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VirtueVerse is huge, and keeping the site free of vandalism, spam, and content that is otherwise against the policies is a monumental effort. Because we allow almost anyone to edit and create content it becomes necessary to patrol changes as they are made.

Community patrols are done by individual users and sysops to check various areas of VirtueVerse to look for harmful or malicious edits, content that goes against policy, and to review content for other users and provide feedback. This is an entirely voluntary effort and no individual user is obliged to help, but these patrols are integral to the continued operation and usefulness of VirtueVerse.

Patrols are often our first line of defense against vandalism, and its a quick and easy way for everyone to help out. Patrols also have the added bonus of exposing you to new content and helping to identify exceptional pages to be showcased as a Featured Article.

Various Sysop & User Patrols

Sysop Patrols

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