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Candid shot of Casual Goth taking a morning flight around Cap Au Diable
Casual Goth
Player: Blitzgeist
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Max, Cas, Casual, Goth, Nemo, The Cleaner
Species: Mutated Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: grey normally, sometimes blue, green, or gold
Hair Color: brown with natural streaks of other colors.
Biographical Data
Nationality: presumably North American
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Not
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Sound manipulation, Power transference, unassisted flight
Known Abilities
Self-labeled Jack of all Trades, Master of none; Casual Goth has many and varied abilities. She seems to be capable of doing almost anything with some skill if the mood possesses her.


Ziggursky Case File #64912085

This information is public information for anyone that is willing to request it through the The Freedom of Information Act 5 U.S.C. ยง 552, As Amended By Public Law No. 104-231, 110 Stat. 3048

Name: Casual Goth
Date of Birth: May 1981
Address: Unknown
Source: Port Oakes, Caribbean
Country: Etoile Isles aka The Rogue Isles
Case Number: S-3485-PO-3475986424463
Case Type: Felony
Offense: Grand Larceny/First Degree/5 counts
Sentence: Other - Location: ZIGGURSKY for no more than 2 years
Offense Date: January 13, 2003
Disposition: Plea Innocent
Disposition Date: May 3, 2003


Case Type: Felony
Offense: Murder/First Degree/3 counts
Additional Offense: Assault/First Degree/10 counts
Sentence: Previous Sentence extended to life
Offense Date: October 25, 2003
Disposition Date: November 2, 2003

Arachnos Personnel File

This information is not public knowledge and is only available to those characters within the Arachnos organization that are a high enough rank to have access to personnel records.

'Much of this information is unverified. Reason for misinformation still under investigation.' -Note added by Arbiter VanHeusen

Code Name: Casual Goth
Real Name: Unknown
Nationality: American
Species: Mutant
Date of Birth: May 1981
Place of Birth: Somewhere in the midwest of the United States possibly Kentucky
Family Ties: Unknown
Powers: Sound manipulation, power transference, unaided flight. Subjects powers manifested during a traumatic late life event as a result of the original Rikti invasion. Subject was trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building for at least two months possibly more. Trauma triggered latent mutancy and powers manifested in the form of Sonic manipulation, Kinetic Power Transference, and Flight possibly as a byproduct/result of sonic manipulation.
Additional Powers: (Still under investigation. Source of powers unknown) Superhearing, minor empathy, possible low-level invisibility or camoflauge allowing for stealth, evidence of a minor static field, technology sometimes malfunctions in her presence, advanced immune system
Status: MIA (Missing in Action) - last sighted stepping into portal in The Midnighter's Club HQ in June 2008. Updated: WANTED. Lord Recluse is offering a bounty for the capture of Casual Goth. Dead or Alive.
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Personality Profile

Subject has proven to be a challenge to put together a profile with so much missing data. Early history is virtually unknown except for what she has shared, which has been little. She also appears to be mostly immune to hypnosis and telepathic probing.

Casual Goth is a walking contradiction. She is quiet, introspective, and unassuming, but at times is loud, boisterous, and very noticeable. She vaccilates between kind and genocidal, peaceful and wrathful, etc. She has a high amount of curiosity teemed with ocassionally poor impulse control. Also maintains a youthful inquisitiveness and an elderly cynicism. Subject also has a deep interest in almost all intellectual pursuits as well as many of the arts. Claims to be both a scientist and a musician as well as an eternal student. Quote: "If you don't learn something every day, you've wasted the day." She also has an extreme aversion to anyone or anything she deems an authority figure. This coule prove to be a detriment in the future if we can not determine a method of focusing her attention appropriately. Has a long list of intense hatreds and an almost boundless rage.


"Early" History

Subject Casual Goth's life before the Rogue Isles is a mystery except for what she has volunteered under interrogation at Ziggursky Peniteniary. All of her early records seem to be missing, stolen, or deliberately hidden. The fate of these records is a concern to Lord Recluse. It would appear that someone or something is intentionally obfuscating this woman's past.

According to Casual she was born and raised in the midwest of the United States and had a mostly happy and uneventful life. She did well in school and then went on to college. She was a student of Geology at a midwestern university and was in the Isles for a field trip studying the effects of the volcano that nearly destroyed the Isles. While exploring, the Rikti invaded and she became trapped. During the ordeal she was stuck living on nothing but food she could scrounge. The trauma triggered latent mutancy and eventually helped her to escape the rubble, but now she was trapped in the Isles. It was during this early period of life in the Isles that Casual Goth developed an innate distaste of Dr. Aeon most likely due to having to subsist on Nutripaste.

She then began to prey on the shipping lanes; stealing supplies, food, and some amenities. What she didn't use herself she sold to other refugees as well as the occasional mercenary group. Poor intel and bad judgement seem to have been her undoing. She thought she was stealing more food and supplies, but the shipment was actually gold. The major mistake was that for some reason she attempted to take the gold back and was arrested for it.

Ziggursky Penitentiary

Casual Goth began her incarcerated life in general population where she attempted to at the very least blend in. Unfortunately she came to the attention of some of the male guards whom attempted to treat her as yet another woman from the Isles much to their detriment. Ultimately this attention resulted in three dead guards and ten in various states of serious injury. The three dead guards had to be verified using partial dental records. Several of the survivors were "rendered useless to women" and worse. Casual Goth's sentence was increased to a triple life sentence.


Casual Goth has been rather busy since being "released" from The Zig.


Hero Corps Threat Profile

This information is not public knowledge and is only available to those characters within the Hero Corps organization that are a high enough rank to have access to criminal/threat records.

Little is known about the Villain known as Casual Goth. Records are sparse and even Arachnos agents seem to have little knowledge of this individual. No record exists of Casual Goth until she was arrested and then incarcerated in Ziggursky Peniteniary for Grand Larceny. While in the Zig she killed three guards and injured ten others resulting in her original sentence being increased to three life sentences. As with many other villians in the Isles she was then busted out by Arachnos and returned to her life of crime. She has been linked to several muders in the Isles. All of the individuals had a history of abuse, rudeness, and/or genetic predisposition to various defects and diseases. Some of the less couth members of Hero Corps sometimes refer to her as 'The Cleaner' because she's taking out the trash. There is also a few theories that the Registered Super Hero Casual Hero is either Casual Goth in disguise, a Praetorian Earth double, or perhaps a clone.
Code Name: Casual Goth
Real Name: Unknown
Nationality: American
Species: Mutant
Date of Birth: May 1981
Place of Birth: Unknown. Presumably midwestern US
Family Ties: Unknown
Powers: Sonic manipulation, Kinetic power transference, and unaided flight. Rumored to have additional minor abilities as yet uncovered.

Known Associations

Displaced Ones - leader

Crushing Violet - Former member of The Displaced Ones.

Stabbo the Clown


The Wild Muse

Ghost Widow


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