Boston Rage

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“Brutal, jagged edged, totally roughneck”
Boston Rage
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Boston Virac
Known Aliases: The Devil Fist
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 8’0”
Weight: 493lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Citizen with criminal record
Occupation: Bone breaker, super criminal
Place of Birth: Chicago
Base of Operations: Warehouse 13
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Super strength, invulnerability
Known Abilities
Brawling, Super Leaping
Shit Kickers
No additional information available.



Boston is very temperamental and rude. He believes himself to be the strongest of anyone in the Rogue Isles or otherwise. His fury ultimately comes from the fact that he has no equal and never will.

Character History

Boston Virac was born with his powers. They grew exponentially with every added year of life, causing him to become stronger and stronger as he grew older. A trait which continues to this day. Because of this untamable power, Boston got himself in trouble from a young age. At first the damage he caused either to property or people was unintentional. However he soon began to revel in the destruction he could cause.

He was involved in a number of underground fight promotions but was banned because of the devastating and sometimes life threatening injuries he would cause to his opponents. Boston later stumbled into the midst of a gang war involving two of the Chicago area’s largest rival gangs. He ended up wiping out both sides and even their last ditch effort to band together was useless. Boston’s next target was the police that responded to the scene, all of whom were killed.

It was some time after this that Boston’s career as a super criminal started. After moving to Paragon City, he set his sights on the Steel Canyon bank. There was no plan, just smash and grab. Longbow agents and PPD officers stood against him, trying their hardest to stop his rampage but it was for nothing. A hero of Paragon was called in. Ice Wisp stood against Boston, trying to hold him down with his mastery over cold temperatures.

Again, this was not enough to stop Boston. He ran through, eventually killing the hero on the spot. During his escape he was met by heavy resistance from Longbow. He threw police cars at the back up Longbow forces, and threw two PPD officers at the duo of flying Longbow chasers, forcing them to crash. His unrelenting rage and destruction went on for nearly two hours. It was only after Longbow organized a team of twenty of their best psionic wardens, that Boston was finally brought to the ground.

He was transported to Longbow facility X-100

Recent Activities

Boston "waving" to the Longbow Security Camera

On May 9th, 2007, Boston broke out of Longbow facility X-100. He was being held in a strong psionic dampening field. He was to be transferred to another facility, which required turning part of the dampener down. The remaining psionic energies were not enough to hold Boston and he wasted no time in breaking out of his cell.

Facility x-100 was a complex manned by 250 Longbow operatives. Each stationed officer was ordered to apprehend Boston at all costs. Wave after wave they came, all meeting their untimely deaths at the hands of Boston Rage. Several FreedomCorps. Cataphract units were called to intercept Boston, all of which were destroyed.

Boston escaped in a stolen Longbow Chaser, and later crashed on Mercy Island.

The Crimson Cutlass and The Dread Aces heard of Boston’s arrival, obviously his reputation proceeded him. Using their resources, they found him and offered him membership. His career as a Dread Ace was short lived. He spent a total of 45 minutes with the group before deciding to move on.


”Shit Kickers”: Boston’s well worn, and comfortable boots.


Super Strength: Boston is super strong. There is no limit to what he can lift or destroy.

Invulnerability: In addition to his strength, Boston is also invulnerable. He is protected from all physical attacks because of his natural super-human powers. He is absolutely incapable of being wounded, injured, or harmed by any means.


Super Leaping: One of the more physically impressive feats Boston is capable of is his ability to leap miles in single bounds.


Rogues Gallery: Boston has allied himself with the Rogues Gallery. A group made up of some of the most notorious villains in the Rogue Isles.



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