Blind Requiem has the same appearance as Taliesen with notable differences due to the decay that has racked his body. He has tall, slender ears and a slim, pointed muzzle. His fur is grey and patchy in places, his once-bushy tail is sparse and bristly, the skin beneath his fur is veined and grey as well as along his muzzle and eyes. Beneath the blindfold he wears, his eyes would appear white and filmed over and empty. These decays, however, are improving as he is seeking redemption and renewal with his connection to the Force. His gray, patchy fur is beginning to thicken out and regain it's white softness and the sparseness of his tail is filling out, as well. His eyes, however, are still damaged permanently.

Power Descriptions

In essence, Blind Requiem's powers are inspired by Force powers. He fights with a Teras Kasi-like hand to hand, in the Isles, combined with his Warshade powers of shadowy darkness. This is reflected in being a Dark Melee brute. From the immense pain he has experienced and torment, he has developed a snarky, bold attitude in the face of pain and danger, as well as a strong tolerance of pain and the strength to get back on his feet despite it. Under it all, the Force bolsters his strength and will. This comes out in the Willpower defense set.

Personal History

The beginnings

His origins and history are exact to Taliesen's

Descent into Darkness

When Taliesen's lover was killed, Blind Requiem had two noteworthy options on how to deal with it. In the parallel universe he resided in, he chose to remain in Paragon and continue on without respite, guidance or at the time, companionship and support. This choice proved to be a terrible mistake for the young Nalron as the sorrow and work, on top of the weakness of his powers, combined wore heavily on him. In short time the sorrow and anger took hold of him, and his realization as to how weak he was.

It was in this moment of weakness that he discovered through the simple act of crushing a creature in his apartment with his powers, that he could crush life out of his opponents, versus hold them with his gravitational forces. Practicing and honing these abilities as well as realizing that life can be drained as well as given, he set out on a new mission. Revenge.

His first target was the imperial forces whom had destroyed his lover, focusing on their captain. In an exhilerated moment of torturing and draining his life, the rush of power over life and death took hold of Taliesen and his descent into his dark powers was complete. Ignoring the pain and sickness this power tainted him with, he continued on this path.

After an incident of violently murdering an entire training facility of Longbow he was sent to Zig to serve an execution's sentence where he stayed until a ripple of dimensional instability cracked the very folds of time, crossing over into the current Taliesen's time line. Taking advantage of the opening, Arachnos rescued him as well as many others, seeing an opportunity for further 'recruits'. Rescue being a relative term as he was quickly taken into servitude by a mysterious Mentalist who took him to the Rogue Islands Pet Shelter where he worked as a 'veterinarian'. Seeing him as nothing more than a mere animal, the doctor's experiments and training expanded the decaying corruption, further, but also honed his abilities, further. He dubbed him Blind Corruption in reference of his current state of sightless decay then sent him out to do his bidding, under his control. He encouraged his thirst for power, his bitter revenge, and his desire to destroy the failing system of Hero registry and destroy those who harmed innocents and honed in him a depraved enjoyment of pain inflicting. The chain he wore was one of the vet's tools of control, as it inhibits his rebellious nature and keeps him well-leashed to the Arachnos. There were also promises of the ultimate power to teach him to reverse death. This is now in the past, for him, as a valient effort of two who believed in the good in him, destroyed the Doctor and freed him.

Awakening from Darkness

Corruption's descent into darkness plummeted to an all time low when he discovered the effect of draining the lifeforce of the pure had a heady, euphoric effect on him. The madness and insane levels of need that it inspired only furthered his growing darkness. Turning on someone whom had stood by him and considered him his partner, he set out to draw the life from Gray Dwarf a hero whom had fallen into work with Arachnos through a series of unfortunate events. Something sparked in him, perhaps an inherent good, perhaps care for Gray Dwarf that he denies over and over. Whatever it was, he found he couldn't kill him, no matter how euphoric that sense of purity and kindness within him lured.

Over time his madness furthered, kidnapping his alternate in desire to drain his and others' energy and life to gain further power. Another promise offered to him from Mesmer.

This descent called someone from his past that he had not believed he would see again, his sister, Minsha. Soundly defeating him and impressing upon him memories of his past and her love and sadness for what he had become, the numerous emotional and physical assaults took their toll on him and he sought out Gray Dwarf's help and forgiveness shortly after; for now, possibly redeemable.

After the turmoil of his redemption, Taliesen finally accepted that he had fallen in love with Gray Dwarf. He had denied it out of fear of the pain of loving again and sheer stubbornness that he was better off a lone entity. Realizing and accepting these feelings have also aided him a lot in trying to claw his way out of the darkness.

His constant fighting against the Arachnos, however, motivated him to take a hidden identity. Hating the name that Doc Mesmer had given him, he changed his name to Blind Requiem and to protect the one he loves, he keeps himself fully hidden in cloaks and robes when fighting the Arachnos soldiers.

Enemies and Nemesis

His biggest enemies are himself, as well as his loathing of who he once was. It is unclear whether the loathing is resentment that his alternate found peace while he had found pain or if it is simply a hatred of the hero that Taliesen is. Underlying, he bears a growing animosity for his master but at the moment is helpless to his whims due to the chain he keeps on him, keeping psionic control over him. He has a strong rebellious hatred of the Arachnos for what they've done to his lover and in general the oppressive control they enforce on the Rogue Isles. He fights them and assists the helpless on the Isles, in secret, doing whatever he can to find retribution from his dark path.

Alies and Love

Gray Dwarf: Serving as his anchor, the young ex-hero, Gray Dwarf is constantly at his side, helping keep his moral compass on track. He provides a conscience when Blind Requiem grows too snarky and bitter and also when Dwarf becomes too cynical and angry, himself, it is then that Taliesen's internal heroicism rises to protect and preserve the idealism that helped him.

Minsha Cornell: his adopted sister from Layleu, has a special bond with this particular Taliesen as she has a violent, pained past, as well. She lashes out with murderous levels of violence and often retreats to drinking or her own loneliness. In the fact they both know how dark they can be, they help each other and lean on each other so that it doesn't happen again.

The Luddites are a strange ally to dark Taliesen as they are decidedly loopy and fanatical. Nevertheless, in an act to go into hiding and remove the name Blind Requiem from being associated to his lover (who must work for the Arachnos, reluctantly), he was beaten severely and left for dead.

While laying in the streets of Cap du Diable, a Luddite monk stumbled on him, healed him and took him to their shanty-camp. It was here that he realized that they had recognized him from the broadcast news surrounding the Volcano's true powersource. (A thing they had been protesting, themselves). He now strives to protect them and help them any way he can.

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