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Rogues Gallery was originally set up as a Legion of Doom/Secret Society of Supervillains inspired villaingroup, which would welcome costumed criminals of all kinds united in one group that provided them protection, information and allies with which to battle Paragon City's superheroes. The Rogues Gallery was founded on November 2nd, 2005.

Although Rogues Gallery has recently seen a decline in activity; it is currently back on the upswing. With new blood swelling it's numbers, the villaingroup is once again placed to threaten the peace of Paragon City.



Rogues Gallery is an underground coalition of costumed criminals who have banded together to provide each other protection, information and back-up in times of trouble with the heroes of Paragon City. The group operate out of the abandoned and mysterious Warehouse 13, a building that has been both a factory and a warehouse before being redesigned and extended for it's current, nefarious purpose. The criminals who make up the Gallery often have wildly differing agendas, motivations and goals, but they are all united under the group's chief motto; 'Strength in Numbers.'


Mr. Mud and Mindswipe.

The origins of the group known as Rogues Gallery start as far back as 1995, when the villain Mindswipe first met Mr. Mud, after they had both been hired by the villain Crimewave for one nefarious plan or another. When this plot inevitably failed, the two remained close associates, and over the next few weeks cooked up plans for a series of heists in Paragon City's casinos.

All of these robberies centered around a very simple, uniform plan. Mr. Mud would walk into the central lobby of their target and simply begin smashing the place up, drawing the attention of all security and police personnel. Leaving the vault unguarded, Mindswipe would then mentally convince all involved that they simply could not see him, and would waltz into the vault, taking as much cash as he and Mud desired. Mud would then make his escape as Mindswipe wiped all minds within a mile radius, leaving them dazed, confused and unsure that they had even been robbed at all.

After this crimewave, Mud and Mind remained close allies, and became partners in crime between jobs and time spent in Ziggursky Correctional Facility. Their partnership ended in 2004 when Mr. Mud was arrested and convicted of Super-powered Robbery. Not long after in early 2005 Mindswipe was also convicted and sent to The Zig.

On October 31st, 2005, Mindswipe was sitting around in his cell when the walls of the impenetrable prison began to fall. Marching in were hundreds of agents of Arachnos, herding villains to their cause. Quickly, Mindswipe left his cell, and tried to reach Mr. Mud's, three stories above. The path to Mud's cell was blocked by piles of debris, however, and Mind was forced to leave him behind.

On arriving in the Rogue Isles, Mindswipe then stumbled on Warehouse 13. Many have said that this is in fact false, and that Mindswipe was spotted around the Oil Spill district and even inside Warehouse 13 at various points throughout the nineties. Mindswipe completely denies this, and claims that he only discovered its existence after his escape from Ziggursky Correctional Facility. Next, he took control of a horde of Crey technicians, and forced them to gut parts of the base and rebuild it with Crey technology. When they were done, he left them unsure where the last month of their life had gone, sitting on the docks in Nerva Archipelago.

From there, Mindswipe began to recruit. The first members were villains Cynobite, Mindmauler and Psijacker; their fifth member came in the form of a ghost who had chosen a long forgotten cult church hidden within the walls of Warehouse 13 as her haunt. She announced herself as Banshee Bride, and joined the group soon after. A slew of supervillains followed, including Doctor Verdant and Omega Nova.

Mindswipe had originally set up Rogues Gallery as a protectorate against the tyranny of heroes who would would try to foil his plans, allying other villains to his side for aid in times of trouble; the group only grew from a protectorate into an informational source where it's members could find out about vulnerable targets for kidnap, poorly guarded bank vaults or inquire as to which crimelords were hiring henchmen and lackeys to their cause.

Mr. Mud escaped from prison in March 2006, during the second high profile Arachnos raid on Paragon City. Escaping into the main exercise yard, he attempted to board an Arachnos Flier, but was told he wasn't on the list of villains to retrieve. Angered, he broke his way through the fences and out onto the streets of Brickstown, where he looked up the now retired villain Incognito, who concealed him and drove him to the docks in Independence Port, where Mud bribed a fisherman to sail him to the Rogue Isles.

Upon his arrival, Mr. Mud looked up Mindswipe and learned of the Rogues Gallery. While for a time Mud remained solo with only minimal links to the Rogues, since late 2006 he has joined officially, risen in the ranks and is now one of the leaders of the core group.

Since then, Rogues Gallery has expanded both Warehouse 13 and its membership, and now has among its membership many high profile villains, such as Emperor Xanatos, Nimrod, Freezeforce, Mr. Rot, Certifiable, Mr. Devastation, international thief The Furtive Fox, Dieselmeat, and Rakescar.

Recently the Rogues have been involved in many high-profile attacks on Paragon City, and are developing quite a rivalry with many members of the Defenders of Paragon, including Xanatos, Bayne, Cloud Runner and most prominently, The Havok Brothers. The Rogues have also been known to tangle with members of the Teen Squadron and the Peacekeepers.


While not a comprehensive list, the following are all affiliated with Rogues Gallery:

  • Mindswipe - A con man and burglar from Kings Row, Mindswipe gained his vast psychic powers sometime during the early nineties, and has been a thorn in Paragon City's side ever since.
  • Mr. Mud - Once a street gang member, Mr. Mud gained his powers after falling seventy feet into radioactive material. Ever since he has been a streetwise supervillain.
  • Cryoblast - A Russian supervillain, Cryoblast bought his powers over Ice from Dr. Krylov.
  • Banshee Bride - The ghost of a British Duchess who has her haunt in the church located in Warehouse 13, Banshee Bride has now become a member of the Gallery.
  • Winter Maiden - A deadly femme fatale, Winter Maiden leaves a trail of frozen victims in her wake - but even they still seem warmer than this villainess's icy heart.
  • Mr. Rot - Once an industrial spy and master of espionage, Mr. Rot exposed himself to an ancient magical virus during one of his routine thefts.
  • The Furtive Fox - Canadian Super Thief. He's eccentric, nationalistic, and a thrill seeker. While his personality doesn't match with his fighting style of tiger claws and a mystic defense stance, he serves the Gallery as means of finding adventure and capital gain
  • Exadeus - A mysterious villain wearing armor powered by the awesome and unknown Dark Matter Zone, Exadeus has become quite an enemy of Paragon City.
  • Volcanaut - Ex-mobster turned supervillain, Adam Jones became Volcanaut the night he disposed of the body of a superhero known as 'Volcano', and inherited the source of his powers... The Bands of Fire.
  • Scare Tactic - Once Harry Haunt, a festive man who ran a seasonal Halloween costume shop. Now Scare Tactic, a schizophrenic madman, controlled by his array of supernatural costumes.
  • Styx - Once the sidekick to the vigilante Charon, since being savaged by Fifth Column Vampyri Styx has become a villain bent on mayhem, mischief and destruction.
  • Omega Nova - Essentially a supervillain, Omega gained a license as a Paragon City superhero in order to gain the city's trust before he abused his position for his own benefit.
  • Certifiable - Once a Crey security guard, Certifiable's life changed forever the day Freakshow raided the lab he was protecting and threw him into a barrel of radioactive waste.
  • Freezeforce - Blaming the heroes of Paragon City for the death of his wife, Freezeforce is now a masked supervillain operating out of the Rogue Isles, bent on his desire for revenge.
  • Gravity Thief - Infamous thief with powers over gravity itself.
  • Mr. Devastation - The prince of another planet, Mr. Devastation has been charged with the task of destroying earth to prove his worth.
  • Ghost Face - A desperate guitarist who sought supernatural aid to gain fame and fortune. After making millions he was mysteriously killed off, only to raise from the dead months later. Upon his rotted face he bears the haunting symbol of a ghost, forming the other half of the Face Duo.
  • Nimrod - The former Bounty Hunter and Commander of The X-Patriots has recently broken ties with that organization after a raid on Paragon City went bad. He has been laying low, operating behind the scenes out of Warehouse 13, emerging from time to time to fight the Rikti threat within the Rogue Isles.
  • Moonstroke - A Canadian mutant and astrologist. Sobering and mysterious, he joined the ranks sorely based on a prediction from the stars. Moonstroke has since inconspicuously released his own official rank in the Rogues Gallery, where his intentions remain unclear.
  • Emperor Xanatos - The evil Praetorian counterpart to the hero Xanatos, Emperor Xanatos wants nothing more than to see the destruction of the hero and to realise his evil plans.
  • Ferocious Ferret - Unknowingly stumbled upon this warehouse she thought was abandoned. She has no clue its true purpose but stays hidden just in case she ever does see or hear anything. Who knows what will happen when they cross paths with her.
  • Uppercut - Legbreaker Extraordinaire, Uppercut became muscle-for-hire after his arms were sawn off and subsequently replaced with superpowered cybernetic enhancements.
  • Dieselmeat - Coming soon!
  • Rakescar - Coming soon!
  • Adamant - Coming soon!
  • Paul Ooshun - A former hero who suffered a horrible fate, only to return as a living mass of pollution.
  • Drug - A slightly addicted scientist obsessed with perfecting his cure for death. Unfortunately, the results have been less than desirable.


Mindswipe with Nimrod.

The Rogues Gallery maintain a strong coalition with the following groups:


The Rogues Gallery have developed rivalries with the following supergroups in Paragon City:


To contact Rogues Gallery, use the relative safety of the Internet.

A word to the wise, those who have sniffed around Warehouse 13 or the Oil Spill district at large have been known to disappear.
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