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This character is on the EU Defiant server only, but placed here as a RP reference for my American friends.
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Char Noble
Player: @16of69
Origin: Technology/Science
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Charlotte Elizabeth Noble
Known Aliases: Charlotte, Fallout
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 161lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Paragon City native
Occupation: Vigilanty
Place of Birth: Cherry Hills
Base of Operations: The Shadow Eye Temple
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:
  • Dr Adrian 'Fanfare' Noble (father)
  • Lunna 'Moonstone' Noble (mother, deceased)
  • Pyotr 'Dragonfire' Noble (brother)
  • Crystol 'Iceheart' Noble (sister)
Known Powers
Radiation Blast, Radiation Emission
Known Abilities
Subdermal injector
No additional information available.

Char Noble is the disowned daughter of a family of heroes from Paragon City. She is currently operating out of the Rogue Isles while attempting to find some way to reconcile her relationship with her estranged family.

While her powers were originally of a scientific origin it was only when she gained technological means to control them that she was able to become a threat, hence the dual origin.

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Angry and self destructive Charlotte has a habit of placing herself in harmful situations in an attempt to injure herself as punishment for some undisclosed past deed. Quiet and antisocial Char only mixes with other villains when she really has to, whether this is due to her inbred prejudice against villains given her family's long history of heroism in Paragon City or because of her own lack of self-worth is one of the many unknowns surrounding this sullen shadow of her former self.


Radioactive Nature

Combination of Radiation Emission and Radiation Blast

After an experiment to try an unlock any latent mutant powers she may have possessed Charlotte was left with an as yet unidentified radiative element fused with her body at a cellular level. While at first this had no effect over time the radioactive output increased until reaching dangerous levels. Now she uses carefully placed subdermal injectors to help balance the energy output, focusing the radiation into productive uses.


Capable of infecting large groups of enemies with debilitating effects merely from close proximity Char's main tactic is to identify the strongest and most durable members of a group, infecting them with energy fields which hamper the combat effectiveness of both them and their companions. Using her energy blasts and directed radiation beams she then takes down the weaker opponents, systematically wiping out the group before they can recover from the infection.


Debilitating effects make her useful for blocking large groups of enemies; Weak healing powers can be useful in a pinch to keep a group on their feet long enough for dedicated healers to provide aid; Long ranged attacks very effective against melee based enemies who can often be taken down from a safe distance


Physically weak and not durable when caught at close range; Powers very tiring with endurance quickly being used up when supporting multiple effects simultaneously; Slow and limited mobility mean she can trail behind other faster group members


Dr Adrian 'Fanfare' Noble

Technology Blaster

A self taught engineering genius early in his career Dr Noble was able to build for himself a battlesuit allowing him to fly, intercept radio communications and hack computer systems wirelessly as well as allowing him to project sonic waves to incapacitate his targets. Using his technology he patrolled the streets of The Hollows for many years before joining up with his future wife Lunna.

Lunna 'Moonstone' Noble

Magic Controller

Born in an alternate dimension and possessing the ability to control the earth itself Lunna became enamoured with Adrian Noble while scrying on the human world. Harnessing powerful magics she managed to transport herself to our world where she began to stage criminal activities in order to attract his attention. Once they met she revealed her romantic interest in the battlesuited crimefighter and instantly swore her loyalty to him.

Pyotr 'Dragonfire' Noble

Mutant/Technology Blaster

A common pyrokinetic Pyotr was the first born child of the Nobles. Able to generate and project flames of varying intensity he caused the young couple no end of trouble while growing up until his father fashioned a special suit for him to limit his powers, as well as directing them to allow him to fly and focus his fire power into precision beams.

Crystol 'Iceheart' Noble

Mutant/Technology Tanker

The second child of the Noble family Crystol was a noisy baby, forever crying and screaming in the night. It wasn't until later when her cryokinetic abilities were identified that the source of her discomfort became apparent. With her natural body temperature several degrees below human norm she felt the heat of a room like a blast furnace. Tailoring an encounter suit for his daughter Dr Noble trained Crystol to project icy blasts and freezing waves to take down her opponents.

Character History

Born the youngest daughter of a moderately successful family of heroes in the area of Paragon City which has now become The Hollows, Charlotte Noble was notable for having no inherent powers, unlike the rest of her family whose elemental based powers made them an effective team when working together, as well as powerful combatants in their own right.

Treated as a second-class member of the family when she reached puberty Charlotte became rebellious, getting involved with various gangs and criminals in order to attract her family's attention. Soon she found herself getting into more serious troubles, always having to rely on her siblings to rescue her, and to cover up her activities from their parents.

Universally Troubled

Having always been naturally intelligent Charlotte found it easy to get a scholarship to the university in Steel Canyon. However during her second year at the academy she learnt that the scholarship had only been granted to her over other, more worthy applicants due to her family's influence. Becoming more withdrawn from her studies she began to spend more time getting into trouble, having around in places like Pocket D and interacting with criminals and villains.

At the beginning of her third year at university Charlotte became pregnant and after much investigation by her father, since his daughter refused to admit who the child's father was, he discovered that it was none other than the Wretch. Terrified as to the consequences of having such a malformed beast as the progenitor of his grandchild Dr Noble forced his daughter to have an abortion, destroying the abomination in her womb before it had a chance to infect her in any way.

Although assuring her that his actions were for her own protection his words fell on deaf ears. With her relationship with her father in tatters and her mother's complicity in the decision straining their relations too Charlotte decided to move away from her family, transferring her studies to the university in Founders' Falls.

Testing Times

Almost immediately she became involved in an advanced research project looking at empowering ordinary individuals with superpowers in an effort to produce an army of warriors capable of fighting off the Rikti once and for all. Seeing the opportunity to allow her to join her family in their crimefighting escapades Charlotte immediately volunteered as a test subject.

With the project hitting difficulties at every turn and a lack of any positive results funding began to dry up. As a last ditch attempt to unlock the secret of unlimited powers the researchers exposed Charlotte to an unstable radioactive compound, hoping the unusual energy waves the material gave off would be enough to trigger any recessive mutant abilities she may possess. With their funding already running dry shortcuts were being made throughout the testing, especially with safety precautions and it was only a matter of time before something went horrifically wrong, and it did.

Caught in a lab explosion Charlotte was left barely alive, her body heavily injured and embedded with the unstable compound which she had been being exposed to a part of the testing when the explosion happened. With her family stepping in she was quickly transferred back to Steel Canyon and given a private suite in the medical centre there while receiving the best treatment money, and privilege, could acquire. At first the prognosis for her was excellent, with cosmetic surgeons and physiotherapists rebuilding her body enough for her to leave the hospital. All through her recovery her mother was by her side, still guilt ridden for her part in her daughter's forced abortion as well as blaming herself for her daughter moving away and ending up in the state she was now in.

Matricidal Tendencies

Her mother's devotion was the death of her however when it was discovered that the unstable radioactive compound had somehow integrated itself into Charlotte's body at a cellular level, changing her into a walking fission reactor as the chain reaction slwoly worked its way to every cell in her body. The danger was identified too late for her mother, who by that time had already received a lethal dose of radiation poisoning.

After the funeral the rest of her family turned their backs on the black sheep, her father blaming her directly for the loss of his beloved wife, her brother unable to come to terms with his own grief and unable to help his younger sister through the trying times and her older sister torn between her loyalty towards their father and suddenly having to deal with the family affairs which their mother had managed so well up until her death.

Unholy Alliance

With her condition worsening Charlotte was in desperate need of equipment, supplies and funding in order to stabilise the radioactive transformation she was undergoing, fearing that once her body was fully transformed then her mind and soul would soon be close behind. Forced to take extreme action Charlotte made contact with a number of villains living in the Rogue Isles and in exchange for technology, access to secured facilities and other valuable assets her family ties gave her access to the villains transported the young girl to a secret facility deep in Primeva to undergo radical surgery.

With stabilisers injected directly into her body and subdermal injectors implanted to maintain the fed of the drugs Charlotte was able to gain some measure of control over the radioactive emissions and while at first these were limited to regular outburst used to bleed off the residual energy buildup she soon learnt how to focus the bursts in productive ways.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Soon she began to aid her new compatriots who, in exchange for her services, provided her with a steady supply of the stabilising chemicals needed to allow her to maintain her control. However on her first outing to Paragon City Charlotte found herself facing her own family, who had been activated by Longbow in order to stop the villainous group's planned bank raid. Unable to harm her kin Char was swiftly arrested and shipped off to prison for her part in the raid.

Unwilling to allow their investment to go to waste, and knowing that the secrets Char still held concerning the heroes of Paragon, her compatriots arranged with their contacts in Arachnos to have her sprung from jail and during a bold assault on the prison she was rescued from confinement along with a number of other villains.

Threat Identification Report

Alternate Costumes

Char Noble's main outfit

Main Costume

While appearing simple enough Charlotte's main costume integrates a number of devices to help regulate and direct her radioactive emissions. Although her head is covered with a stylised mask, including prosthetic ears fitted with comms equipment, her face beneath it is gaunt and miscoloured by her physical alterations. Her hands are the only part of her body left uncovered, with her clawlike fingers being used to help direct the radiation bursts against her targets.

Known Associates





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