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Buzz Bunny
Player: @lordofvermillion
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Alice Bunny
Known Aliases: Buzz Bunny
Species: Human/Lagomorph
Age: 27
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Green/Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Chief Meta-human Engineer, Paragon Utilities
Place of Birth: Podunk, USA.
Base of Operations: Galaxy City, Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Electricity-based meta-human abilities.
Electrical capacitor shoulder-pads that regulate current through her body. Without these she would release energy uncontrollably.
No additional information available.

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Alice "Bunny" Charles, AKA Buzz Bunny, is a freelance agent working for DATA. Her abilities include control of electricity that rivals even the most powerful of the Freakshow. Her powers manifested as an adult, and was raised as a otherwise average child. She is the daughter of Lin and Armando Charles, who she does not currently associate with. The reasons for this estrangement are unknown to DATA and are therefore not part of this report.

Steel Canyon University

Alice Bunny possesses two doctorates--one in veterinary medicine and one in biomechanical engineering. While technically still enrolled in the university, she's currently on medical leave. 5 years ago, Alice was the victim of a lab accident: specifically, a powerful ion burst caused by electrical interference disrupted a telepod, fusing Alice with the common domestic rabbit (universally known for being used in scientific experiments).


The accident did not go nearly as smoothly as it does on the silver screen however, and Alice Bunny spent 3 months in critical condition in Steel Canyon Hospital, then another 2 years in Galaxy City Center for Physical Rehabilitation. Even today, Alice must wear a cybernetic device which controls her frequent static-charged bursts. This device regulates the energy emitted and stores it for later use, allowing Alice to manipulate electricity to form bolts, balls, and cages of electrical energy. Any leftover is sold to Paragon Gas and Electric Company to fund the upkeep of her expensive medical peripherals.


Alice Bunny joined DATA as a freelance agent in July of 2007, serving Paragon City off and on for the past year. Buzz, as she prefers to be called, was of massive assistance dealing a serious blow against the clockwork king and his mechanical minions. In addition, Buzz has participated in combating, and defeating, nearly every serious threat to Paragon's safety, from the Hellions in Atlas Park to the Rikti in the War Zone.

Buzz Bunny has been recognized by the Freedom Phalanx for assisting them on at least 6 seperate occassions.

Currently, Buzz is taking time out to mentor less experienced heroes whenever possible. She frequently is sent out on Vanguard's behalf to provide humanitarian aid to those victims of Rikti invasions.

Buzz Bunny has been accoladed with over 100 badges, representing her dedication and skill in protecting Paragon City and humanity as a whole.

Buzz Bunny is also rumored to be a member of the Midnighter Club, but she refuses to confirm or deny the rumor's veracity.


Buzz Bunny is a very outspoken individual. In addition, she is fairly level-headed and intelligent, qualities befitting a good leader. However, Buzz prefers not to lead but instead take on a second-in-command role, offering advice and support whenever necessary.

Buzz Bunny is likewise attracted to other outgoing individuals and wont hesitate to start a conversation. However, despite being friendly, she subconsciously possesses many fears that are present in the average rabbit, including but not limited to a fear of snakes, dogs, and other predatory animals. Unlike the common rabbit however, very few other things intimidate her, and she has a bad habit of picking fights she can't actually handle.


Her modified electrical regulators were designed and improved upon by Buzz herself, and are powerful enough to not only produce electrical shocks, but to also shape and command the electricity to bend to her whims. The actual power of her armbands are limited only by her imagination, and she modifies the bands frequently to fine-tune their abilities.

Common Uses

- Lightning Bolt: Her most straightforward attack. She causes a large negative ion buildup in her hands, causing a arc of electricity to leap to her target. This bolt varies in power, from a mere 10kilowatts to as much as 1.7 gigawatts.

- Tesla Cage: By sending a finely-tuned charge of electricity to the brain, Buzz Bunny can disrupt the brains normal function, causing the foe to seizure helplessly. Because of it's non-lethality, Buzz Bunny prefers to use this method to neutralize foes.

  Warning! Exposure to the Tesla Cage can lead to dizziness, nausea, paralysis, difficulty speaking,
loss of short-term memory, loss of fine motor skills, or a combination of the above.
Symptoms are usually temporary, lasting no longer than three days in very rare cases.
Do not operate heavy machinery after being exposed. Seek medical attention immediately
if your vision becomes blurry, you experience chest pains, or you feel numbness in your extremities, particularly your left side.

- Lockdown: Buzz Bunny's newest ability entails using electrical stimulation to cause the foe's muscles to create large quantities of lactic acid. A fine-tuned burst tricks the muscles into producing the acid, which is causes fatigue in the target. Buzz Bunny can completely disable even hardy foes in only a few seconds with this new addition to her non-lethal arsenal.

- Railgun: Using a small peice of metal as ammunition, Buzz can use her powers of electricity to create powerful electromagnetic fields, which can propel the ordinance over two-thousand kilometers per second. (informal testing puts the speed at Mach 8, but citing safety reasons, official testing has not occurred.)


Her command over electricity is limited to a short range, so in order to use it, the physically frail Buzz Bunny needs to get into a dangerously close range of the enemy. Buzz is a good team player and this weakness is often offset by the fact that she is accompanied by an entourage of melee-capable allies.

Buzz Bunny is also shows signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and cannot stand dirty or unorganized things. She does not comprehend magic and has no real defenses against it. Again, Buzz is aware of this deficiency and relies on her allies to provide this defense. Buzz is severely weakened when she is alone, and can easily be defeated in such a situation.

Finally, Buzz Bunny seems to carry secrets she wont tell anyone. it's possible that she's trying to protect someone, or that she may have further weaknesses. DATA is investigating the matter, but success seems unlikely.

Acquaintances Affiliations and Friends

Buzz Bunny frequents Pocket D, but does not make close friends. She is frequently seen with Clancy Campbell, a fellow graduate student in Paragon City University, Steel Canyon campus. Their relationship is curently unknown, but DATA is confident that is is strictly platonic.

Buzz also seems closely affiliated with the Genesis Academy, a school for mutants. Buzz seems to know a few of the members within the group, but again, their relationship is unclear.

Buzz has recently taken on a protege, a flying superhero by the name of Aerial Angel.

Apollo Angelfist is another companion of hers, and they frequently team up to put pressure on Rikti forces.

Buzz Bunny is a member of Justice Bunny, lead by Power Bunny, Dustbunny Fighter Yu, and herself. She is extremely proud of this affiliation and wears the group colors almost always.

Photo Gallery - Buzz Bunny in the laboratory! - Buzz Bunny making short work of the Council. - Buzz Bunny in one of the rare moments when she is standing still.


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