Breeder Reactor

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Hard at work at Vanguard
Breeder Reactor
Player: @SPTrashcan
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 46
Personal Data
Real Name: Chanya Sideraugh
Known Aliases: None
Species: Homo mutans
Age: 17
Height: 93 cm
Weight: 26kg
Eye Color: ultraviolet
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student, Vanguard receptionist, power plant
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Anka and Yuris Sideraugh
Known Powers
Radiogeneration, teleportation
Known Abilities
Drawing, Plasma decoy
Prosthetic frame
No additional information available.

Chanya Sideraugh is a profoundly mutated young woman. Lacking arms, legs, eyes, nose, hair, and most of her internal organs, she instead is a living, powerful nuclear reactor. Despite the difficulties of her life, she maintains a positive attitude and tries to set a good example for mutants everywhere.



Chanya Sideraugh is a member in good standing of the Do-Gooders, a loose affiliation of positive-thinking superheroes. She "attends" the same private school as Charlize Fauntleroy aka Sweet Song, although she mostly does so via telecommuting. Until recently she worked part-time for a financial services company as an uninterruptible power supply. When her workplace was bombed by the Rikti, she resolved to do what she could to halt the invasion and is now serving in a similar capacity for Vanguard.


Chanya Sideraugh works very hard to stay positive, because the alternative is to curl up and die. Although her appearance is somewhat disturbing and her primitive voice synthesizer leaves much to be desired, she is earnest, sociable, and fiercely loyal to her friends. In part due to the solitude of her childhood, she seeks constant contact with others and becomes very upset if forced to be alone. She is also brazenly flirtatious toward cute boys, all the more so because she knows that her chances for romance are slim to none. She spends a lot of time chatting online and trading art with friends, particularly risque drawings of well-known superheroic celebrities. Her usual handle is 'powerpnut', a sly reference to her radiogeneration and truncated body.



Chanya's body constantly emits electromagnetic radiation in a wide spectrum. Although she can concentrate on increasing or decreasing her output, it never drops to a level where it would be safe for an ordinary person to come near her without some kind of shielding. Her peak sustainable output is 10 megawatts. When she goes out heroing, Chanya wears a full-body robotic prosthesis which absorbs and is powered by her personal radiation. It contains a series of complex magnetic interlocks which allow her to precisely control the type and amount of radiation released. She usually hands out "buddy badges" to her teammates - these are essentially decorated radiation exposure meters to ensure that she doesn't accidentally harm her friends.

Additional Powers


In emulation of her childhood hero Taxibot Gamma, Chanya obtained a surplus Taxibot teleportation rig, and can use it to teleport herself or others.



Chanya has had a great passion for drawing since she was young. At first with a pencil held in her mouth, later with computer drawing programs, she has practiced long and hard and achieved a great deal of technical proficiency. She is taking arts electives at her current school and hopes to go to an art college.

Plasma Decoy

With her skill in visual art and her lifelong use of magnetic containment systems, Chanya has developed the ability to project an image of herself formed from charged plasma contained by shaped magnetic fields. With Vanguard's equipment, Chanya can project this plasma decoy throughout the Rikti War Zone, and with portable projectors she can also appear in other areas.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Chanya Sideraugh's powers make her extremely dangerous, and make it impossible for her to lead a normal life. Since she was removed from her mother, she has never touched another human being. She has to maintain a high degree of control over her emotional state, or her power output can fluctuate dangerously. The prosthetic systems she wears are designed for containment first and convenience second - if there is even the remotest chance of breach, the suit locks up into full containment mode and teleports her automatically to the nearest repair center.

Furthermore, her power output is slowly but steadily growing at an exponential rate. In another ten years, if nothing is done, she will no longer be containable by physical barriers and will have to be suspended in a magnetic bottle. This will only buy her a limited amount of time, as eventually even the strongest force field will not be able to contain her. Although a number of bright and dedicated super-science specialists are working on the problem, there is a good chance she will have to be euthanized for the safety of life on earth.


Prosthetic Frame

Chanya's prosthetic frame is, if not a miracle of modern technology, at least a remarkable piece of engineering. Its sturdy legs and primitive skeletal arms are rudimentary, but Chanya operates them with a skill born from years of practice. It incorporates a simple tongue-operated speech synthesizer which allows Chanya to communicate despite the filtration mask she has to wear to keep her from exhaling radioactive isotopes. A single prosthetic eye implant allows Chanya to see fairly well; the other eye is sewn closed to prevent accidental electromagnetic discharges. The prostheses become uncomfortable after four hours or so of continuous use.

Character History

Little Chanya Sideraugh was prematurely delivered by caesarian section when her mother began to exhibit signs of radiation poisoning. A radical mutant, Chanya lacked arms, legs, eyes, and most normal human internal organs. Instead, she had a powerful radiogenerative organ which somehow performed the functions necessary to keep her alive. She had the good fortune to be born in Paragon City, already a gathering point for metahumans, and received the best care possible for someone in her condition. She lived, and grew up isolated in a series of carefully sealed and filtered environments.

Although the financial load on her parents was severe, they tried to hide their concerns from their strange, lonely, yet unaccountably cheerful daughter. Chanya, however, soon figured out for herself that the care she received could not be had cheaply, and began to make her own inquiries about jobs. Thus it was that by her 12th birthday, Chanya was spending six hours a day floating in a tube of thermoconductive liquid in the basement of an online financial services center, pumping out a consistent 5MW of electrical power while she did her homework and chatted online.

As she grew older, Chanya progressed from idolizing superheroes to wanting to be one. The discussions with her parents were repeated and lengthy, but eventually Chanya wore them down and they consented to her registration under the name Breeder Reactor. Chanya quickly settled in with the Do-Gooders, teaming up with the energetic E B and other new heroes.

Then, the Rikti invasion began - and Chanya's life took a heavy blow. While she was at work, the building was hit by a Rikti bomb's concussion wave and became structurally unstable. The upper floors were evacuated just before the building collapsed, but there was no time to remove Chanya from her reaction pod. She hung suspended in silence and darkness for over three hours while heavy equipment and superpowered volunteers cleared the rubble - by the time they got to her, she was in the throes of a panic attack and had to be sedated by a remotely operated robot before it was safe to come close enough to remove her.

As soon as she could, Chanya began to seek a position with Vanguard. Told that she needed to qualify for Security Level 35 first, she undertook a grueling training and crimefighting regimen that earned her the rank in a matter of days. By the time she returned, Vanguard was ready to accomodate her, with a new reaction vessel and a series of magnetic field projectors. She now serves triple duty for Vanguard: as backup generator, receptionist, and occasional reinforcement.


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