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Watcher of the skies.
Cloud Runner
Player: @Cloud Runner
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jase Skies
Known Aliases: Cloud Runner
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 6'
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Licensed Superhero, Air Force officer
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Skyway, Paragon City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Darrel Klaud (father; deceased), Kristine Skies (mother)
Known Powers
Moisture Control (Cloud Control)
Known Abilities
Flight, Aerobatics
No additional information available.

After many failed attempts at character designs in City of Heroes, @Cloud Runner (player) finally found his virtual namesake, Cloud Runner. The character was inspired by many superheroic icons such as; Archangel, Superman, Spider-Man.



Supergroup: The Frontline

Former Supergroups: The United Sanction Society, The Defenders of Paragon


Cloud Runner takes on the full persona of a superhero. With an aura of goodness about him, he was always kind. He acts childish at times, cracking jokes amidst battle.


Jase's powers were triggered after his father; Darrel Klaud (former Cloud Runner) donated his kidney to his son anonymously. Jase's power's had remained dormant for years and doctors believed that the kidney was his source of power, this later was debunked. It is now proved that his powers were inherited from his father’s genes.

Cloud Manipulation

It's a common misconception that Cloud Runner control's the weather. Jase takes after his father by merely controlling and absorbing microscopic particles of moisture in the surrounding air then releasing them in the form of a cloud as well as directing and manipulating existing masses of cloud.

Weather Control

As stated earlier, Cloud Runner cannot control the weather, but only direct clouds. This however allows him to change weather patterns, in a sense controlling the weather. With the power to direct clouds he is able to create thunderstorms or even clear the skies. This prompted the Air Force to contact him for aid in war efforts. He leads fighter jets through storms or can even report enemy forces before they are encountered.

Gravity Control (Flight)

Cloud Runner is able to release all the physical weight from his body and be levitated by moisture. This makes for deadly offensive attacks. When aimed at a target The Runner can increase the weight in the victim, raising pressure, enough to even kill. However Cloud has never used his ability to kill any of his enemies, no matter how great his hatred for them is.

Character History


1955-1972 Birth of Darrel Klaud

1955- Darrel Klaud is born, the first and only child of Maria and Robert Klaud in San Francisco California. No signs of mutation at birth.

1956-1969- Darrel lives a normal childhood with still no signs of a mutation. He enters high school with no knowledge of what is to come.

1970-Weird occurrences are sighted at the Klaud household. Dark clouds form over only their home. Skies are clear above only their home on a cloudy day. One night while in a fight with his parents over his grades, Darrel causes a bolt of lightning to strike their house unknowingly, resulting in a fire that burns the house to the ground. After a trip to the doctor's it is confirmed that Darrel possesses the mutant gene. His mutation is linked with clouds. His strong emotions changed them with his mood. When angry the skies would rage, when sad they would drizzle rain and when happy they would clear. Mr. and Mrs. Klaud urged Darrel to control his anger and accepted his mutation.

1971-After the discovery of his new powers, Darrel experimented to find their limits. He soon walked around with a cloud of fog at his feet. One instance at his high school (Monroe High) Darrel got into an argument with a fellow student, which led to a physical fight. Punches were thrown and the sky above grew black. A rogue lightning strike hit the ground feet from Darrel's opponent. Monroe officials then believed it was best that Darrel was moved to a school where his "sickness" could be properly treated. Freshman year was the last year that Darrel would attend school, as his parents were not able to find any High School that catered to a mutant's needs.

1972- The discovery of his flying capability was an accident for 17-year-old Darrel. He was carelessly running down the stairs of his home, when he tripped and lay suspended in mid air. All his concentration had been aimed at not falling that he learned to expel the weight from his body and be caught by the floating molecules of moisture. After this Darrel practiced as hard as he could to recreate the conditions. He even climbed to the top of his house, ready to jump, but his parents stopped him. Soon, after much trial and error Darrel learned to soar the skies. And from that point on they have been his home.

1973-1983 Birth of The Cloud Runner


1973- After learning to fly, Darrel retreated to the sky for days at a time, so it was only matter of time before he was making the San Francisco papers. It was at this time that he decided to hide his identity. It was the superhero age now. Masked wonders were popping up all around the globe. Darrel didn't call himself a hero, but he still chose to hide his face. At home he gathered a bunch of clothing materials and made a makeshift costume that consisted of a scarf, aviator goggles and a jacket from his father after his time in the Air Force and a beanie. Later, several images started showing up in the paper that depicted a masked figure, faintly seen in the sky, running on a layer of cloud. This is what earned Darrel his immortal alias, Cloud Runner.

1974- Everyone called Cloud Runner a hero, yet Darrel had done nothing heroic. He merely went to show off his ability to the public, becoming quite famous as a result. Darrel's decision to become a hero didn't come easy. While spending the day as Darrel Klaud and not Cloud Runner, he witnessed a lady, screaming with a gun to her head. The thug scrounged through her purse for cash then violated her. All Darrel could do was watch, too scared to do anything. She cried to him, but turned his back and ran home. From then on he was disgraced with himself. If he couldn't use his powers for good, why did he deserve them? So, he ditched Cloud Runner and stayed grounded for many months.

1975- 20 years old, Darrel moved out of his parents' house and got an apartment of his own. He worked part time at a supermarket to pay rent, barely getting by. Cloud Runner had all been but a memory... As far as Darrel was concerned, he didn't have superpowers. The turning point in his life was while fast asleep he dreamt of a brilliant blue-sky, scattered puff of clouds everywhere. High above, a blue and white figure beckoned him. The figure wore a cowl of fog that swayed in the wind. As Darrel's celestial body floated to the entity above. Then flashed visions of destruction and death. After that came the vision a wonderfully costumed hero standing high on a skyscraper. Darrel understood that was himself. A location was given, atop the Golden Gate Bridge; he went to the bridge on faith alone. And this is where he met his future mentor Nimbus, whom gave no information about himself, only that he could guide Darrel as Cloud Runner.

1976-1983- During this time Nimbus made Cloud Runner a true superhero. Atop a strange floating island high in the sky he trained Darrel. Nimbus possessed incredible power, able to shift the world at a whim. All Darrel learned of his mysterious mentor was that he lived only to watch over Earth from afar. Nimbus taught Darrel to forget who he once was, there would now only be Cloud Runner. So, Darrel left behind his past life, informing his parents only that he was moving away. He moved onto this island, which came to be known as Cloud 9. After Cloud's body was chiseled with his mind enlightened, Nimbus sent him on his first assignment. A horrible fire had broken out in downtown San Francisco. Cloud Runner was at the scene, making his first reappearance after a long while. Clouds gathered above the burning building, they darkened and poured rain, extinguishing the fire and saving 5 peoples lives. It was from this point onward that Cloud Runner was dubbed a hero. Criminal's came to learn the name of Cloud Runner well as the Runner prevented crime after crime. Nimbus informed Cloud Runner that the two of them were needed elsewhere. A city called Paragon was falling deeper into the clutches of darkness everyday. Heroes were gathering from around the world to aid the city. So, Cloud 9 drifted high above the crime-ridden city and Cloud Runner made his first steps onto his new home.

1984-2001 Passing the Torch


1984- Cloud Runner was welcomed into Paragon City with open arms. He wasn't short of work, crime was everywhere in the city. He was contacted by a news reported named Christine Skies who sent him to investigate a chain of drug factories around Paragon. Cloud soon fell in love with Christine and despite Nimbus' teachings he once again became Darrel Klaud and went to meet her in person. The two started to date, Kristine unaware whom Darrel really was. As Cloud Runner, Darrel investigated these factories to find a drug lord at the helm. Smokey Black, one of the most respected drug dealers in Paragon and the Rogue Isles. Smokey caught on to The Runner and soon learned of his weakness. When nearing these factories Cloud became weak, on one occasion while flying too close to a smoke stack he plummeted to the ground, breaking his arm. The smoke was absorbed into Clouds body, sickening him. When Black learned of this he quickly exploited this weakness. Cloud was given an anonymous lead to Smokey's location and when he arrived, Black and his goons greeted him. Black wore two metal gauntlets; tubes connected them to a gas tank. Smoke billowed from the gauntlets, bringing Cloud to his knees. Before Smokey could finish the helpless hero off Kristine showed up, with the Paragon Police department behind her. Black fled with his goon to a helicopter before he could be reprimanded.

1985- After Cloud Runner's almost deadly run-in with Black he prepared himself for what would be the final showdown with the Drug Lord. Kristine gave Cloud the number of a crazy inventor named Ace Schizo, whom would prepare him for his assault against Black. Working closely together, Ace built a device that would absorb Black's intoxicants. Armed with this device The Runner went in search of his nemesis once more. But he couldn't be found anywhere in Paragon. All his factories lay in shambles, abandoned. Smokey had fled to the Rogue Isles, one of the most dangerous places on Earth, especially for a hero. Cloud made the dangerous journey to the lawless world of the Isles and there he found Black. Cloud barged into Smokey's turf only to be surrounded once more. With gauntlets equipped Black filled the air with toxin to no avail. Doctor Schizo's device was working wonders. Finally having the upper hand against him archenemy, Cloud brought a world of hurt down on Black. The skies overhead grew angry and roared thunder. Lightning struck down, engulfing the factory in flame. Black's goons fired round after round at The Runner, only to be stopped by a wall of gravity. They were all then lifted into the air and slammed down, knocked unconscious. When Cloud moved on to Smokey, he was already gone, making his way to the roof. Nowhere to go, Black climbed atop a smoke stack, only to face his enemy when there. The smoke from the stack caused the smoke absorber to overheat and malfunction. Smokey burst into laughter as he watched Cloud struggle for life and just when he was about to finish him off; there came another laugh, an insane and crazy laugh. Behind Black flew this blue and white savior. On his feet: rockets, on his hands: gauntlets, on his chest: an anarchy "A". A torrent of energy leapt from his fists, blasting knocking Black into the stack and into oblivion. Cloud woke up in a laboratory, greeted by Dr. Schizo. Ace revealed to Cloud that he had saved his life as Crazy Ace, his super heroic alter ego, armed with two, energy blasting gauntlets. Ace and Cloud have been inseparable since.

Darrel and Kristine's relationship grew and as a result Jase Skies was born on December 19th, 1985. Darrel's attitude changed at this point and Kristine saw this. He became jumpy and standoffish. After Jase's arrival Darrel realized the danger being a hero might bring to his unexpected family. Despite better judgment, he fled with no warning to Kristine. He had made a big mistake, and over the next years he would struggle with this decision...

1986-The guilt from leaving his family was too much for Darrel. He watched from a distance, masked as Cloud Runner as his son walked his first steps and spoke his first word. Nimbus, disappointed with his student's actions still supported him, giving Cloud a large sum of money that he could secretly drop off at his family's home. Baby Jase always had some sort of ailment, which landed him in the hospital, so Kristine had trouble paying all of his medical bills.

1987-1995- Throughout the years Cloud Runner continued to watch over his son and wife. Smokey Black, thought to be dead, had returned. He went by the name of Smog now and had a personal vendetta with The Runner. Smokey Black was recovered on the verge of death by his cronies. They brought their leader to a mad bionic scientist who worked his magic on Smokey. Black is kept alive by a steam engine that expels exhaust through his arms and out his fist's, used as a deadly intoxicant. Black, now more machine than human went after Cloud with ferocity. From personal intelligence, Smog found out Clouds true identity and used it to his advantage, finding his unsuspecting mother in San Francisco. While Mr. Klaud was away at work Smog lit the Klaud household aflame and took Mrs. Klaud to lure Cloud into the Rogue Islands once more.

Distraught by this news Cloud Runner sprinted across the skies to the Islands. Fueled by rage, he beat every thug he found for the location of Blacks new hideout. Sure enough, Smog was found in one of his old factories. This time he was alone, only accompanied by Darrel's incapacitated mother. Cloud still recognized his nemesis even after his overhaul. They duke it out, and eventually The Runner was brought to his knees again by Black's intoxicants. Choking on the smoke, falling deeper into the clutches of death, there seemed to be no hope. Smog continued to beat the fallen hero even after he was down. It was at this point that all the clouds in the sky came to aid their shepherd. Wind blasted down the factory and Smog was hurled into the air by a tornado, knocking him unconscious. Clouds gathered at the body of Cloud Runner and saturated the entire toxin out of his body, reviving him. When he awoke he brought his mother to a San Francisco hospital and she had no knowledge all this had to do with her son. Black was retrieved by the corrupt Rogue Island Police, which would ultimately mean he would be free in a few weeks. Darrel's decision to leave his family was justified after this incident.

1996- Darrel Klaud took a break from crime fighting after his bout with Smog. He hid in Cloud 9, alone, with an occasional visit from Nimbus, who was acting strange. Darrel had been seeing less and less of Nimbus over the past year and when he did see him there would be a hint of trouble in his voice. The latest meeting with Nimbus would be their last. His mentor spoke to Darrel giving what seemed (and would be) his final guidance. Nimbus flew into the unknown that night with a final "The sky is the limit, Darrel, never underestimate yourself..." and never returned. Darrel's loneliness spurred him to check on his 11 year-old son, Jase.

Jase was in the hospital, something that he was quite used to. No doctor could explain why Jase had so many health issues. His latest ailment came in the form of failing kidneys. With Kristine's money running short there wasn't much chance she'd be able to pay for the transplant. That is until Darrel donned his cape once more. Seeing a chance to save his son, Darrel couldn't ignore it. He walked into the hospital as Cloud Runner, wanting to make an anonymous kidney donation to Jase. And so it was done. Jase awoke from his operation with his blue and white savior standing before him. Fate would change its course upon this day... After the operation, Jase felt healthy, more than healthy, super! Weird changes were beginning to take place in him, changes that were all too similar to the changes Darrel went through as a boy. Just like his father, Jase was developing superpowers. Throughout the year he discovered these abilities. Gravity Control, Cloud Manipulation, all exactly like his father. Kristine believed it to be the operation that started this change, but the doctors soon learned that Jase did indeed possess the mutant gene and that the operation had merely jump-started the mutation.

1997- The year of 1997 was a great one for Jase Skies, who had learned the in's and out's of his superpowers. He was now back in Jr. High, though he often ditched to soar the skies for hours on end. Just as his father did, Jase would have to learn that his powers came with an obligation, and obligation to do good and Cloud Runner teach him this. One night while Jase was getting ready for bed a blue and white clothed figure hovered to his window. Cloud Runner, Jase's guardian angel! Jase ran to the window to greet his savior and there was much to be said. Cloud Runner told Jase his powers came with a choice: the path to good or evil was black and white and there was no other choice. Either he was doing good with his powers or being bad. And from that night Cloud Runner took Jase, his secret son under his wing. He trained young Jase just as Nimbus trained himself. While Kristine lay asleep at night Cloud Runner would take Jase for a guided tour around the harsh streets of Paragon, to show him there was much to be done. The slums of Kings Row were ridden with desperate criminals who only wished for a better life. Cloud Runner assigned Jase to help clean up these streets, starting from the bottom. No he would not be stopping robberies yet, but merely cleaning the filth. Picking up trash, helping old women with their groceries, all minor tasks assigned to Jase. After months of these tedious jobs Cloud approved of what would now be his sidekick. After school Jase would tell his mother he was going out with friends, but really he dressing in costume to become Kid Cloud, to assist his mentor.

The Runner and Kid brought the cities crime rate down a significant percent that year and even went toe to toe with some of the world's biggest super villains. Kid Clouds true initiation into hero-hood came when super villain Evaporation was once again at large. Evaporation was once petty thief, Malcome Ray, but then scored a major heist where he came to find the "sun stone", a gem that held the power of the sun. With the gem strapped to his chest Evaporation controls heat, manipulating it into an armor and weaponry. He became a major thorn in Cloud Runner's side, as his power made him almost untouchable to Cloud. With no moisture, The Runner's powers were useless.

Malcome had just escaped for the Ziggursky Correctional Facility and was in search of his stone. Backed by fellow "do-badder's" whom he broke out of the Zig, he took back the sun stone with force from the museum it was held in. He then fused it to his chest permanently and was at large once more. Evaporation wasted no time getting back his good name. He robbed every bank and museum in Paragon and received the attention of several big-time heroes. One of these heroes was Cloud Runner, whom was hesitant to go after this heat-exhausting villain. Their first brawl was when Evaporation was on the run from the police. The cars in pursuit of him broke down as he sapped the heat from the engines. Cloud came in airborne with Jase at his side. The two stayed at a distance from rampaging Evaporation who was throwing aside civilians, cars and any other enormous obstacle that stood in his way. When his eyes caught sight of The Runner and his companion he smiled, knowing his weakness already. Masked Malcome sucked all the moisture in the area dries bringing Kid and Cloud crashing to the asphalt. He laid a few deadly energy blows into The Runner, sending him flying away. As the hulking villain moved onto his next prey, Kid Cloud thought quickly and darted away, out of sight. When he returned in his grasp was a small rock, something so futile that didn't look to be able to cause any damage to the brute. But, when Jase's eyes targeted the sun stone on Malcome's chest a look of worry filled the heartless villains face. The rock was hurled straight at the stone with deadly velocity. When the sun stone cracked, light from the sun grew blindingly bright. The ray's focused on doomed Malcome was then took off running, but it was too late. The sun above turned black, sapped of energy, an impossible feat. Malcome's look turned from worried to enrage. His body materialized into pure, blinding energy, engulfing the surrounding buildings in flame. At this point Jase sped away into the skies to think up a Plan B. Evaporation continued to grow until he was the size of a skyscraper.

Jase was distressed; he empowered Malcome rather than rend him. But, Paragon City luckily is not short of heroes. They gathered from all over to Brickstown to take down Evaporation. From the likes of Xanatos to the vigilante Charon gathered at the foot of the monster. With their combined effort Evaporation's power was extinguished. As Malcome stood outnumbered he did the only thing he could! With half the heroes of Paragon City on his trail, he jumped away, still powered by the cracked sun stone. Though Malcome Ray got away that day, he has not been sighted in Paragon since.

Cloud Runner awoke in the hospital surrounded by friends, Kid Cloud, Crazy Ace and Kristine. He immediately reached for the mask on his face to be reassured his identity was safe. In Darrel Klauds eyes, his son had truly become a hero that day, with his quick (however ineffective) thinking. Soon sidekick would become hero and hero would become veteran, as Cloud Runner knew his name would live on through Jase Skies.


1998-2001- The list of villains whom Kid and The Runner took down got a lot longer over the next years. They had built up a feared reputation among the super powered criminals. Names such as: Acid, Dust Devil, and Pompei all landed up in the Zigguraut due to the combined efforts of the hero and sidekick. They all developed a burning hatred for Cloud Runner and Kid Cloud and many were planning a takedown. One criminal in particular, Paul Lorenzo, who liked to call himself Power Trip spent 3 years in the Zigguraut after meeting The Runner. You could say he had a bone to pick. Paul was power crazed lunatic, always searching for that greater rush. He was lucky enough to be born with an "energized" mutant gene that allowed him to sap energy from any electrical appliance. Paul was having trouble earning respect around the Rogue Islands and had to pull something big, so he went on a little "vacation" to Paragon City. There he found an endless supply of power, skyscrapers flowing with energy and light. So, he went ballistic, leeching it all. Steel Canyon then blacked out and all the heroes in the area were in search of the source. Cloud Runner just happened to be on patrol, Kid Cloud home for the school night. Below, he heard an electrified voice laughing hysterically and at its source was a brilliant red glow. The energized villain began to cause mayhem on the streets of the Canyon, smashing the honorable statues of fallen heroes. Cloud Runner wasted no time confronting the scumbag and as a result he was blasted away, left twitching by the jolt of electricity. He had to think fast, what force could stop such powered juggernaut? Then it came to him... In the dark sky, clouds silently gathered and Power Trip suspected nothing, continuing his rampage. He fizzled a little when a drop of moisture hit him, but still continued. Then it poured down purely on him, sending his energy in every direction, rending him powerless. With this controlled downpour, Cloud Runner guided the electricity to a transformer. After his "power trip" was brought to end, Power Trip was enraged, trying to sap energy, though unsuccessful. Cloud descended to Trip and fought man to man, no powers. In the end, Cloud wound up with a few bruises and a black eye, but Power Trip wound up in the Zig to be ridiculed mercilessly.


Their second run-in was a bit more favored to Paul. He had spent three years thinking of ways to take down Cloud Runner. And he found a way... Paul went searching the Rogue Isles for anyone who had an equal hatred for The Runner and there he found some interesting fellas. Things would not look good for the savior of the skies...Jase Skies was on his way home from High School when a bunch of men in suits threw him in a van. These men were Smokey Black's men and though Jase did his best to escape he was knocked unconscious. When he awoke he was surrounded by five dark figures in a warehouse. This band of villains better became known as The Fearsome Five, and all of them had a personal vendetta with Cloud Runner. At the helm was Smokey Black, or Smog who had gained his rep back in the Isles. The other four were: Acid, Evaporation, Power Trip, and Dust Devil, the Runner brought them all down. They held Jase for weeks, feeding him scraps, awaiting the arrival of their nemesis. And he showed just like they thought, after interrogating any common thug. He arrived in the dark warehouse on to find Jase beaten and tied up. Cloud went to retrieve his faithful sidekick only to be greeted by a fearsome sight. All his most hated enemies showed their face and he knew there was only one solution, to flee. He grabbed Jase and attempted to take off, only to have a beam of burning acid sent to his back. From there The Fearsome Five beat him to no end as Smog leapt into a monologue explaining what a pain Cloud had been to them all. Cloud spent days kept on the verge of life as his helpless son lay and watch. When things looked grim for the both of them a ray of hope gleamed. Back in Paragon, Cloud and Jase's disappearance did not go unnoticed. A super group specifically took under the task of finding the two. The Defenders of Paragon, led by Xanatos, Bayne and Exodus went to the Rogue Isles in pursuit. The entire roster of the super group showed to look for Cloud, one being even Crazy Ace. The Fearsome Five decided to stop toying with their nemesis and end his life. This brought up a dispute, Dust Devil was a criminal, but he never killed a man and though he hated Cloud, he knew Cloud spared Dust Devil’s own life. So, The Fearsome Five became The Fearsome Four. As they argued over the demise of Cloud, dark figure descended into the warehouse on a rope. He came to the bloodied Cloud Runner, revealing himself as Liquidus, one of many who made up the roster of The Defenders of Paragon. He attempted to escape with Cloud and Jase unnoticed, but that was ended. The Four swarmed in on Liquidus, but luckily The Defenders had planned ahead. The roof caved in as Crazy Ace blasted it apart. The valiant heroes outnumbered The Four immensely! They brought the foiled villains back to Paragon to do hard time in the Zig. After Cloud Runner's recovery, which took many months, he and Jase were offered a full membership into The Defenders of Paragon, which they gladly accepted. Once again Darrel Klaud was reminded how dangerous it is to have people you care for while fighting crime.


During his life as a hero Cloud Runner has made many enemies, all with an equal hatred for him. The following all have made it their top priority to take out the Runner, but none have succeeded.

The Fearsome Five-A villain group specifically formed for the sole purpous to destroy The Runner. The group consists of Smog, Acid, Dust Devil, Power Trip, and Drought.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is Cloud Runner's base of operations. He inherited it from his mysterious mentor Nimbus. It glides high above Paragon, a floating platform. On the platform sits a tall building, inside is all Cloud Runner's living quarters, computer room, lab and training grounds. Whenever Cloud is not out soaring the skies or fighting evil-doer's he is found here. The platform itself is kept a flight by the many propellers at its base. It is impossible to know the exact location of Cloud 9 because its always on the move, that and it is masked by a thick layer of cloud. Cloud Runner uses a locator device to find its location.
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