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Breakdown is the origin series/stories of Shadow Mokadara. They're all in messy rough draft format but may later be available to read on Deviantart(God I don't like going there).

It takes place in the galaxy of Syria. Syria is made up of a variety of planets ranging from crime-infested cyberpunk cities in the arctic, forests of catgirls, a flooded planet hiding secrets of the Armageddon War, and more!


A boy with the unfortunate nickname of "Shadow" grew up in the futuristic crime-infested streets of Zero City. He's a bootlegger and the champion racer in the Underground Ship/Pod racing tournaments. The life of women, gang fights, and racing is all he'll ever need, or so he thinks until he meets a mysterious new face in town belonging to a dame named Luna. He suddenly falls in love with her with little to no build up in their relationship and gives his life to save her when the city is attacked by what appear to be angels.

Shadow is revived by a robot named "Bolt". He agrees to work as a hunter and smuggler for the violent science organization of Kyuusaisha. There he meets a wacky escaped experiment who calls himself "PM" and a mercenary named "Dionysus" or "Diz" for short who prefers to work by himself. Kyuusaisha is in a battle with a splinter cell by the name of "Rising Wing" who is after some sort of power that Kyuusaisha wants to find first. Shadow agrees to help for his survival and in hopes of reuniting with Luna and finding out just who she is.

As Shadow, PM, Bolt, and Diz's journey continues, however, they all start to uncover the dark secrets of the universe...

Breakdown 2

It's been two years since the events of the first Breakdown. Shadow, PM, Bolt, and Diz settled down and started a nightclub in Zero City called "Breakdown". Those with street wisdom come to Breakdown to request mercenary jobs. One job went too far and the group was stranded and separated in an inhospitable wasteland called "The Badlands" where a tyrannical military group by the name of "Atlam" rules. Shadow and Bolt work with a scientist named "Laramie Splendor" to uncover the secrets of Atlam and reunite with their lost friends while PM and Diz are taken as prisoners of war by Atlam and forced to become their soldiers. A vigilante named "Hector" who leads a gang of bikers claims to be the Badlands' only hope and refuses to work with anyone who doesn't believe in his tactics. If Shadow's team and Hector's gang can't work together, they will both fall to the unstoppable power of Atlam. But with just steam technology and less than one hundred recruits, even Breakdown may be helpless against this almighty force. The world fell somehow and only Atlam knows how.

Breakdown 3

(WIP. Space Pirates, Cat girls, and Eldritch Abominations ensure!)

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