Champion Woman

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Champion Woman
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Marisol Daniels
Known Aliases: Mari, Champ, CG, CW
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 125 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States Citizen
Occupation: College Student (Paragon University)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI, USA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: (Father) Ryan Daniels, (Mother) Marina Daniels
Known Powers
Energy Blast, Energy Manipulation, Flight, Health and Stamina Regeneration
Known Abilities
Hand-to-Hand Combat (non-expert)
No additional information available.

Champion Woman (formerly Champion Girl) is an intelligent, energetic and personable young lady with powers and abilities she uses to protect and defend the innocent and those unable to defend themselves and fight against those who would cause harm to others and deter freedom, life and happiness.



The beautiful and mighty Marvel Maiden took notice to the young and untried Champion Girl soon after she began her hero career. The two heroines spoke at length, and soon after she joined the Super Group team known as The Justiciars.


Outgoing, energetic, friendly, concerned, and generally a happy person whether in or out of costume. CG does understand the seriousness of being a hero and doesn't play around when work is needing done, but otherwise she tries to remain light and is usually very talkative and interacts with others when they are available.


Energy Manipulation in the form of blasts, usually originating from her hands that she uses to aim with. Uses energy in hand-to-hand fighting, such as energy packed punches. Projects an unnoticeable “energy aura” that helps deflect small hand fire caliber munitions and other such projectiles and helps when fighting in hand-to-hand situations to deflect some of the damage that might normally be received. Has the ability to fly and has the ability to self-regenerate to a smaller degree.

Additional Power Information

CG is a mutant and therefore had her abilities inherent since birth, yet they did not manifest until after she was 14 years of age. She has little to no idea how much further they may develop or even why was born the way she was. So far, since coming to Paragon City, she has been active many times more than previously and her abilities are growing rapidly.

Limitations and Vulnerabilities

None known so far, but it is very early in her hero career. She does however, have an emotional withdrawal now to a degree, and a hesitation about forming bonds with other heroes she knows. This mostly in part from seeing fellow team members nearly killed in action soon after joining the Justiciars.


Her first costume she made herself after scraping together enough money to purchase the materials. As time passed, CG tried a variety of new costumes trying to find that one perfect defining look. As of now, she actually has three she wears regularly. One for colder weather (which has two looks) and one for warmer weather. In general, one of the colder weather styled costumes are normally worn for formal occasions such as team socials. helping out with the community and donating her time for children (she visits with several schools to speak with students as a positive role model).

Original Costume
Original Costume Variant

Character History

Raised in a small town, Marisol Daniels was a happy child. She was raised by her parents, Ryan and Marina Daniels, and he listened to their teachings and words of wisdom (most of the time) and lived much like the other children she knew. Ryan Daniels was of mostly Caucasian ancestry (Western European background - English, Scottish, Irish heritage - with his father being Italian). Marina Daniels had similar ancestry (Western European background - Spanish heritage mostly) with family that had arrived in America from Europe two generations before. Mari gained a darker complexion and a somewhat exotic look due to her Spanish and Native American heritage and had a rich cultural base to learn about while growing up. It gave her a broad view and perspective of people and the ways different communities interact with each other and allowed her a little more understanding than some people attain in their early years.

During her childhood, Mari excelled in most sporting events and seemed to be a little more energetic than most kids her age. She seemed to be able to get extra boosts to keep her going when endurance was needed or be just a little tougher than especially the other girls her age. Much of this began to explain itself when she reached the age of 14 years. There were signs of developing powers that began to show in small spurts. It wasn’t until about a year later when she truly began to notice she was different though, until then she had just considered these things odd occurances such as eating a great deal, but also exercise much more often and every so often she swore she noticed a tiny flash of light - like a spark, but more flashy - or a sudden rush of what felt like a wave of energy coursing through her. Somewhere in her junior year of high school she developed much more than she would have expected, Mari began using her energy in literal terms. She was able to exert energy manifestations through her body, mostly her hands, and focus it outwards in pulses.

Keeping this hidden, since there really wasn’t much she could do without being noticed in her small town, she practiced her abilities when she could manage. Since she had always wanted to grow up and do something wonderful like all the heroes she’d seen on the news and in the papers, this was very exciting and also frightening. She had no one to share her experiences with, but she knew that she must be able to do these things for a reason. Her time, her reason came when just after high school her father announced the family was moving to Paragon City, he’d been offered a new job and it was time to move soon. Mari applied to Paragon University and was accepted after a waiting period - she’d originally planned to stay closer to home and attend school, but now things had changed and what an opportunity! She could go to school and be near other people like her.

Mari had adored reading about the exploits of such heroes as the Statesmen and the Freedom Phalanx and other popular icons. There were her favorites though and Marvel Maiden stood out among the crowd. Oddly enough, only a few short months after moving to Paragon City, Mari had the chance to meet the Maiden. Mari had donned her first costume and had practiced heavily from the time she learned of the move until a few months after. She wanted to use her abilities to help and knew without practice and control that she would get herself or others hurt. True she already could control herself in moderate terms, but fighting criminals was a different story. After saving enough money to buy some basic materials, she fashioned a costume for herself and headed out each evening to face down the petty thugs of the neighborhood. This continued until one afternoon she was heading through Atlas Park on her way to City Hall and chanced upon Marvel Maiden. The veteran heroine actually stopped and spoke with Mari (using the name Champion Girl - a nickname derived from her previous years in high school) and to the delight of Mari, the Maiden actually spoke to her at length and even offered to introduce her to the Justiciars! She was also told she appeared to have what they like in their members and she should talk with the Midnite Paladin for membership possibility. This was amazing, in one single turn of events, she went from lone fledgling heroine and practically a nobody, to being offered a chance with a top hero team.

Mari did speak with the Paladin and after the interview process, she was offered trial membership and she couldn't have been more pleased. She has worked hard to earn the respect of the others in the short time with them and continues to develop her abilities. Her exploits have been few, but the opportunities she has now have increased a thousand fold and she is learning a great deal about the world and its glory. There are those things on the darker side too, she has experienced near loss of new friends and witnessed violence on much larger scales than she ever had before. Time will hopefully be kind to her and in time we will see.




Coming Soon.

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