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This article about a character is a stub -- a small, but growing, work in progress. If you're the creator of this character, why not consider expanding it? We are the Unforgiven and Unredeemed. We will never be forgiven for those things we've done in the name of survival, but yet we try.

We are a small mercenary company specializing in acquisitions and security. Our band of fixers can get anything you need and our security agents can insure that you keep those things you already have. For more infomation on prices and services let us know. You can contact us through Casual Goth at 555-6520 (Send a PST in game)

(The following information is generally considered (out of character)OOC, if you have reason for it to be (in character)IC, feel free to contact Casual Goth)



We are a small RP group looking for more. The general idea behind the group is 'Villains with Hearts of Gold.' We do villainous things mostly in the name of survival or due to other extenuating circumstances like primal nature, but we try to balance this out by doing good works and deeds. We have no allegiance to any overarcing NPC groups and are bascially anarchs.


We have a small base with many of the basics. Teleporter, medbay with reclaimator, influence and salvage storage, invention table, and more to come as Prestige we accrue more prestige. We also have a semi-large communal area complete with bunks, kitchen, library, and living area. The base is attempting to be self-sufficient and has a large garden area for growing food for the group.


We are always recruiting interested people that are primarily focused on RP. The types of characters we are looking for are those that are stuck in the Isles not necessarily by choice. Fallen Heroes, Villains looking for some form of redemption, independents that are unwelcome in Paragon, etc.

If you are interested feel free to contact Casual Goth in game for more information.

Current Roster

Casual Goth - Founder and Leader


Nightmare Menagerie

Collateral Damage

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