Ghost Face

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The Ghoulish Grin of Ghost Face
Ghost Face
Player: @Crazy Ace
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Eric Reaver
Known Aliases: Ghost Face
Species: Undead
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: ?
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Criminal
Place of Birth: Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: All deceased
Known Powers
Demonic Energy
Known Abilities
Superhuman strength, shadow armor, Shadow Manipulation
Rarely a motorcycle, when he feels nastalgic for his mortal life
No additional information available.

The other half of the Face Duo, created during the beta of City of Villains, played by real life brothers, @Crazy Ace and @Cloud Runner


Character History

Eric Reaver was born into a poor family in the slums of the Rogue Islands. His mother was a drug addict and his father was an abusive alcholic. Eric had the responsibility to protect his younger brother, Jack. When the two of them grew up into their teens they ran away from their broken household and into the crime-ridden streets of the Rogue Islands. They quickly learned the tricks of the trade, which meant taking what they needed to survive, even if it meant by force. 18 year old Eric watched over 14 year old Jack, giving him a greater share of their loot. Along their twisted path of corruption they met two other teens that were in the same position as themselves. These teens were Ronny Roland and Joey Thompson. The four delinquents banded together to form what would become 'The Trick or Treaters'.

The new gangs gimmick would be their costumes. Each painted their face with a different haunting symbol. Eric took a Ghost, Jack: A Jack O' Lantern, Ronny: A Skeleton, and Joey: A Clown. They went around the street terrorizing citizens and taking their valuables. Door to door they went, to take a 'treat' or give a 'trick', it was up the victim. It was a rather successful way of commiting crime and the youths earned a small fortune. Though, the Halloween of 1988 was set to be a great one for The Treaters, it didnt go the way they planned. They had scoped out giant mansion in St. Martial for weeks. Inside lived Devy Montano a rich mafioso. Devy appeared to be a lawyer, and he was, at least for the Mantano crime family. Whenever a member landed in jail, Devy was always the one they turned to.

So, when the night of Hallows Eve arrived, The Trick or Treaters were in position. In they went into the giant mansion, with knife and gun in hand. They tied Devy up and made a mockery of him. Eric beat him senseless, demanding the location of his stash. Devy just took the punches and laughed. Eric continued to beat him until eventually he silenced, lifeless. The rest of the gang became eraged, and Eric burst into tears at what he had done. As The Treaters began to make their quick exit they became trapped, as several cars pulled into the driveway. In they came, the Montano family in full force, with Giovanni at the helm. Inside they found their most valued family member a bloodied mess. As they argued over what rival gang could have done it, they heard a faint wimper. Giovanni then found the four costumed children hidden in a closet. He brought them out to find the blood on Eric's hands. Giovanni interrogated Eric, holding a knife to his throat. As Jack watched his brother beg for his life, he pulled out the pistol that lay hidden in his pocket. He fire a shot, aiming at Giovanni's head, but hitting his shoulder. The surrounding family then pulled out their Uzi's, Tommy Gun's and Magnums. The treaters quickly bolted away, with shots nearly missing them. As they reached their escape, a well-aimed bullet landed in Joey's leg, crippling him. The other three continued to run, with no choice other than to leave their comrade behind.

The next day, Eric, Jack and Ronny hid and fought among themselves over the fault of the tragedy. It became apparent to them that they couldnt abandon Joey to be tortured and eventually killed. And so they formulated a plan, which would leave their childhood behind. Two nights later The Trick or Treaters became 'The Faces of Evil', the name by which they continue to go by this day. Armed with an array of weaponry and a new attitude, they marched to the Montano base. The next day police found the entire Montano family brutally murdured. Joey, however, would never be the same. His once commical nature was gone and his speech, stolen along with his tongue. It was no holds barred, the young men pillaged and pludered as they wished upon iron horseback. Their fortune from the Montano family earned them 4 choppers.

Years went by and juvenile delinquents were now malicious villains. Another twist in their fates would make them the monsters they are today... While at a bar in St. Martial one night, Jack and Eric drank themselves senseless. When they were too plastered to even walk out of the bar, a strange figure approached them. He was dressed in black, a duster hat shadowing his face. His voice echoed through their soul. It cannot be sure what this figure spoke to the Reaver brothers about, or even if it was real and not just an illusion of their intoxicated minds. It can be sure that the two left the bar the next morning with a new mentality and a new mission. It seems apparent they they believed they were offered something of great value. Immortality perhaps... They performed four gruesome tasks, which each involved the killing of a crime boss. The bodies were all buried in the Sharkhead Isle cemetary. Joey and Ronny were kept completely in the dark. This was because the final task involved their demise. However hard this would it would be to betray their friend, Jack and Eric did not stray the path. Eric ordered a meeting at the St. Martial cemetary on Hallows Eve to complete the trial. Confused, Ronny demanded to know the meaning of the meeting, but was met with a knife to the chest. Joey suffered the same fate. And when the two were buried in their place to form the shape of a pentagram in the grave plots, two shadowy forms arose. The forms molded to appearance of a ghoul and Jack O' Lantern. The beings leapt into the body of Jack and Eric, who then blacked out.

When the brothers awoke they found the a huge coalition of crime families to greet them. All the families they severly rended with their assasinations. In front of them all, stood the figure that was once so ominous to them. He burst into laughter as the army of mafioso's drew their weapons and fired. In the darkness of death, the Reaver brothers saw their master, the devil. He gave to them what he had promised, unending life. And so they emerged from their graves on the Halloween of 2005. Their bodies deteriorated and rotten, but still baring their haunting trade marks, Pumpkin Face and Ghost Face were forever. Today, they are pawns in the Devil's game of chess and bare no similarities to the lost children they once were.


Darkness Manipulation, and Shadow Armor

Weaknesses and Limitations

Classic Horror movie weaknesses, crucifixes, holy water, prayer, ect...



Cascade Pumpkin Face

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