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Fearghas was originally created to see what it would be like to spin a classic hero formula into a, "mild-mannered man by day, super powered villain by night." From there's he greatly evolved into who he is today.

This man's hair is amazing.
Player: @Fearghas
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: James Nelson
Known Aliases: Dutiful, Hair, Jay, TV's Frank
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6'1
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Golden
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Mercenary, Revolution Leader
Place of Birth: Port Oakes
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Techno-gloves can activate to manipulate energy and fire. Can wield everyday objects with extreme efficiency
Known Abilities
Thermal goggles, techno-gloves, shovel, wrench, baseball bat,amazing hair. Seiken.
No additional information available.


A Brief Review


Fearghas' personality for the most part is fairly laid back. If he's around the D he'll be easy-going and joking around. As well he puts off an air of well, not really being too intelligent or smart. Because of this most people that encounter him underestimate his abilities or fail to take him seriously. This's something that Fearghas does on purpose, for the most part; on many occassions he has successfully won a battle or completed a job due to the fact that he wasn't taken seriously enough and his opponents were not properly prepared for his true strength. Although he has been on the receiving end of a beating a few times due to the fact that he himself didn't, as he said, "put his heart into the job".

One of the few ways for anyone to anger Fearghas would be to insult his amazing hair (it's amazing), though it should be noted that despite his laid back attitude, he was born and raised in Port Oakes, and isn't a push-over, even without his techno-gloves on.

Amazing Hair

As noted a few times, Fearghas' hair is objectively really really good. He spends a good amount of time each morning combing it and fixing it up to be exactly how he wants it to be. It's never half-assed, it never smells bad, and it never, ever, unless caused by someone else, looks bad. Any and all attempts by other people to insult his hair, spot out a grey hair, say a strand is loose, or otherwise point out something Fearghas missed are scoffed by him and shown to be false. His hair is one of the few things he has complete domain over and will -never- be wrong on. Everything else maybe he'll concede to being wrong, but his hair is the one thing he knows like the back of his hand.

Mercenary Roles

Being a mercenary, Fearghas has filled various roles during his career. Here are just a few:

Dark Dominion Soldier - Hired by Overseer and Karnal Sin, Fearghas was to be a fighter for the revolutionary group, seeking to change the world for what they told him was the better. His time in the Dark Dominion would break Fearghas into the "weird" super-powered world, thrusting him into jobs where he would travel to alternate dimensions to save one of the leaders, as well as being tasked to help Machina Shard track down the lost Overseer. After some time, the ranks of the Dark Dominion began to collapse with the absence of both the Overseer and Karnal Sin. Machina Shard took over the reigns, but soon he too vanished, leaving only a bare few left in the group, including the ever loyal Fearghas, who was still being paid automatically from Overseer's bank account. His loyalty would lead Fearghas to his next position.

Overseer - Karnal Sin returned briefly from wherever she had disappeared to, only finding the Dark Dominion in shambles. Fearghas, one of the few left, greeted her and explained the situation. In a confusing move, Karnal Sin told Fearghas that he would be the new Overseer, and that Neutron One would fit him an "Overseer" battle armor. Fearghas was completely against this, but had no choice in the matter, due to one massive guilt-trip and the idea that the Dominion would be better for the world. Fearghas was fitted with the Overseer battle armor, which, while worn, enhanced him to the true level of a "super human". His time as Overseer was not terribly long, however, as Fearghas found he was slowly losing himself to the position. The only major act that he performed as Overseer was the rescue of Tyler Preston after he was separated from Rakescar during a massive battle in Paragon City. Fearghas assumes that with his stepping down from the position of Overseer, the Dark Dominion is no more.

Mercenary for Doctor Crom - Fearghas was one of the many mercenaries hired by Doctor Crom in his diabolical plot to kill Ascendant. The good doctor went to efforts to ensure that Fearghas did not know that the objective of trying to launch the missiles in Warburg was to further his efforts in ending Ascendant's life. It was during the immense battle in Warburg, in which a cadre of heroes showed up to stop Doctor Crom and his force, that Fearghas learned of Doctor Crom's true plans. While rarely one to go back on a job, Fearghas had heard much of Ascendant, and knew that he was one of the true heroes left in Paragon City. Fearghas bid his time and, at the right moment, turned on the good doctor, utilizing his Phoenix Program to separate his unit. Fearghas then stayed and fought against Crom, despite the fact that most of the heroes still viewed him as an enemy.

Sky Pirate- Fearghas' career as a sky pirate for the Dread Aces began with a few simple jobs that he and Kichi were hired on to for the pirate group, who were seeking to obtain supplies to build an airship. Their leader, Crimson Cutlass, became better friends with Fearghas after each job, due to his ability to get most tasks finished and his outgoing, laid back nature. After taking several jobs with the crew, Crimson Cutlass eventually offered Fearghas a semi-permanent contract with the group, and added in as part of the deal that he would be allowed to pilot the airship once it was built. Not being a fool who'd turn down an offer to pilot an airship, Fearghas accepted, and began his role as a sky pirate. It was during this time that Fearghas found himself in numerous exploits, and made a few enemies to boot. One was the group The Frontline and the Havok Brothers, whom the Dread Aces were constantly in conflict with. As well, he played a major role in the assault of Flint Pierce and his dirigible base, leading his own small team of sky pirates in to bring down the base.

Currently, Fearghas has no permanent contracts with any one group, though he has been seen talking with Seer Malak often in the D, and has made some deals with the man for services in the future. What will become of that is yet to be seen.

The Ongoing Story

Viva La Revolution

James Nelson has been trying to start a movement in Port Oakes to fight against the mafioso and the gangs there. He calls his group, "The Untouchables of Port Oakes", being inspired by the movie, The Untouchables. James has decided not to use his techno-gloves, and instead relies on regular weapons, a shovel, a wrench, and a baseball bat, to fight against the criminals. His goal is to show the people of Port Oakes that it's possible to make a stand without having super powers. Though his movement is small, consisting of only 3 other close friends, it is making large headway. The people of Port Oakes are becoming more confident against criminals, the mafia's influence slowly beginning to lower. But there's only so much that the criminals will take before they take some sort of dramatic action against James...

The following are James' closest "confidants" within the Untouchables.

George Harrison - James' closest friend, the two have known each other since they started teaching at Port Oakes High seven years ago. They've maintained a close friendsip despite the fact that James no longer teaches there. George was one of the first to join the Untouchables of Port Oakes.

Giacomo Montagne - A convenient store owner in Port Oakes. Giacomo Montagne has been a hitman in several groups across Europe. He fled to the Rogue Isles seeking to make a new name for himself, not as a hitman, but just as a normal, everyday store owner. When his store was threatened by the Marcones, James stepped in and showed them a lesson, then offered Giacomo a role in the group. Giacomo decided that he would help, hoping to redeem his past actions with the mafia.

Phil Cardone - A former member of the RIP, Phil was fired for doing "too good" of a job. He pursued criminals, followed the proper law to a tee, and did not harass anyone who didn't deserve it. James found Phil drinking his problems away in one of Port Oakes' local bars one night. The two had a long conversation, Phil complaining to James about his problems, James telling Phil about the group. In the end, Phil decided to tag along, thinking that he could pursue the justice he was looking for in the RIP with James' group. Phil's weapon of choice is a sheathed katana.

Seiken - That's an entirely different story.

The Magic Sword

One day in Pocket D, James stumbled upon Seer Malak. Well, more so, James was having a Sam Adams and sensed someone being amazed at his (amazing) hair, that person being Seer Malak. The two talked, and James quickly noticed that for some reason, Malak had possession of Seiken. After some convincing/haggling, James managed to obtain Seiken from Malak, suggesting that he knew Luficia very well and would hold on to the sword until she came back. James doesn't know fully why Malak parted with the sword, but he was happy to be able to hold onto it, though, much to his (and Malak's) surprise, Seiken still speaks. When asked why Seiken never spoke with Malak, the sword merely replied that Malak didn't seem too sociable, and that James had much better hair. Everyone agreed on all those points.

James now holds on to Seiken, waiting for Luficia to return from wherever she is to give it back to her. Though Seiken has decided to support James in his efforts to fight against crime in Port Oakes. Support in terms of moral, as James is under the idea that no one besides Luficia should wield Seiken. This isn't from anything Seiken told James (and is just the opposite, as Seiken will many times call James a wimp for not trying to wield a sword like a real man) but rather just James' own odd belief.

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