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Freedom Force
Founder: Kara Nova, Liquidus, and Timekick
Side: Heroes
Motto: A group of misfits, trying to save the world.
Leader(s): Kara Nova, Liquidus, and Timekick
Logo: Circle of Stars surrounding a bigger Star
Group Colours: Blue, Gold, and White
Levels: All
Play style: Casual to Regular
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): (all welcome)
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: Kara Nova, Liquidus, and Timekick
We are the Sentinels of Justice - We are the Champions of Liberty - We are the Guardians of Freedom

A New Formation

The Founding of Freedom Force

Originally part of The Frontline, the group was on a mission to stop villainy across all fronts. Things were going smoothly until the Charter was introduced which made them an official extended branch with the United Nations. While a lot of power was given to the team, so too the restrictions. Ideally, it would allow The Frontline to combat global threats across the world with the support of the United Nations but it requires the group to run tightly and flawlessly. This proved to be stressful to some of the members, enough to cause some of them to go on a personal crusades. The Frontline was able to take care of this turmoil, but it still had its consequences had started to take its toll towards the members as well as the the group.

With most members either away, missing, or no longer apart of The Frontline; Kara Nova was the first to suggest of a new group, a group where we would could take it in a new direction but with the same objective, to combat villainly across all fronts. Although it may be a step back from The Frontline's Charter, we would be able to run independantly from any affiliation. With the help of Timekick's father, he would become this new group's private investor to help us financially and the group would have his full support in their little crusade. With Kara Nova turning over her Comm, Liquidus stood by her side and Timekick joined up soon after. Between the three, Freedom Force is formed. Graphite, Johnny Turbo, and The Emerald Core, also former members of The Frontline, soon joined up after hearing the news and lastly, Techno Raven was able to lend her support in this new formation. - "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

The Former Frontliners

The Frontline started to lose support and the news began to spread about the Freedom Force. Having a fear that people would get the wrong impression of this new formation, Liquidus requested a meeting with Red-Havok, one of the leaders of The Frontline, to come up with some kind of solution that will allow both to prosper together. Although when the 2 met, Red-Havok, immediately said that he had the great pleasure of serving together and hope that one day, they will fight together once more. It was then when the former Frontliner learned of The Havok Brothers' new mission with the Portal Corporation, a mission that will require a long journey, a mission where their safe return... is unknown. While Red-Havok did not mention anything about the mission itself, Liquidus knew that this is not something they would take lightly.

The Frontline Base, Sector-S, being powered down.
Now with The Frontline Base powered down, the lights turned off, the Communications offline, any available resources and manpower would be shifted towards the new group in hopes for a successful launch. As well as any future applications forwarded to the Freedom Force, The Havok Brothers wanted to support this new formation 100%. But before leaving to undertake the mission, The Havok Brothers decided to do one last favor, to make amend that started the whole turmoil after the Charter was introduced... they came forward to the United Nations and accepted the suspension of The Frontline in exchanged for Utsu Koto Taka's freedom. With The Frontline be temporarily out of service, there was no reasons for Utsu Koto Taka to serve her time in order to keep the United Nations from disbanding The Frontline.

With Utsu Koto Taka freed, The Havok Brothers turned her over to Liquidus' care in hopes to keep her protected from any further Council threats, the former Frontliners, now known as the Freedom Fighters, came to lend their support and to say goodbye to their former leaders as the watch the Havoks step through the portal to begin their journey, knowing that they may never return. Now with Utsu Koto Taka being apart of the Freedom Force, Liquidus had decided to put her in a separate group from the Freedom Force; still remembering that she wishes to try and lead a more normal life. Liquidus took Utsu Koto Taka to the Super Group Register and formed the Freedom Force Reserves, a group where heroes such as her doesn't have to devote full time into being a hero but still have full available resources to aid them in their quest to save their city and their world.

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