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So come along, everyone's invited

Heroes of distinguished paths, victims and conquered

Those who stand alone and those who stand unfettered

Fuck the bullshit whether from the hill or from the pulpit

Today, I put my money on the fall of every culprit

The truth prevails when all else fails

Drug dealers make the music, then guess who's back?

Your souls answer to greenbacks, hoes and crack...

-- Saul Williams, in [ Scared Money]

Hero Icon Web.png
"You think you're screwed now. Just give me a moment..."
· Originicon science.png H archetypeicon tanker.png ·
Street Justice
Player: @Void Storm
Super Group
Under Review
Real Name
Dominic Willis
November 16th, 1994
Kings Row, Rhode Island
Kings Row, Rhode Island
Superhero, Adventurer
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Homo sapiens superior
African American
Apparent Age
200 lbs. / 500+ lbs.
Body Type
Black / Variable
Gray / Variable
Brown / Variable
Powers & Abilities
Street Justice
Power Pools
· Known Powers ·
Tactile Metamorphosis, Invulnerability, Super Strength, Immunity to Poison
· Equipment ·
Cell Phone, iPod
· Other Abilities ·
Street Fighting, Knowledge of Paragon City

Reciprocators Icon Web.png The Hero

Invulnerability Unstoppable.png
Tactile Metamorphosis

Dom's one power is the ability to take on the properties of solid, dense matter. With but a touch and a thought, he can become a literal man of steel, brick, stone, and even Impervium. Many a thug has looked on in disbelief as Dominic kneels in front of them, only to rise as a concrete warrior.

There are limitations to his power, some inexplicable. First and foremost, Dom can only use dense solids as a foundation. No wood, water, air, or plastic. In addition, he must have a plentiful amount of the material to transform completely. A handful of marble, for instance, would only allow Dominic's hands to become marble. Useful, to be sure, but limited in its application.

Invulnerability ToughHide.png

The most obvious benefit to Dom's power is that it lends him varying levels of invulnerability. In a second, Dom becomes impervious to harm from knives and bullets. Depending on the material, he can even resist explosives and energy weapons.

Not only does a metamorphosis lend him a degree of superhuman toughness, but Dom's other forms are entirely devoid of feeling. He feels neither pain nor pleasure in another form.

Invulnerability ResToPhysicalDmg.png
Superior Strength

It seems natural that a man made of iron should command a superhuman level of strength, and it's true. Dominic's already imposing physique is augmented beyond the ken of his peers, allowing him to toss dumpsters aside, and break down doors with ease. (See Marvel System Strength Scale)

Invulnerability DullPain.png
Superior Stamina

One interesting effect the metamorphoses have on Dom is a superhuman level of stamina. When in a different form, Dominic does not grow physically tired. His mental state, curiously enough, is still influenced by stress. In this sense, Dom does grow weary during extended conflicts.

The extent of effects that transfer between forms is unknown. Injuries sustained in normal form seem to be nullified while in another form. A broken arm, for example, won't matter after a transformation, but will remain broken.

Invulnerability UnyeildlingStance.png
Specific Materials

The fringe benefits of being a metamorph depend on what material Dominic transforms into. Iron is magnetic, copper conducts electricity very well, and Impervium is the most durable substance known to man. All of these can either help or hinder Dominic, depending on the situation.

Brawling CrushingUppercut.png
Street Fighting

Growing up in Kings Row tends to toughen a child, and Dom was no exception. Knowing how to fight, fair or otherwise, makes Dom an even more terrifying prospect for the criminal elements of Paragon to take on.

Reciprocators Icon Web.png The Man


(ISFJ) Protector

Reciprocators Icon Web.png Behind The Scenes

I have a playlist that I think encapsulates Changehide's character, his history, and his exploits. It's structured to flow kind of like a movie soundtrack, if that makes any sense.

Check out the playlist here.

  • "Justice" by Genesis
  • "Dead Right" by Psyche Origami
  • "Scared Money" by Saul Williams
  • "I Feel You" by Depeche Mode
  • "Plastic World" by Pendulum
  • "Empty Streets" by Late Night Alumni
  • "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
  • "Diesel Power" by the Prodigy
  • "Instant Crush" by Daft Punk
  • "I Belong To You" by Lenny Kravitz
  • "Boom Blast" by Freestylers
  • "Score" by Slyder
  • "World Hold On" by Bob Sinclair
  • "First Cool Hive" by Moby

Sorry, but the GrooveShark widget wouldn't work.

Some trivia:

  • Changehide comes from a long lineage of failed characters. I've tried to make his concept (powers to take on properties of solids) work three or four times, and I plan on Changehide being the last, best incarnation.
  • Influences for the character include Colossus, Absorbing Man, Luke Cage, and Kevin Levin.
  • Changehide was my first real Tanker. I was never good at Tanking, but now that I've kept up on slotting my characters, he actually does some work.
  • The costume slots and costume change emotes were integral to portraying his powers beyond what his powersets could do. There was a normal Dominic, and then several slots for different materials.
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