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REALITY can be viewed as a giant multi-dimensional matrix, in which each level of the matrix represents a level of perception or existence. Quintessence is the energy which flows through this matrix and keeps it connected and in existence. Most humans operate only at the level of mundane existence. An awakened individual has learned to access data from the other levels. The spirit world for example is a data level that is parallel to that of the physical/mundane world.

What we percieve as physical objects are actually multi-dimensional arrays of data. Once you learn to percieve a particular type of array, you can alter the data in it, by "flipping the bits". The ancient concept of yin and yang was right – the ancients merely misunderstood how it worked and how to make practical use of it – you simply interpret yin as one binary state, and yang as the other--0s and 1s. By flipping the bits, you can change an object's motion, physical state, composition, etc.

This merely requires an act of will, once the appropriate data is perceived. This is easier with the use of a computer to help model the necessary changes for you. To move yourself or an object, you simply move the data to a different location in the array. By changing the level on which it is stored, you can move objects between the spirit and physical world, and so forth. By finding a level of the matrix that is not being used, virtual realities can be created by changing their data contents and then finding away to enable people to access this level of the universal Matrix.

Each reality has its own operating system. This makes up the rules of that reality. The minds of its inhabitants are constantly rewriting the operating system. It is possible to bypass the operating system and monkey with the hardware, but some operating systems have built in programs, known as paradox programs, that try to prevent this. Physical reality has very effective paradox programs, but they can be tricked by deviating from the operating systems approved operations as subtly as possible. By masking your actions as an approved one, it is possible to evade the attention of paradox programs for long periods of time. One of our goals is to rewrite the Operating System of physical reality.

As the Technomages are also aware that reality is subjective, this leads to some curious double-thinking on the part of Technomages. On the one hand, they study reality to understand its laws, and on the other hand they shape reality so that the laws they desire hold true.

Technomages see themselves as the guardians of humanity. They aid the masses by several means. First and foremost, they war against the supernatural and/or alien forces which the masses have neither the ability or the strength of will to resist themselves. They raise the general standard of living, by providing new and better technology. More recently, they have begun to protect the masses from themselves, suppressing dangerous impulses and working to build a better man through new breakthroughs in genetic engineering.

Technology is, in many ways, more important than science to the Technomages. While the masses do not understand science, they can grasp the benefits of technology. As the belief of the masses shape reality, technology is much more useful than science. The Technocracy will occasionally reverse engineer science to allow or disallow certain technologies. Technology is also their greatest gift to the common man, as is reflected by the slogan "Technology: Magic for the Masses".

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