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Photos of Julie & Jule
Bombshell Blonde
Player: @ Jewel
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50 / 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Julie Johnson (former name:Charron)
Known Aliases: Jule, Jules, Blondie
Species: Human (Mu Descendent)
Age: 35
Height: 5'6" (5'8" with heels)
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: turquoise
Hair Color: blonde (No, really, it's natural)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Paragon University Professor / Sorceress / Wiccan High Priestess / Mother
Place of Birth: Sonoma County, CA -- August 19, 1978
Base of Operations: Croatoa, Salamanca District
Marital Status: Married -- December 29, 2006 / Divorced (through estrangement)-- August 19, 2011
Known Relatives: Rex (Grand Inquisitor), adopted brother; E'mi (Envoy of Anarchy), great gazillion times grandmother; Rachel, long-lost cousin (Black Rattlesnake), Diana Charron, daughter and sons, Sebastian & Jericho Charron (step-son); Dorian Charron, ex-husband;
Known Powers
Mercenary / Black Magick (Dark/Dark)
Known Abilities
Schools of Magick: Illusion, Conjuration, Telekinesis and Necromancy
Gucci pouch of infinite space(tm)




Minions & Familiars

Peter, Paul, Mary, Hans, Franz and Sven -- Unit of operatives that she commands in the Rogue Isles

Pinky -- Dark servant that can be conjured from both the Rogue Isles and Paragon City

Pyrewraith -- former spectral servant in the Rogue Isles

Notable Contacts

Lilitu (aka Lilith), Asmodeus, Ghost Widow, BigTop, Human Miracle, Missy Ice Bolt, Grand Inquisitor


Titles: Archvillain, Hero of the City

Favoured enemy: The Circle of Thorns

Longbow Report

"Julie's not your typical witch and most of her magical abilities are a fluke but someone put the thought into her tiny, pretty, little head that she could rule the world someday. We're still looking for the guy to make him pay for that. So, as she breathily commands her boys to help her make her way to the top, we're just taking bets here at Longbow HQ just how far she'll be able to go. Of course, that was the case until she and her guys took down Longbow HQ so, um, we're not laughing anymore." -- Longbow Warden

Current status: Entire family is now living in the Salamanca district of Croatoa, north of Paragon City after Jule had managed to negotiate for sanctuary for herself and her immediate family.

Arachnos Intelligence

More infamously known as Bombshell Blonde, a mastermind from the Rogue Isles, Julie had been previously framed by the Cabalists of Croatoa over a year ago for a crime she didn't commit. After having escaped the Zig with the help of Arachnos forces, she was living in exile there until she was killed by Lilith after betraying Ghost Widow.

Her body was then rescued and resurrected by her adopted brother from the Fifth Hell after having gone an intense ritual of having her soul ripped from her body, leaving her without memory of her past or of her crimes. Months passed but eventually, she regained her memories from her ghost. What the soul failed to keep secret became topics of conflict that was revealed to the body. Only when they were to reconcile, Julie, pregnant with her ghost's fiance's child, was abducted by the Circle. The Thorn Wielder forced her to choose: either forsake the soul of her unborn child or her own, her ghost, to serve them for eternity. She gave up her own with consent from Jule but double crossed them, making her leave for a time to go in hiding. While there, she had her Matriarch reunite them. Now, Jule has just recently given birth to her second child, a son named Sebastian.

Character History

Brief Synopsis

Jule Johnson aka Blondie, Jules, or Julie is a divorced mother of two who has recently left teaching at the Paragon City University's Occult Studies Annex for sudden unexpected reasons. Once considered by many as one of the Rogue Isles' most infamous Wiccan sorceresses and criminal masterminds, Jule had redeemed her reputation working tirelessly with the Midnighers and the PPD to track and arrest many of her nemesis, the Circle of Thorns. Some though however believe that it's just a cover and she's still working her dark magick in conjuration and manipulation, trying to ensure her children's future in nefarious schemes.


Weaknesses and Limitations

As with most sorceresses or Mu Descendents who have developed their talents in the arcane, Jule cannot practice or use any magick after Week 30 of any pregnancy. This period leaves her very vulnerable as she forces herself to focus on being a normal civilian for the remainder of her pregnancy. Those who know of her heritage have taken advantage of this window of opportunity to fulfill their own evil schemes.


Stories from the Streets

Coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Rise and fall of a blonde bombshell

Denarii's Jewel

About Face

Memorable Quotes

Jule cooes to her newborn daughter after inspecting her digits after Diana is born:
"Yes, all fingers and toes are accounted for, especially your pinky. You'll need that one for your Daddy to wrap himself around.

Jule: Not all capes are sheep. Some will actually stop and think.
Denarii blinks
Missy Ice Bolt: I think he took that literately.

Kobushey Sama whips out his sword in the middle of the Pocket D. Jule rolls her eyes and turns to Den:
"Boys and their toys. Boys and their toys."

Kobushey Sama mentions that he has just received a new sword a year later.
Jule replies, "Bushey, no need for you to whip it out now and start waving it about all over the place."

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