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Player: @bites
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 36
Personal Data
Real Name: Isis Spade
Known Aliases: Blue, Kid
Species: Alien - Minervan
Age: 42
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160lbs
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Place of Birth: Minerva
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Kinetic control
Known Abilities
2 Pistols
No additional information available.

NOTE: Most of this information is not common knowledge in-game. Blue's story is a real-time story and thus evolves daily.

Some names are place holders and will change in the future.

Bluebite is a blue-skinned alien from a distant planet she lovingly refers to as, "Minerva." She normally wears a cowboy hat, carries two revolvers, and speaks with a bit of a western drawl. She can be very blunt, awkward and flirty with humans, having lived on a planet where everyone looks like her has hindered her ability to understand social standards. Her vice is an extensive collection of dried herbs from Minerva that she keeps on the Nyctimene and smokes regularly.

On Minerva, Blue Bite is very literal (see B.I.T.E.s below,) and no real names are given to her species at birth, so on Earth she is called Isis, the name of her caste. A self-proclaimed bounty hunter, Blue uses her inherited ability to manipulate kinetic energy to further propel bullets.




Born into the highest caste on her post-apocalyptic planet, Blue was expected to fit the role of either royalty, government, or law. She dedicated herself to climbing ranks, barely leaving room for any personal life. By the time Blue was 18 years old she became a high-ranking law enforcement officer. On a post-apocalyptic planet with a frontier mentality and no courts or juries, deciding punishment was left in her hands. Blue's talent was in piloting, she learned to fly every model of space craft Minerva had to offer, and could drive all land vehicles. Despite her talents she struggled for promotion from ground patrol to air, considered too young while space crafts were rare and expensive. After capturing the ring leader of an extensive black market scheme, she finally got her promotion and was given her own fighter craft, the Nyctimene.

The Crash

Bluebite began her 9 years on Earth after her intergalactic fighter ship, the Nyctimene, was shot down in the pursuit of wanted Minervan-criminal, Jet. She crashed landed in Death Valley National Park, near the border of Nevada, on May 23, 2002. Blue spent numerous days attempting to repair her ship, but was unable to survive on her resources for longer than a week. She sent out a distress signal which attracted an unnamed organization to come to her rescue. She was detained in southern Arizona, questioned due to her alien presence being of suspicion during the Rikti invasion. Staying near cowboy towns, she picked up the lingo, her cowboy hat, and two revolvers. After the Rikti War concluded, Blue was determined to be of no threat and was released in Paragon by 2003.

Life in Paragon

Blue signed a contract with said organization (later discovered to be Vanguard) to aid one-another in thwarting Jet, meeting weekly with the young Agent Brass to discuss their next move. To make ends meet, Blue consistently takes up missions and bounties and had declared herself a hero of Paragon for 6 to 7 years. As Blue had gotten closer to finding Jet, she found herself resorting back to her home-world methods of justice. Not fitting the standards of a hero, she is losing popularity and has been labeled a heroine gone rogue.

Jet's Capture

After years of secret work with the Vanguard, Jet was captured and is currently in holding and awaiting trial. Blue has been completely taken off the case as per her contract, and is very unsettled by her inability to truly seek justice for all of Jet's crimes on Minerva. She is currently working with Arachnos operatives to infiltrate the Vanguard and capture Jet from them.


Side by side.

Madame Marigold

Madame Marigold is Blue's mission partner/ sidekick. The two met a few months ago while on an extensive job to infiltrate the Circle of Thorns, Marigold breaking the ice and bluntly asking to be Blue's sidekick. Marigold and Blue's relationship is questionable, the two have become close friends but neither have admitted to being a couple. They are currently working together to find Marigold's lamp and secret files on Jet's whereabouts. Blue currently hides the Nyctimene in one of Marigold's warehouses and lives inside of it while trying to repair it.

Operative Salvatore

Blue's newest contact, he is assisting her in capturing Jet from the Vanguard.

Tom Tech

Technomancer who is helping Blue repair the Nyctimene, AKA "Nicky."


Blue's mission is to prevent Jet's current plans on Earth from coming to fruition, capture her, and then kill her.


Former superior on Minerva.


Biological Isis Transference Entity, B.I.T.E./ Bite for short, are mass-produced clones of the former Queen Isis of Minerva. Thousands of years ago a prophecy of impending apocalypse left Minerva's former blue-skinned people in a mass panic. A hive-mind society, they worshiped their queen as a goddess, and at her bequest used bio-organic technology to store millions of her cells in frozen "sleeper" pods miles beneath the surface. These cells were destined to awake when the planet became inhabitable once more, the cells growing into identical copies of Queen Isis.


Known B.I.T.E.s



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