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Featured articles are pages on VirtueVerse chosen for a variety of reasons and are meant to be inspirational to other users for the creation of their own pages. These articles can be chosen for their prose, style, or other unique features.


Types of Featured Articles

Nomination Process

Articles are nominated for feature by using the new Google Form to suggest pages for feature on the VirtueVerse homepage. This form is located on the VirtueVerse home page and on this page below.

Once an article has been nominated, it will be added to a list of potential front page features. It is important to note however, articles that have previously been featured cannot be featured again but will remain part of the list of featured content.

What Qualifies an Article as a Feature?

As a rule Featured Articles should follow the guidelines here as closely as possible.

1. Is the article well written?
  • Is it free from excessive grammar, spelling or typographical errors?
  • Caveat: If the item is written in character and grammatical errors and typos are used in a thematic manner to represent that character an article should not be judged poorly for this alone.
2. Is it an original concept free of copyright infringement or plagiarism?
  • Caveat: Humor, satire, and derivative works (as defined by Fair Use) should not be considered copyright infringement, unoriginal or plagiarism.
3. Is this article in line with all VirtueVerse Policies & Guidelines?
4. This article has not been Featured previously on VirtueVerse?
5. Is this article complete or stable? Meaning if the article is constantly being changed or modified it may be best to let the author complete it before nominating it.

If the article you wish to nominate meets the criteria above it is qualified for nomination!

How to Nominate an Article

Please fill out the form below:

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Features FAQ

Why aren't the features rotated more often?

How often feature content is rotated depends on two factors:
  1. The number of acceptable nominations who meet the criteria above submitted.
  2. How many sysops are available to help review nominated pages.
VirtueVerse is a volunteer driven project and relies on sysops to donate their time to patrol the site and help out with reviewing pages nominated for feature. We also rely on the users to nominate good, complete, content for us to review. When either of those items are in short order the bulk of the work falls on a very small selection of people to seek out content to nominate and then review it to ensure its ready for feature.
As a user you can help out! Nominate a variety of content (not just character pages) using the form above, or perhaps think about donating your time to helping the project out!

Why are Feature articles selected randomly rather then put up as a poll for the users?

There are two reasons why we no longer put the feature nominations up to a poll by users:
  • The polling process makes it take twice as long as we not only have to first review the nominated pages, but we then also have to put up a poll and wait for it to finish. By making the selection of approved pages random the process is more streamline.
  • The polling process made the entire process a popularity contest, the Features aren't meant to boost someone's popularity they are meant to exhibit great pages on the site, we want everyone to have a chance to be featured if they made a great page, regardless of how many people they know.

Why would you feature something with obviously questionable content or what I personally feel is bad content?

Opinions differ on what is good content, thats why we have a handful of sysops that help with the review process. This way even if one sysop dislikes a page another may have a different viewpoint/opinion on the page. Much like art, each VirtueVerse page is very much in the eye of the beholder.

Why don't you provide a list of pages currently approved for Feature?

We are actually currently looking at adding this to the site. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

Why don't you provide feedback on why a page was not-approved for Feature?

VirtueVerse relies on volunteer sysops to review the pages, for that reason we're not always able to provide a user with a complete page review. However, we are currently looking at modifying this process to provide anonymous feedback on the talk pages of content that has been nominated but not approved so that the owner can address those issues if they wish to make the page Feature ready.

Past Features

The following is an archive of all past featured content.

2011 Features

January & February



Jennifer was a Navy brat. There was never any doubt that she when she grew up she would join the service. As a child, she proved to be an excellent swimmer and won many accolades & medals in competitive swimming & diving events. more



Like all men, Jean-Luc's story truly begins with his parents. His father was Gustave Thériot, a renown French and uncharacteristically ruthless businessman and an all-around not-nice guy. more


Hyperion Force

Hyperion Force is a supergroup chartered by Paragon City to fight crime and all those who threaten the peace and well-being of all of the city's law-abiding citizens. more


Recruitment File: Whisper Wraith

The moss-covered gravestone was small, unkempt, unspectacular; crowded into a heavily shaded, remote corner of the cemetery along with dozens of other identical... more

March & April



Born into wealth, Andrew is unfamiliar with some of the realities of life that most people have to deal with. Still, having worked to achieve his success and fortune, his father made sure that Andrew understood the value of a hard days work. more


Highly Envious

This hyperactive demon has a rather unfitting mousy and damaged appearance, with green hair and mismatching eyes. He calls himself a 'Chaotic Neutral Vigilante', while taking residence in the Rogue Isles. more


Titan Industries

Established by Brooklyn Cale in 2009, Titan Industries is a mercenary venture based in St. Martial in the Etoile Isles. Operatives are free to pursue their own agendas for the most part and have full access to their employer's extensive network of resources. more



It’s pouring rain, water cascading from the heavens, a deluge.

This is Paragon? This is the Row?

He is sick, hungry, and exhausted. In a dim red haze, he had made his way through the streets, trying to ignore the ache in his guts... more

May & June


Johnny Turbo

The incarnation of all that is wrong with heroes. They develop egos, sell out for money, lose their ideals, or stop caring and get reckless with their powers. Johnny Turbo was always self-absorbed, immature, and a slacker, but when thrust into the limelight, his flaws thrived. more



The Androgyne first came to prominence following the events of the homecoming dance massacre at Kings Row's Ida Lewis High School in October of 2005, an event that saw em lose control of eir powers... more


Luna Praetoria

Luna Praetoria was the first colony built on the moon as part of the Praetorian Extraterrestrial Advancement and Colonization Endeavor. more



10,000 reasons...

...why I should be here, locked up to rot away in this hellhole, but only a few come to mind. I am the president of the United States. I am William Shakespeare. I am a hamster. I am a genius. more

June & July


First Player

Miles grew up under relatively unremarkable circumstances. No great traumas marred his childhood or adolescence. He was always a bright child, but the full scope of his intelligence didn’t become apparent until he was in high school. A true technophile in every sense of the word, Miles loved technology. All forms of it. As he grew, his technological aptitude progressed rapidly, even without increasing his study in such areas.more


Jill Williamson

Jill Williamson is an exercise in strange for her player. The result was poor Jill, who has now been scarred for life as a result of her creator's bizarre whims. Jill's evolution has been a somewhat strange one, begun with a happy family life back in Kansas and ending with being a hero who is half kangaroo. Emotionally and physiologically, this has forced her to grow up in ways she never expected to.more


Villain Group:
Entropy Legion

"The Entropy Legion is a villainous group recognized by the Rogue Islands as a group who threaten the peace and well-being of all of the city's citizens. Specific to its operating principles, Entropy Legion is an organization that believes in the power of might over the people it victimizes and within its own ranks. more

Prior to 2011

Characters: • Doctor CromAscendantHigh JinksIxiieUnchained MelodieThe HornetCaptain ColdsnapDead Eye JakeStripling

Stories:Visiting the BoysSeason of HopeFaces of the CityI, CromHalfway Crooks

Groups: The Sadistic SevenNocturne Duet

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