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Breakdown was originally created by the anti-hero, Shadow Mokadara, back in his home galaxy, Syria. It is now stationed in Croatoa, the home of Paragon City's paranormal activity. Breakdown takes in contracts to deal with Cosmic/Eldritch horrors too dangerous for the military, longbow, or an average hero/group of heroes. The Freedom Phalanx and Freedom Corps also will secretly pay members of Breakdown to do work of the "Gray Morality". This could include blowing up an enemy base and kill everyone guilty inside, assassinate a villain who's become far too dangerous, espionage work in the isles, etc. While Breakdown fights for the greater good, generosity doesn't pay the bills.

Breakdown will take any hero, whether they want to be paid or are doing it for the greater good. You could say that RP-wise, Rogues are welcome. Heroes of any origin are welcome, as well, whether they're a golden-age shining teeth hero, a cat girl from the depths of Pocket D, an angel who's come to serve humanity, a demon from Hell, an exiled-military veteran, etc. Ex-villains are also allowed.

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Breakdown is a sister Super group to Tesseract Castle.

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