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The Manifesto


"We believe Paragon City to be a place of corruption, so bad that the system itself is incapable of purging it. Instead it's been re-designed to just corrupt further and keep those with power, in power. The superheroes are, in a way, clueless victims, toiling on behalf of leaders who are using them to corrupt ends.

So the only solution is to take the fight to the streets, to eliminate those that hide behind desks in office buildings, and if that means crushing any heroes in our way, then so be it. They knew what they got into when they signed up for the job.

Like many others, I have been betrayed and discarded by those I trusted and served. I now make the Rogue Isles my home. The citizens of Paragon City have not heard the last of me, and I will speak not with words, but with my super powers instead.

Join our struggle and seek vengeance against those who have wronged you. Our cause is righteous, and in the end, we will prevail. They will call us villains, but we will make them bow before us before all is said and done." - The Crimson Fire

Background Info

The X-Patriots was founded by The Crimson Fire, otherwise known simply as Fire. He is an ex-hero of Paragon City. The military organization known today as Hero Corps sold his GPS identifier to Crey after a mission in Siren's Call went bad... Fire knows most of the circumstances surrounding the betrayal, but only a handful of the X-Patriots' leaders are privy to his secrets.

The X-Patriots is the criminal organization of the Rogue Isles that is at the top of the food chain. It was not always that way, but by opening the doors to disenchanted heroes, the malicious, and the criminally ambitious, he was able to hit the city with a wave of crime it had never seen before. For a very long time, no one knew where the stolen money was going, or who was seizing various properties. By the time there was a name to slap onto these deeds, The X-Patriots had gotten a stranglehold on many of the systems within the city.

XPats in Siren's.jpg

The fight has changed, however, and Fire mysteriously disappeared, leaving the organization in the hands of Fury. Some say that he left to get revenge on those that betrayed him in Paragon City. But regardless, the X-Patriots have continued with their operations, fighting many battles and furthering the agenda with secrecy and discretion. The X-Patriots seize every asset they can, their criminal empire growing by leaps and bounds. Everyone knows it but no one can prove a thing.

Many of the X-Patriots are heroes that were wronged by the powers that be in Paragon City. It is a corrupt system designed to make the rich richer and keep those in power in power. They've pointed the finger at many of the city's heroes, using the very defenders that fought and bled for their people as fall-guys for botched missions, schemes, and cover-ups... sentencing them to the Zig for crimes they did not commit where some were never heard from again.

Others, however, were.

"The time is coming where those in Paragon must be held accountable for their deeds..." - Nimrod

OOC Info

Founded on October 29, 2005

Commanders: Smallz and Seven Seas Cassidy

Generals: Iskorka, Monovalent, Alchamist, Frostigy, and BOOCF


The X-Patriots strive to be one of the most versatile and active groups in all of City of Villains!

The X-Patriots are an active group of adult gamers that have printed it in great big, bold, letters to take care of their own and, most of all, be upstanding neighbors to all gamers of Virtue. We do not tolerate the behavior that plagues much of the MMO world, demeaning, provoking, and ruining the gaming experience for those exposed to it. It is our perogative and it has created an outstanding, successful retreat for an ever-growing community of mature gamers that love nothing else but to have fun in-game without having to put up with the... garbage.

We have 2 chapters Villain-Side and 1 chapter Hero-Side. Our focal point is "The X-Patriots", which has held the #1 ranked spot for prestige earnings on Virtue for a majority of City of Villains existence. Our alternate's VG, or "Alt VG", "X-Patriots" is a stable for lesser played or semi-retired characters. Our SG, "The True-Patriots" began as only semi-active with a base where "Patriots" can operate out to explore Hero content when new Issues come out, but has since grown, and itself has joined the ranks of the Top 100 ranked groups on Virtue Server.

PvE oriented players, RPers, and PvPers are all welcome. Our primary focus is PvE, but we also have an active (and growing) RP community that is larger than most dedicated RP groups. We have amongst our ranks some of the most skilled PvPing villains on Virtue, but we are not (contrary to popular belief and much due to winning the CoH award, "Favorite PvP VG") a dedicated PvP VG. We enjoy all aspects of the game and enjoy many PvP events... but as said, we strive to be versatile.



Often, during events or when many X-Patriots are gathered, X-Patriot members have been known to wear this uniform.

It was created by Adamant and continues to be a banner flown regularly in PvP zones and events, Virtue-wide. Many have seen waves upon waves of white X's coordinating strikes and leading charges against the heroes of Paragon!

There have been variations on this theme for a few events, depending on the event's premise.


More Coming Soon ... /e heads off to haze the others into including their character bio's here...



If you wish to join the ranks of The X-Patriots, visit Our Official Website and Forums and drop a line in "The Enlistment"! Please remember to leave your global handle there, as well, for ease of contact. Due to the flood of spam-bots and pill-peddlers, we must approve all that register with the forums.


PyreShito vs TragedyAnn.jpg

Contact any of our Generals, or visit our forums if you wish to schedule an event with us!

We are always interested in Arena Matches, Base Raids, PvP Zone Events, Social RP Events, and more...

RIG Fighting League

Rogue Isles Gladiators, is a PvP tournament for members of The X-Patriots. For information check on The X-Patriots - RIG Fighting League, check out that page.

Did you know...

Expatriate (ěk-spā'trē-āt')

v. tr.

1. To send into exile. 2. To remove (oneself) from residence in one's native land.

v. intr.

1. To give up residence in one's homeland. 2. To renounce allegiance to one's homeland.

n. (-ĭt, -āt')

1. One who has taken up residence in a foreign country. 2. One who has renounced one's native land.


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