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Artwork by Poison, aka Manuel Clavel of
Player: @Rakescar
Origin: Magic/Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Ganglati
Known Aliases: Rakeypoo, Racecar
Species: Demon
Age: 2112
Height: 8'7"
Weight: 5178 lbs
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Hellspawn
Occupation: Agent of Chaos
Place of Birth: Helhiem
Base of Operations: Siren's Call
Marital Status: Unbound
Known Relatives: Hel (Mother)
Gangloti (Sister)
Known Powers
Geological Constitution
Geomorphic Manipulation
Seismic Manipulation
Geochemical Physiology
Known Abilities
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No additional information available.


Villain #831, more commonly known as Rakescar, is a Threat Level 50 free-roaming Agent of Chaos. It is Norse demon physically manifested in an earth elemental golem, and has since its summoning been free of control or influence with the exception of the time it resided within its former host, US citizen Tyler Preston. Rakescar wields considerable power through its inherant control of earth and stone and displays little self-restraint when excercising its powers often with reckless abandon. One of Rakescar's distinguishing feats is the staggering number of heroes and villains it has fought and bested through combat, both in Live Fire Zones (most notably in Siren's Call), and the Arena (formerly being a headliner for Golden Giza Fight Nights). There are few heroes who lay claim to defeating Rakescar, and even fewer who say they did it alone.


The personality of Rakescar has changed serveral times over the course of the three years since its first sighting.

Rakescar by itself is a violent demon that thrives on chaos, and has been described on many occations as an indescriminate self-guiding WMD. It is perfectly capable of murderous intentions and actions without too much encouragement. While there is a personality within the being capable of rational thought, depending on the situation Rakescar can devolve into a pure feral animalistic mentality when in heavy and/or sustained combat. Unlike many other sentient demons, Rakescar does not exhibit any dynamic emotion except rage. Being of Scandinavian decent, Rakescar speaks fluent Ancient Norse, though it can speak English, the dominant language in this time.

Artwork by Juggertha, aka Ed Foychuk of http://juggertha.deviantart.com/


RakePower geocon.gif

Rakescar's physical constitution is made up of a combination of soil, rock, and magma, based upon his geographical location. There are no biological elements within the entity itself. Being composed of a complex mixture of sediments and metamorphic elements, Rakescar is extremely resilient to many forms of physical attacks and erosion, proactive or passive. Rakescar has also been reported as using this ability to 'camouflage' itself into the earth to spring traps on whatever it is hunting by morphing into the geologic environment.

RakePower geoman.gif

Rakescar has the ability to take a portion of its physical composition and effortlessly transform it into blunt weapons. It typically tends to use war hammer, mallet, or 'glove' like instruments, but it has been reported that it can also create spears, claws, and shields as well. When in contact to the ground, Rakescar will pull a slow but continuous stream of minerals to recompose and reconfigure his physical form. Additionally, when heavily eroded and damaged, Rakescar can tap into the mineral rich earth and regenerate an astounding amount of physical composition. Such a feat leaves a smooth concave bowl of ash 1 foot deep and 5 feet in radius, a 'footprint' unique to Rakescar. Finally, if threatened, Rakescar can also encase itself with highly pressurized granite sediment plates which increase its already highly resilient constitution against damage and erosion.

RakePower seisman.gif

Rakescar has repeatedly been reported to cause miniature localized seismic tremors during the course of its activities. It can focus a tectonic plate shift in the area of a 10 foot radius within a range of 50 feet of its location. Rakescar also uses seismic manipulation to assist in movement, turning the ground underneath it into a 'spring board' by reducing the ground's integrity into a near rubbery substance, which grants him the ability to 'leap' or 'bounce' into the air hundreds of yards in a single arc.

RakePower geophys.gif

While magically animated, the entity is a self sustaining one. Rakescar's composition can be described as an element based magma pulmonary system. Trace elements are pumped through Rakescar's form by a shifting magma core. While most are unconfirmed at this time, it is suspected that certain elements cause different physiological effects. An excess of iron, a common element found in both geological and biological forms, adds additional mass to Rakescar's limbs, adding to the weight behind its attacks. Copper, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Tungsten, even radioactive elements have been detected to have an effect on the physical ability of Rakescar. It is theorized that a lack of key elements would cause Rakescar to slow down or even turn dormant.


Over the last 3 years, Rakescar's alligences have moved few times and very deliberately.

2005-2007: The X-Patriots - Rakescar was first given sanctuary within the X-Patriots shortly after his escape from the Ziggeraut Maximum Security Prison in Paragon City, RI. As one of their vanguard soldiers, Rakescar was one of the first and foremost threats the X-Patriots displayed in Siren's Call, and gained much of his reputation during that time.

2006: The Smash Squad - After expulsion from the X-Patriots, Tyler Preston/Rakescar attempted to form a mercenary company known as "The Smash Squad", specializing in conflict zone operations. Within three months the business declared backruptcy and Tyler Preston/Rakescar were out on their own again.

2006-2007: Dark Dominion - During his employ with the X-Patriots, Tyler Preston/Rakescar came to know and befriend many members of the terrorist organization Dark Dominion, and recieved employment after their expulsion from the X-Patriots. However, Sire and Karnal Sin, the leaders of the Dominion, disappeared shortly thereafter and the Dominion fell into disorder and ruin. It was with the Dominion, with the help of Karnal Sin, that Tyler Preston was able to remanifest himself as the dominant host and primary physical appearance of the two.

2007: Fish in a Barrel/Sitting Ducks - After incarceration into "The Freezer" in the wake of a major battle in Paragon City with Statesman and members of the Freedom Phalanx and vindicators, the chaotic and schizophrenic groups released Rakescar from its imprisonment to assist in keeping the world a more unpredictable place, as Rakescar had earned their admiration and curiousity during their fights in Siren's Call and Warburg.

Current: Rogues Gallery - Intelligence reports indicate that after a long hiatus from Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, Nimrod successfully tracked down Rakescar and contained the demon. The leader of the Rogues Gallery brought Rakescar back to the Rogue Isles and has added it to their arsenal.

While there have been many who have encountered Rakescar, there are only a few that have more than passing superficial knowledge of the beast.

Unchainer - Intelligence reports show that Unchainer was seen talking to Tyler Preston before her appearance at the large scale assault on Grandville, in which personnel recounts and reports indicated that Rakescar assisted Unchainer in a direct manner. No additional evidence supports further conclusions or theories.

Status: Active. Cooperation: Low.

Unchained Melodie - Ms. Hatley has had extended social interactions with Rakescar and Tyler Preston, though more so with Mr. Preston. She is a psychic, and has probbably gleemed some information that might shed light on Rakescar's motivations. However such information would typically not be forthcoming. Status: Inactive. Cooperation: Inadvisable.

Doctor Crom - Dr. Crom is notorious for collecting information on any metahuman that strikes him as either useful or threatening, and Rakescar would fit into that equations. There was one documented meeting between Dr. Crom and Tyler Preston, though the contents of that meeting are unknown. If Dr. Crom knows something about Rakescar, then it would be priced accordingly.

Status: Active. Cooperation: Moderate.

Julia Lathan - The daughter of hero Septa Lathan was a romantic partner of Tyler Preston during the time Mr. Preston and Rakescar inhabited the same body. She is one of the few personal targets Rakescar has assaulted and survived relatively unharmed. It is assumed that during the relationship Ms. Lathan was privy to details about Rakescar divulged by Mr. Preston. Status: Unknown. Cooperation: Moderate.

Aatyia Livewire - An orphan and former Outcast gang member, Ms. Livewire and Mr. Preston used to fight each other often in Siren's Call, forging mutual respect for each other. After his relationship with Ms. Lathan, Mr. Preston courted and had an intimate relationship with Ms. Livewire. The relationship ended when Ms. Livewire's death was reported from the Philipines when she was investigating family matters. A transdimentional doppleganger has since appeared but it is doubtful this incarnation would know much about our dimension's Rakescar.

Status: Deceased. Cooperation: N/A

DragonBerry - Another friendship forged from the fights in Siren's Call, DragonBerry and Mr. Preston have a friendship that exsist to this day, though contact has been strained. DragonBerry has gone toe-to-toe with Rakescar many times both in friendly sparring and desperate combat and she has fared well each time. It is concluded that she might have insight as to tactics to defeat Rakescar. Status: Active. Cooperation: High.

Fearghas - Mr. Nelson has had extensive experience and contact with both Rakescar and Tyler Preston, and has survived many encounters unscathed. While not a powerful or highly intelligent person, Mr. James' instincts have served him well when encountering Rakescar. Fearghas and Tyler Preston share many common associates and have collaborated on many operations. Further analysis of satilite footage pending.

Status: Pending. Cooperation: Low.

Kichi - An equal friend of Tyler Preston as Fearghas, Ms Kioko also has extensive experience and contact with both Rakescar and Mr. Preston, and has survived encounters with little harm. However out of the two it is supposed that Fearghas would know more about Rakescar than Kichi, as she has kept herself occupied in other manners. Status: Inactive. Cooperation: Low.

Plasmastream - Leader of the Guardian Force and current employer of Tyler Preston on contract, Ms. James has had extensive time to study Rakescar's abilities and weaknesses. However, the Jessica James Foundation hold legal authority to withhold information reguarding their employees' personal information and have successfully barred any inquiry.

Status: Active. Cooperation: Inadvisable.

Adamant - A former hero turned vigilante/villain was once a General of the terrorist group X-Patriots who led Rakescar through its first trials of Siren's Call. Adamant resigned from the X-Patriots and disappeared for over a year, however intelligence reports indicate that after an extended clandestine stay in Paragon City Adamant has returned and is currently working with Rakescar once again. Status: Pending. Cooperation: Inadvisable.

Nimrod - Before becoming the threat he is now to the world at large, Nimrod was also a member of the X-Patriots and worked routinely supporting Rakescar's activities. Nimrod's knowledge of Rakescar's physiology allows him to nearly triple the demon's destructive power. Having currently been given a position of great power within the terrorist group Rogues Gallery, he saw fit to contain and recruit Rakescar into their arsenal of weapons.

Status: Active. Cooperation: Inadvisable.

Dieselmeat - Out of all the associates listed, the demon Dieselmeat has the most insight into what Rakescar is. Both of them are demon-kind and have worked together in the employ of the X-Patriots in the past and the Rogues Gallery presently. Equally as effective as Rakescar in combat (most notably in Siren's Call and Warburg), Dieselmeat is a highly effective and dangerous companion. Status: Active. Cooperation: EXTREMELY Inadvisable.



History (BC - 2004):

Scandinavian Beginnings

Rakescar is an animated stone golem/demon constructed into a humanoid form, created by its 'mother' Hel. All preceeding history up until 2005 can be found in public mythological and historical archives under Norse Mythology subsection 'Ganglati'.

History (2005-2008):


In a freak accident at an abandoned Legacy Chain temple in Millville, NJ, involving a rock'n'roll concert and agitated Legacy Chain spirits buried on site, Ganglati was summoned by the Legacy spirits to punish the loud and obnoxious trespassers. Due to inept spellcasting, Ganglati was fused to a human host, American citizen Tyler Preston, who was presumed dead at the concert. Ganglati and the human host proceeded to lay waste to the site until Longbow forces suppressed the outbreak of panic and took Ganglati into custody. The entity was incarcerated into the Ziggeraut maximum security prison in Paragon City, RI, until the massive Arachnos triggered jail break freed it from its confines.

Over the course of the next two years, Rakescar and its human host cooperatively went from small time thug to major villian in the Rogue Isles and Paragon City. The villian organization X-Patriots harbored Rakescar for a year, using it as a self-guided weapon of mass destruction, until it was expulsed from the group due to friendly fire. The balance of power between Ganglati and the host shifted due to an invervention by the villian organization Dark Dominion that allowed the human host Tyler Preston to control Ganglati and retake his own human form again, though Ganglati was repressed into a secondary personality that would manifest as Tyler's schizophrinia. Shortly thereafter Tyler used Ganglati's abilities for his own to form the mercenary gun-for-hire group Smash Squad, though the group was not as successful as intended.

The Rakescar/Tyler Preston power struggle came to a cusp when Ganglati tricked his host into a magical ceremony that reversed the power balance, allowing Ganglati full control of its manifestation, using Tyler only as a pure hosting body. After a long and bloody rampage through Paragon City that left many heroes and hundred of citizens and police injured, a combined effort by Freedom Phalanx and Vindicator mentalists Sister Psyche, Numina, Swan, and Aurora to split the symbiotic conjoining between Rakescar and his host into two separate entities. Tyler was taken away to be treated for his injuries and truama, while Rakescar was incarcerated into the secret maximum security prison in Anartica known as 'The Freezer'.

The former host, Tyler Preston, has since fallen off the metahuman radar to destinations unknown. However, Rakescar was freed from its imprisonment after another chaotic organization based in Warburg known as "The Sitting Ducks" released it, and moved back into the Rogue Isles. While Rakescar has been intermittently dormant, sightings are still reported of the villian's path of destruction across the globe.

While no friend to the heroes of Paragon City, Rakescar has been reported engaging other villians in combat.

Further history and information can be found on file with Hero Corps and PCPD databases under "Villian 831: Rakescar".

Recent Events

Coming Soon™.

OOC Notes

Rakescar was created by Michael Nightingale in January 2006. It was the third Roleplaying Character villain he came up with during the early days of City of Villians. Rakescar has gone through several iterations of personality and plot disorder. At first a homage to Ben Edlund's "The Tick", Rakescar took on a life of his own and spiraled down (up?) into several layers of complexity. Rake is these days more akin to Marvel Comic's "The Incredible Hulk", except far more evil.

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